Spring Cleaning Motivation Thread

My husband scrubbed the crap out of our instant pot. All the nooks and crannies. Solved the slight steam leak we had.

Eta never mind. Still leaking. :expressionless: at least it’s clean…


I’m in! My mom is visiting mid April and I want her to think I’m an adult and not be disgusted staying over with us :upside_down_face:. More specific goals to come!!


I always have a cleaner house when family visits!

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I need to start with organizing papers. I completed step 0 this morning: buying hanging file folders and a frame for them to sit on. My papers currently live in a designated drawer but without any attempt at organization or sorting. Well, I guess it’s somewhat chronologically organized with newest papers on top :rofl:


I’m in for a clean March. I started last week actually and cleaned my master bath. But still many other projects to do…

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I need to empty this pile of plastic boxes into the fabric boxes behind them.


Thanks for the thread!
I have spent a lot of time this morning decluttering and I already feel less overwhelmed. There is still a lot to be done though!


Tadaa. One box left.


I am here for this! I am having surgery in mid/late April and want to have the house tidied up before then, as reaching and putting things away will be a no-go for a while after. And Partner is great, but has a higher tolerance of clutter than I do. :slight_smile:


  1. Fully tidy and clean bedroom
  2. Kitchen and floors (obviously more than once, but the declutter happens first)
  3. Consolidate crafts and projects I won’t have the mobility to do right away so they’re not guilting me and looking me in the face while I recover and binge netflix.
  4. Reorganize pantry (including a good clean) so a multitude of things are countertop-height reach for me so I can eat food without always needing Partner.

Would a really light/easy to move step stool be helpful if you can’t get everything at the right height?


Potentially! Under 5# is the weight restriction for the first week I think.
We have a stepstool but it’s a lovely wooden thing that matches the woodwork of the house (one of the many lovely things that the previous carpenter-owner left behind for us) and is not easy to move. I don’t really want to acquire an uglier option LOL.

Eh. We’ll see! I might just move things about. There’s a good chance I’ll be sleeping a lot and feeling shit for a good portion of it anyhow. :man_shrugging:


Or plan on sliding the step stool around with your feet maybe? It was just an idea I had. Good luck with all the pre-planning :slight_smile:

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If you wanted to give yourself the option, maybe you could borrow one from someone via Buy Nothing or from a neighbor or a friend who has one? (A lightweight plastic step, that is). That way, you aren’t actually adding it to your stuff because you would give it back and/or regift it!


I’m in!


  • Collect brother’s things and set aside for him to pick up/me to deliver since he moved out
  • Bathtub needs basic cleaning
  • Toilet needs basic cleaning
  • Need to take CLR to faucets (2) to try to remedy blockage/remove aerators (stuck/sealed with oxidized copper)
  • Deep clean sinks
  • Clean counter
  • Fix leak under one sink
  • Deep clean floors


  • Get rid of more clothes (some workout clothing, old t-shirts, PJs)
  • Digitize records, shred physical copies

Tried to drop off the donate pile at a different thrift store than Goodwill and the donation area was packed full. I guess everyone had the same spring cleaning idea in this sudden nice weather. I’ll try again tomorrow or just cave and drop off at Goodwill on my way out of town.

But I did get rid of a mattress I had listed on the FB marketplace! And then promptly filled the space with a crib and changing table, so ‘overall thing reduction’ fail, but ‘exchanging thing I didn’t need for things I do’ win!


Joining in!

Both Bathrooms
-Clean toilets, including the bases
-Scrub the tubs rub a dub dub
-Clean counters and sinks
-Clean mirrors
-Wipe walls & baseboards

-Clean inside of the oven ughhhhhhhh
-Stretch goal: pull fridge out from wall and vacuum coils

-replace vacuum filters
-put a few more items in donation bags
-actually donate the donation bags lol


I dropped off the donate box and cleaned up all the cat puke spots with the new mop. Now I’m out of town for a few days, but when I get back I’ll clean up the new cat puke spots and then mop the whole floor, complete with moving rugs outside to air out and rearranging furniture. This floor won’t know what hit it!


I just vacuumed my living room and moved all the furniture to clean under/behind it! It’s been WAY too long. Now the vacuum needs to charge so I get to read before I can do more.


I cleaned out my makeup drawer and pitched the expired stuff!


I haven’t done much of anything yet but Sweaty is starting to clean this morning because his stomach wouldn’t cooperate so he didn’t run. We have to have the downstairs niceish by Thursday when we are having friends over, so there should be a meaningful start this week!