The Cranky House Settles Down!

It’s been a year! We survived the winter and now it’s a glorious sunny summer and life is good.

Did we make the right decision? I swing back and forth on that, just depending on the day. There sure are some things we could have done differently, but doing them differently at this point would be more upheaval than I can face, so we’ll just have to deal.

We have the house to ourselves for a month - the kids have gone to Europe for the trip we originally planned for 2020. (Dh and I did not go this time, as a fair number of things have changed in two years, and some of them require our presence here every day.)

I’m using this time to do some deep cleaning and decluttering and general mucking out while there are fewer people to trip over. Or complain… Also, we have three gardens to keep up with. LOL


I hope you enjoy the month of having the house to yourself! I I enjoy reading what you have to say.


I would imagine there’s been some challenges with all living together. I bet your grandson loves it. When my kids were little we bought the house next door which worked out well for 14 years. My kids loved it and we had a lot of fun. Eventually when I finished graduate school we had to move for my career.

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Highlight of my day - my new vacuum arrived.

The kids have a Dyson stick vacuum which is okay, but not really up to the work of a house with 4 cats and 6 people. I told dh it was driving me nuts and as soon as I saw a really good deal, I was buying a full sized vacuum. I have anxiously tracked its progress across the country all week.

So far I have only vacuumed the main floor, and I had to empty it three times. Tomorrow I’m hauling it upstairs, and I bet that will be so much worse.

I’m mostly cleaning, decluttering, and taking a bike ride with dh every morning.

Tomorrow I’m also going to make apricot jam.


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I did many things today and clearly making jam and walking to the library were two things too many because I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. Also waking up at 4 am means that I’m about ready for bed by 7.

So I’d better take a shower now!


Weather has just been perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, not humid. I have dried so much laundry outside!

I have cleaned everything. Like, I washed the bathroom ceiling this morning…

Now I’m in the hammock with my library book and todays NYT, and it’s pretty great. Plus we went to the good ice cream place for Fathers Day.

We are going to get up and pick strawberries first thing tomorrow so I can make more jam, so I had better remember to bring more jars upstairs.


Now it is very hot, but not hot enough to justify the amount of alarmed complaining that people are doing. It’s Florida hot, but not Death Valley hot? But I realize that I am rolling my eyes while in my pleasantly a/c house, so…

Yesterday we arrived at the strawberry U Pick at 7:30 am, and there were a whole lotta people there already. I pretty much spent the rest of the day making jam and freezing strawberries!

Today we took a bike ride pretty early. I’m certainly enjoying this sunny weather.

I’ve also cleaned the toilets, gone to Tai Chi, and then gone to my knitting group, which was fun.

Will water the garden after dinner.

Tomorrow I have to get groceries but after that I’m gonna stay home and sew.


I used to live in Washington, DC which has a much hotter climate than the midwest. But since moving here, I have lived in a rental apartment with no a/c. Twice yesterday I came home from watching live music outdoors and it was 91 degrees inside the apartment. That is an entirely different level of hot than when I lived in DC with an air conditioned home and office.

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I think it’s that I did grow up in Florida with no a/c, so I was used to being hot most of the time? I don’t mind being hot but I get chilled really easily.


Ohhhh, I miss the u-pick. :strawberry:
We have it here but I missed the season due to getting settled and finding an apartment and such.

There’s always next year!

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Yes! And honestly it’s way too hot here for jam-making anyway.

Well, it’s not too hot today!

It was originally predicted to rain this afternoon, but instead it rained this morning and drizzled this afternoon, when the high soared to around 70°.

So this morning I made Chex mix, turkey meatballs, and chocolate chip cookies, since it was a good time to turn on the oven.

This afternoon we went to church to weed the flowerbed we volunteered to maintain, then to garden3 to pull some weeds, and then got gas for the week - price is down! -, then to Menards, and then rain into Aldi for potatoes and wine.

It’s cool enough that we drank hot tea and not iced tea.

The cat who has been snoozing on the porch in the heat came inside to sleep.

The chickens are disgruntled.


Much nicer weather today - 70s and sunny!

Went the Farmers Market, and church, and the poked through Goodwill. Bought a pair of LL Bean jeans for $5. I even tried them on!

Dh and I took another exploratory bike ride. Now we know how to get to Woodmans, JoAnn, a yarn store I’ve never been to, St. Vinny’s, and a fencing school.

Also found two nightstands at the curb on the next street, so we retrieved them. I’ve been looking and was almost ready to break down and buy new. Now I’ve got a painting project! They are both pretty grimy and rough, but seem solid. The weather is going to be great this week, and we just bought a new gallon of primer. Sweet!

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