Show me your kitchen!

What tools do you use to feed yourself and create amazing flood or just beans on toast? Your favourite item or some nifty feature of your kitchen also welcome!


I will definitely get in on this once I’ve cleaned it up a bit!


Saaaame :joy: I currently have mail and some other random stuff I need to deal with.


Come on, we’re all friends here! :wink: Here’s my kitchen mid-cook.

My absolute favorite thing is the layout and the sheer amount of uninterrupted counter space. My favorite tools are my: myabi knife, mixer, air fryer, electric can opener, three different sized cutting boards that are made of a wood composite so they feel like wood but are super lightweight, immersion blender, food processor, dutch oven, 2 oz measuring cup w/ tbsp. listed too, wooden spoons. I also love my wok but I can’t use it on my current stove, I am seriously considering getting a little stand-alone single gas burner because I miss using it and I miss cooking on gas in general.


Dude, I love your kitchen.


We have a HUGE kitchen. Selling point for the house for sure. And here it is: mail and shit still on the counter :joy: nothing can be set toddler height, interior to the counters is one of the few safe zones. So stuff ebbs and flows from there constantly.

Things I love:
Our OXO barista brain
The learning tower that allows my toddler to “help”
Our instant pot that we use as a rice cooker minimum once a day

New fridge is coming tomorrow! :clap:t2:

ETA my only real complaint is that that tall cabinet is our only pantry. I would LOVE a “real” pantry, since I hate stacking stuff deep instead of wide. My brain doesn’t work that way easily :joy:


Ours is mid reno while we bank some cash as we’ve got a quote that’s more than we expected.

Took a long time for the engineers to get as a proper report for what we needed to do to replace the wall that was blocking these windows which let in all our northern light.

As for these 80’s throwbacks.

This is a godsend.

That and our slow cooker.


The forum will object to these photos. But the absolute best are the plant space, the space, the toaster oven is easier to degluten than a toaster. The oven is so cool, it can be top only (the only way I’ve used it) bottom only, both at different settings OR pull out the insulated piece and use as one oven.

I also love the pantry space by the fridge and the soda bar section. I love soda stream and instapot and having a karahi instead of a wok.
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I am drooling over your elevated ovens. If I could design a kitchen I would 100% have my oven up high.


Oh yes this is just the inspiration I need to clean my kitchen today! Thank you. Pictures once it’s clean :upside_down_face:


I had to correct the architect firm we’ve hired twice, because my oven is going on my wall (they kept putting it under the bench) . It’s so worth the loss of bench space.


Also you are all excellent and I’m so glad I started this thread.


Here’s mine!

The back wall used to be pegboard (matching the garage) and we hung a lot of our pans, etc on it. I’m glad we got rid of it though. We’re thinking about getting an arts and crafts style shelf to put up there. Or maybe a spice rack.


This is what we did with an open wall at one of our old places and we loved it:

That shelf held quick access common items like rice, oats, garlic and onion. Anyway, found that to be a great shelf design for a kitchen!

(ETA and now that adjustable table is SirB’s desk lol)


Tell me more, what do you like about having your stuff in cupboards instead of hung on the wall?


Moving walls looks like it worked really well. That light streaming in looks worth it.


  • all lower cabinets are drawers or pull out corner things. I very rarely bend.
  • good light over the stove
  • gizmos to mix and cook and open jars and cans and all the things.
  • normal household clutter and I’m not sorry
  • garbage is in a cupboard, in a full sized drawer that pulls out so it’s very easy to access but tucked away
  • additional storage in a sideboard cupboard by the dining table
  • fancy tap with pull down sprayer
  • kitchen chair so person cooking can sit or person watching the cooking can sit.
  • rapid phone charger in prime location

It’s best with friends in it :slight_smile: oh also I finished your sauerkraut! Haha, that was a big ass jar but it was so good.


Here’s some before pictures:

Having the white wall instead of the grey really brightens up the kitchen. Also, something about either the wall or the pegboard wasn’t square and so we couldn’t open the right hand drawer. And it just feels nice (for now) to have a wide open space in an area that has a lot of stuff in it - there’s always some kind of project cooking or dishes drying on the counter.

I will say also that our pan storage is definitely not ideal - they’re just kinda piled in one of the below cabinets, versus having them hanging and ready to grab.

I suspect we’ll add some shelves or an art or something on that wall eventually but for now it’s nice to have a blank canvas!


Obviously I’m not krmit and this is completely unsolicited so feel free to ignore, but this question makes me think of the Clutterbug styles of organizing: . I’m mostly a ladybug, as I’ve discovered I really, really like having everything organized out of sight. So for me, cabinets would be preferable to a pegboard for that very reason.