Sewing Thread

I shall do. Tomorrow. Salutes


Thanks for creating this thread!

I learned sewing by hand when I was young and recently discovered the magic (and hell) of sewing machines!! So so quick! When it works…
I own a 1970s Singer 784.

One novice question: the spool thread gets stuck in the bobbin rather frequently, do you know how to fix this?
I looked up online and tried the following: change the needle, oil the machine, change the bobbin (seemed to help a little but I can’t buy new ones right now)… Any idea ?


@Ckni27 and @LadyDuck, I just realized that the French word for “bobbin” was “canette”, which also means “duckling” :wink:


@Ckni27 we are now family.


So I’m going to be making this jacket:

But since I can’t go to a store and pat all the fabrics, I have to guess what will feel good, or what colour I should pick :thinking:

ETA: options are mid-weight linen:
or a cupro/ viscose mix:

Or a tencel/ linen blend:


If the thread is getting stuck it is probably threaded wrong. I’d take everything out and rethread as a first step. The bobbin could also be in upside down, most machines are particular about bobbins going clockwise or counterclockwise


The cupro/viscose is probably not the right choice though I love the color. That fabric is probably more suitable for a flowy skirt. Cupro is usually used as a silk alternative. I really like the last one just on color alone




I just dusted off my sewing machine last week. Working on some face masks since we’ve now been asked to wear them to the grocery store. Found a pattern that includes a pocket for extra filtration material to be added.

I am super beginner level (can thread the machine, wind bobbins, and make grocery tote bags), but perhaps due to all the stars aligning here this will be my moment to move my skills forward a bit.


Oooh. Hmm I really love the mulberry colour so maybe I’ll make a swishy skirt from that and a grey coat, because while brown suits most of my wardrobe, the grey just looks professional.


I love this so much :heart:

@LadyDuck Quack!

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Oh, that’s my problem. Do you know how I can get a loop of the top thread that’s really super stuck back out? This is an old Singer zigzag with a drop-in bobbin and I bet I dropped it in upside down. Also not 100% I have the exact right bobbin, but it does fit (it’s from my Singer treadle). I tried using the (mint green) zigzag because I know the treadle needs oil and couldn’t find mine, but now I’m waiting for oil to arrive (and to sit long enough for virus to die )for both machines.

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It can be tricky. So first things first is bobbin size. Most machines are really picky about what bobbins they take and they are not universal no matter what the packaging says. That’s one thing that I do pay $$ for the branded ones to make absolutely certain they’re the correct type for my machine. Also because I realllllllly hate fighting with tangled bobbin thread and it is worth the extra $ to me to avoid it.

As far as getting it out, is it stuck in the machine inside the bobbin case? If you can find a youtube video about how to disassemble that is a first step. I don’t like to get too deep into disassembly but I will do things like remove the presser foot, needle plate, clean out the feed dogs, remove any stray threads. If it is really tangled I try not to pull on things. You can rotate the wheel slowly (always in the proper direction for your machine, never go backward. Just be careful because some machines turn toward the sewist and some away) while very gently applying tension to the stuck threads and see if at any point in the revolution they become looser where you can gently pull them free. Otherwise I get in there with my threadsnips and try to cut it free carefully.

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Thanks, yes, I think I’m facing some disassembly, and it’s an unfamiliar machine. The bobbin is Singer branded, but the time difference (1928 model vs. 1960s model) may make that a moot point. I at least have to take loose the needle foot and presser plate, as that’s where the loop is sticking out.

Think I’m going to wait for my oil resupply before I do anything else. I knew better than to try that old machine I’d never used without oiling first, but I really wanted a mask before doing a grocery pickup (ended up making one by hand). I’ll make the next mask on the treadle I’m more comfortable withonce I get it oiled.

Older models will almost definitely use metal bobbins (the best! I love metal bobbins) The question then is weight/hole placement etc.

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion. I rethreaded it multiple times and I am confident it is correctly threaded. The bobbin can’t be upside down or it wouldn’t fit.
I had to change a broken part and resynchronize the machine. I followed very closely the instructions but I wonder if I messed something up (although I tried multiple times to redo this and it didn’t help).
Everything seems to work correctly and then, after maybe 15 or 20 stitches, the bottom part of the spool thread goes into the bobbin.

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Oh, definitely, but even metal bobbins vary a bit in size and shape over long enough periods of time. I know because I have at least two different ones.
But I got notification that my replacement sewing machine oil is at the post office, so I can probably go get it tonight when no one is there and bleach the bottle so I can use it tomorrow.

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Quick update for those getting into sewing and stocking up:
Places I’ve been ordering fabric/supplies from (large online retailers) are backed up but still shipping. But please expect a delay when you order. Not surprising, but just something to keep in mind. :+1: I placed an order on March 31st and as of this morning it has yet to ship from either Denver Fabrics or Joann’s.


Yeah for my first sewing machine (Super old all metal Viking brand) I hoarded all the bobbins that worked with it because I couldn’t get any in my little town. I would unwind them by hand and save the thread because I only had 3. It was annoying to have to keep winding them but I wasn’t going to use different ones and risk it.

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Yes, I have just three or four that fit my treadle. For making masks, though, I don’t even care if the thread matches as long as it’s the same weight.