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Welcome to the Oh My Dollar! forums, a place to have an open conversation about money that doesn’t assume you make a six-figure income, shame you for having student loans, or make assumptions about your goals in life. We’re a friendly community of folks who just want to talk to you about money and we’re all at different places on our finance journey.

:woman_shrugging:t4:Much of the forum is hidden from prying eyes, so if you want to read the most active discussions, you must create an account

Here’s some things you might want to know!
:no_good_woman:t4:‍♀ This is shame-free zone. Everyone is at a different place on their money journey, and we don’t make assumptions about their background, or tell them they spend too much money on X You can offer suggestions and help, but do so from a supportive place, not a place of “face-punching” (to use a term common in the Mr Money Mustache forums.)

:moneybag: Many of us come from the Oh My Dollar! radio show and podcast. It’s okay if you don’t, but some folks might bring up concepts from the show. Here’s the show and here’s where you grab the book.

:money_with_wings: You can introduce yourself to other members and talk a little bit about where you’re at on your money relationship in the intro thread.

:moneybag: If you want to dive deep into a topic, such as taxes or parenting or LGBTQ+ specific finance, check out the sub-forums. If you’re interested in recording your own money journey, start a journal!

:sparkles: Please be nice. Review the rules if you’re struggling with that.

A number of mustachians have migrated over from the MMM forums. Things to know about this forum: you highlight text to quote (on mobile and web), you can just drag and drop photos in, and this forum saves drafts inside the thread you’re in.

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