Teetotaler's Unite!


Nondrinker, abstainer, teetotaler, sober, or just plain curious about cutting down or giving up drinking for a bit? Welcome to the club! I noticed there are a LOT of people here who consume little or no alcohol, and there was some interest in talking about that on another thread, so I thought I’d make this to discuss all things 0 proof living related.

People doing sober month challenges or just curious about drinking/non-drinking activities are welcome too!

Cheers! With seltzer, of course :wink:

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Tonic and lime please.

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Hand me a Cheerwine (it’s soda, don’t know why wine is in the name) and some cheese doodles please.

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Alcohol makes my joints hurt so I’ll take a coca-cola with lime, please!

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I drink ice water with lemon or coffee. Nothing else. That’s all I need.

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There are dozens of us!

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Mom likes to put strawberries in hers if she gets water at a restaurant.

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That sounds delicious but I would rather put strawberries directly into my mouth.

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I also like to do that, but after I cover them in chocolate.


I like how you think.


I’m not a teetotaler, but I don’t drink much. I kind of filled my quota at university and the 15 years after. I drink maybe a few times a year now (like a bit of champagne on New Year’s).

It’s totally not a big deal to anyone, either way.


Alcohol messes up my brain chemistry, been completely sober for nearly a year, over a year if you don’t count a brief week I tried drinking again.

Can’t drink any caffeine either so I usually drink water, seltzer (plain or flavored), and mint tea. Frequently the water and plain seltzer has salt and potassium added to it because keto diets require supplemental electrolytes.


I quit drinking recently, in November (2018)! I did a sober month challenge and expected to only abstain for 4 weeks, but I felt so much better not drinking that I stuck with it! I really enjoy it, and I can’t see going backward. The muscle repair post-workout is crazy, as is the impact on sleep, weight, skin quality, money, it’s awesome! It’s also so socially acceptable nowadays, no one seems to care or even notice most of the time.


Stopped drinking a few years ago, “temporarily” and never really went back. So I guess I’m a teetotaler now!

Glad to see there’s a thread <3

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Currently sipping: Polar Pomegranate + Grenadine + Apple Cider Vinegar + Lemon Juice


I deeply, deeply love the flavor of many alcohols. But given my insanely long journey with infertility, I gave up drinking quite a few times. In preparation for IVF#3, I gave up alcohol once again. Something about it felt different that time, and much more permanent. Rather than wanting just a sip of my husband’s drink now and again, I was just 100% done. Well lo and behold a few weeks later, I got pregnant right before the IVF cycle. Sooooo now obviously I haven’t drank for quite a while! I’m now on day 119 with no drinking.

What I’m enjoying drinking lately: fizzy mineral water (soda stream plus mineral drops) with some bitters or Pom in it.


I quit drinking 5 or 6 years ago. I also quit coffee at the same time. Coffee was a lot harder. Originally I said free booze was okay, since my primary motivation was saving money. After one open bar at a work event, I went, let’s just not do this at all eh? I wasn’t out of control, but I spent a bunch of money on crappy food and drinks at a second location.

I grew to like the ancillary benefits of not drinking. No hangovers! More calories to spend on chocolate! I can easily have just one drink, and I have very occasionally done that, like a few sips of champagne on New Year’s.

The two times I have DRINK DRANK DRUNK since then:

  • My last month in NY. I was leaving my job, my home, my friends, and I said fuck it let’s go crazy. It… wasn’t worth it.
  • My DC job. This was a bad, needing to drink to be less stressed period. I didn’t go crazy, and the occasional drink(s) while on dates did help me relax. But the best solution would have been not needing the drink in the first place. Or maybe getting high instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love a good lemon lime & bitters, or a non alcoholic ginger beer or Apple cider. Dry non alcoholic ciders would be great, I need to hunt some down. I’ve never been much of a drinker. I actually have several bottles of stuff I am planning on checking if they’re still good so we can consume them or give away to be consumed, but I much prefer non alcoholic beverages.


Is this like a lemon lime soda? Or like water, add lemon and lime juices, and bitters? I’d love to know more.
If you EVER find a good non alcoholic but boozy tasting dry cider please let me know. That would be one of my dream drinks to replace.


Lemon lime bitters is a very sweet drink of lemonade, lime cordial & angostura bitters. Reading a bit more it apparently technically has a small amount of alcohol in it if made “correctly”, but it’s served to kids and minors here.

I need to visit some local cideries to test their wares.