Self Care

Deleted WhatsApp and made some layout changes to my apps on my phone so that I spend less time checking things that suck the life out of me.

Filled my water bottles and put them in the fridge because somehow drinking cold water makes me want to drink more which makes me feel better


I often like cold water better as well. I bought a couple gallons of cheap spring water at the grocery store (the kind that come in gallon milk bottles) and just refill them up with tap water to keep in the fridge, one in the back that’s been most recently refilled, and then when I empty one and refill I grab that one and move to front as it’s already cold.

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I have been sitting outside as much as possible on warm days.


I have a large cup on my desk, I will try to be mindful of drinking at least one cup of water in the morning and at least one cup after lunch.


How do you have 2gal extra room in your fridge? Where do you keep your multi-cuisine sauce collection hoard?

We have two fridges and I’m pretty minimalist in my cooking styles. Just the other day I had two bushels of apples, 9 dressed rabbits, 40 cup container of waffles and all sorts of other groceries and beverages between the two fridges. Also have 3 chest freezers but that’s another thing :joy: