Real-time shared social games on Discord

Hey everyone!! With @anomalily 's blessing, I can host Jackbox games on discord!

So with that said, who’s interested and what’s a good time to play?!

What is it?

  • By running Jackbox Party Games like “You Don’t Know Jack”, “Drawful”, “Fibbage” and more and sharing the game screen through Discord, multiple households can join in the fun and play together. Most of the playing happens on your phone, but a second shared screen shows things like player drawings, trivia questions and who gets points. (You do need both screens, but only one shared screen per household.)

What you’ll need:

  • Computer/tablet: at least one device that can use Discord’s “Live” streaming to watch a stream - this will be the shared game screen everyone sees. You don’t need a microphone unless you want to converse while you play, but I’ll warn you, most technical difficulties involve two-way voice while streaming games.
    • I recommend the Discord app on Windows/macOS for this. You can do it on your phone, but unless you an split screen, it gets in the way of using your phone as your game controller.
  • Phone/tablet: a wifi/internet connected touch screen device: iPhone, Android, iPad or just another screen with a browser. (I haven’t tried this but you could split-screen on your laptop between Discord and your browser) This is where you do most of your game playing. Draw your word or phrase, come up with a silly answer to a question, or pick from available answers.
  • More information:

What Games Can We Play

(drawing) Drawful 2 (now with two colors :joy: )

(trivia) You Don’t Know Jack (2015)
(drawing) Drawful
(word play) Word Spud
(bluffing) Lie Swatter
(bluffing/trivia) fibbage XL
(jokes/bluffing) Quiplash XL
(drawing + bidding) Bidiots
(bluffing/trivia) fibbage 2
(silly sounds) Earwax
(coop problem-solving) Bomb Corp (limit 4)
(funny responses) Quiplash 2
(trivia) Trivia Murder Party (with sack/bag characters and drama!)
(guess survey responses) Guesspionage
(drawing, jokes, obscenities :sweat_smile: ) Tee K.O.
(bluffing) Fakin’ It Pretty sure you need video chat or in-person presence to play that one, bummer :frown:
(bluffing/trivia) fibbage 3
(jokes/trivia) Survive the Internet
(social/persuasion) Monster Seeking Monster (limit 7)
(silliness/voting) Bracketeering (limit 16!!)
(drawing) Civic Doodle
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Just want to highlight:

  • You don’t need to buy, own or install any of the games!
  • You just need a shared device to stream the game, and a touchscreen device to play.
  • You do need a Discord account logged into the ohmydollar server!

If you aren’t a member of the discord, you can PM me for a link!


I’m conserving social energy rn so am not someone to plan games around, but I (and maybe my partner?) would quite possibly drop in for some evening games. We’re on PDT.


I’m interested! US east coast here, but I’m a night-owl (ish).

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Interested–mountain time zone

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OK so far I’ve got a mix of ET, MT, PT. I’m also enough of a night owl that 9PM ET works for me.
That would be 6PM PT (and 1AM GMT). I’m open to hosting tonight and tomorrow. If neither of those work for you, what time/night would be better?

Thanks! Excited! :raised_hands:

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I’m potentially interested if we vary times occasionally - but 1AM GMT is probably not going to result in particularly good conversation from me :stuck_out_tongue: (the curse of diverse timezones!)


Oh yes, the UK crowd is 5 hours ahead of my US East Coast locale! Would 10PM BST work? That’s 5PM ET for me and so I’d be done with work. Otherwise, a weekend time slot might be required :crazy_face:

I have found that on weekends, if you want to get both north Americans coasts and GMT, 11AM - 1PM Pacific is best. And if you want to get in the Western Australians and both us/canadian coasts, then 5PM Pacific works (screws over europe tho).

(Take it as someone that livestreams for a global audience lol).


PDT, but 5:30-8:30 is usually walking/dinner. 11 AM works great.

OK - show of :heart: on this post for Saturday, April 11th at 11AM PDT (2 PM ET, 6PM GMT)?

As long as we have ~3+ I will keep the games rolling for ~2 hours so people can drop in and join.

Right now I’m seeing a forecast of 53° F which is chilly enough that I won’t be craving going outside at that afternoon hour!


Trivia Murder Party is sooo much fun!!! I will see if I have the technology to make this happen. If so I will try to drop in on Saturday.

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I’ve dowloaded Discord on my phone anyone know how to change the language? I apparently have it set to French(?) and apparently I already had an account set up (?) :woman_shrugging:

  • Hamburger menu (three horizontal lines)
  • Look for the :gear: by your username at the bottom
  • Scroll a bit; Language is the last item under “App Settings” (paramètres de l’application)

But I will warn you; it’s not easy to have Discord on your phone and play the game on the browser on your phone. Do you have a tablet or another screen you can use for one of those purposes?

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Thanks. I have Chromecast, can I cast the screen and play on my phone?

Hmm I haven’t tested it. To try to illustrate it better, if the game was trivia, one screen would show the question along with possible answers. The phone would only show buttons for picking an answer. So you won’t have complete information unless you have one screen dedicated to discord, and the second screen for a browser.

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right, that makes sense. So I can stream Discord on my laptop and then play on my phone.


Based on the 4 positive responses, I plan to stream games:
Saturday, April 11th at 11AM PDT (2 PM ET, 6PM GMT)

Probably for one hour but if we’re having a blast, we can continue longer. I had forgotten that Saturday at 2 was the date and time of our canceled family Easter dinner, and I suggested Jackbox with the family. So I will tentatively schedule that for 4PM to ensure we have the proper window! :grin: