Self Care

Because of gestures at everything I thought it might be good to have a thread about self care. Things you’re doing, things you’d like to do. Big, small, whatever.

Things I’m already doing: I have a weekly game night that starts after Kiddo goes to bed, but it means I go to bed late that night. (Social contact self care.) I have alarms on my phone set for the previous two nights reminding me to go to bed early. I have a 50% success rate at actually going to bed early when I intend to go to bed early, so over the three days I get the average sleep I need. (Sleep self care!)

Today I’m going to help Mr. Meer with a project moving garden beds, which involves moving cinder blocks and generally being outside with dirt and sunshine.

This weekend I’m staying away from Facebook and reddit.


Meditation, getting more cardio because of kiddos PE requirements for school, repeating “circle of concern versus circle of influence” a hundred or more times a day, therapy, bunny therapy.


As my September challenge, I’m trying to do more stuff to be about me. I’m now using all the good stuff I have been saving for who knows what. Use the expensive hand lotion, and use it every day if I remember. Wear the fancy stuff I’m saving for… what? But until I purposely made an effort, I would not do it.


I also muted some threads here, I can easily find them again next week and then I’ll be able to catch up on them then.


Keeping myself centered in my circle of control as best I can. Work in the garden, care for the cats, watch the hummingbirds, good food, repair and build around the house (this morning’s project: refrigerator defrost heater element). Drinking tea of my own making, as in I grew or gathered and dried all the herbs myself (mint, blackberry, elderflower and stevia if you’re curious).

Celebrate what I can. On Tuesday morning, the world balances at the perfect tipping point between day and night, summer activity and winter rest (it’s the equinox). I’ll be in the moment and welcome the change and the time of slowing down.

I am going to avoid the news until I feel able to handle it.

Practice mindfulness. It’s been a long time.


I had to unfollow all the threads here where I get my politics/Covid news from.

Also epsom salt bubble baths are now my jam. Shout-out @JanetJackson


Mr Darling confiscated my phone yesterday and I was annoyed but it helped. I read a physical book with a cup of tea under a weighted blanket and it really did help.


Seriously considering buying the book that I’m on a long waitlist for at the library. I promised myself I’d never buy books again until Boyfriend has a job, but I’m very tempted to get this very specific book for escapism.


Please get the book, Tris. They don’t cost much (relatively speaking), and the benefit to your mental health will be great, I think.


Husband took my phone last night, too, and put on a stupid movie and watched it with me while keeping my drink refilled.


@druidessie and @rural, I like what you said about centering yourself in your circle of control. I’d never heard of that concept before, but it seems very grounding for an anxiety doomer like myself.

I did a crossword puzzle in the bath last night, watched an episode of Murder She Wrote, and played some Animal Crossing. Getting a Flu shot yesterday actually turned out to be tremendous self care - I can’t remember a night I slept sounder.

Today and tomorrow, I am going to unitask while doing my homework, which, although it sounds like work, means that I will get the homework done quicker and with less strife than I otherwise would. I have been craving a big cooking project and want to make gyoza, but our freezer is super full right now, so maybe I will make some muffins and use up some of our frozen fruit stash. Maybe I’ll do my nails or go for a walk/run.

Also, I have a copy of this:

that I got at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s a big alphabetical list of nice things to do for yourself, plus places for you to fill in your own. I just flipped through it and never filled it out, but would love to send it to someone who would like it.

The concept was popularized by Stephen Covey in his “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” but as a concept it primarily originated from the Roman Stoics, mainly Seneca.

One of Mr Money Mustache’s earlier blog posts was about the concept, which is where I was first exposed to it.

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My self care involves expanding my circle of control. Taking action feels better. I’m attending a letter writing party today. I will also donate again and give more people the script to call their representatives.

Plus, cheese.


Get Sushi take out together with a friend at his place as lunch today. Didn’t discussed politics. Had coffee and cake as well.
Went for a 60min walk in the evening.


This too. I finally finished my Michigan GOTV postcards yesterday. And I signed up to text bank for Biden.

Swimming. Getting enough sleep. Eating breakfast. Cuddling and getting off. Taking big chunks of time off from the news.

AND ALSO – making a commitment to myself – NO MORE DOOMSCROLLING. I truly believe it is damaging us and our world by sucking away our will to live and fight and care for ourselves and others. Instead I’m trying to focus on getting real rest and doing real work.

I’m really fired up about this and am gonna be writing a newsletter all about it starting next week, called Life Wish

LFG :sparkling_heart:



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Taking time to drink my coffee slowly, and giving myself permission to scroll through forums for 20 mins before starting my “have to do” list for the day. Oh, and I have a massage today! Woooo

I need to get back to yoga and mindfulness - that has fallen off completely since the COVID hit and everybody was home all of the time…


Is this ToTheMoon from MMM?

Lol, it is indeed. Hi @Gdogg!

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