Summer of Funds: What Challenges do you want to do?

Hey folks - this summer we are going to bring back the OMD podcast with the Summer of Funds and I’d like to do some challenges that are low key and well suited for the higher-spending and lower-interneting summer season.

Do you have any ideas of challenges that would suit the summer well? We will be bringing back ☀️Summer of Funds: Budgeting App Games 💰🥇- Try apps, get stickers or $! again for a few newer budgeting apps - let’s talk about some of the other ones.

Ideas I had:

  • Financial Bingo - DIY your own bingo card with small financial tasks or use a pre-filled one and get bingo
  • The One Thing Challenge - Do the financial thing you’ve been putting off
  • A Cat’s Guide to Money book club/read along

I’m biased and I like bingo… But could I come up with a bingo card of things to do?


I was thinking of finding swaps or DIYing things you generally would pay for, and putting the money you save into an efund, against debt, or for a meaningful larger purchase?


I could get behind this, although in my case I’m not sure I’ve got the patience to sell/swap vs just drop in the donation bins (I really need to get through some boxes in my basement). Contort into ‘or donate X worth of stuff?’

oh, I wasn’t thinking about clothing swaps, I was thinking of “generally we would go to place x with an entry fee and buy foods” and swapping it for “went to cheaper place/free place and brought some of the lunch”. But clothing swaps work too.

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Makes sense, my mistake. Although in that case it probably doesn’t make sense for me since I don’t go that many places :slight_smile:

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Instead of hiring out professional organization or declutterers you are decluttering and donating!


Shit I’d do the one thing (I have so much will/poa/etc stuff I haven’t touched)

A “no spend” week. Groceries excepted, and emergencies.