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The Oh My Dollar! community is an inclusive and diverse community. Just, no.

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We get it. You’re so excited that you’ve paid off your debt selling leggings or essential oils and you are your own work at home boss now. Please do not advertise, find new victims for your MLM, or otherwise try to explain why MLMs are the best thing ever.

  • No Trolling

Nuff said.

  • NO self-promotion as a financial professional

If you’re interested in advertising as a financial professional to Oh My Dollar! listeners, you can become an OMD-recommended financial professional. However you can’t simply hawk your financial wares or solicit clients on the forum, no matter how much we like you.


  • I’ve Haven’t Read Get Your Money Together or listened to the podcast, is that OK?

Of course. Anyone who wants to have a conversation about money is welcome. We’re here for you wherever you are on your personal finance journey. However, many folks will discuss concepts from the book or the podcast and it might be helpful to have a basis in that.

  • How Do I Delete My Account?

Contact the forum admin and request the deletion. Please note however, user deletions do not delete the user’s content. In such cases, the posts are set to “Guest”.

Start Here! Welcome!
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I have a question –
I was reading the guidelines and it explicitly says “Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends.”

We have discussed elsewhere that it’s okay to swear here, and have definitely talked about not-entirely clean topics. Should the guidelines be amended, or should our behavior be amended?