Real-time shared social games on Discord

Five and half hours, talk to you soon!

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I will try to join in, but may be late. I’m not sure I understand what I have to do to get setup. Is there something I should do before then? I’m already connected on discord on laptop and phone.

Similar question: can I split screen my laptop for this? I want to keep my phone clear of low use apps.

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I don’t remember ever downloading an app for Jackbox, but I do remember it’s much more fun for me to play on my phone than on a computer.

Crow I would guess you’re all set and neo will walk you through how to connect to the game session itself.

The only app you need installed on a computer or tablet is Discord.

The only thing you need for your phone is the browser.

You can do this all on the computer (I’m pretty sure) by splitting screen. In Windows, you can hold the Windows key and use a Left or Right Arrow to make the selected program take up exactly half the screen (and then click the other program to fill in the remaining space.) I’m less proficient with Mac :joy:

However, you don’t have to “install” anything on your phone, period. You only use the web browser to play, which you already have installed. So I wouldn’t do the split screen unless you really don’t like using your phone. The drawing games are almost certainly more fun on your phone!

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I forgot I haven’t got discord on my laptop - will be 1 min while I download it!

ETA: I forgot that I’m on BST not GMT and so am an hour early. :woman_facepalming:


Ha ha! I’ve started up the game and Discord now so if anyone wants to work out the technical gremlins, we can get that done now.

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Game Location

  • open Discord on your big screen
  • make sure you’re on the ohmydollar server - it shows the name of the server above the channel list in the wide left navigation bar
  • look for :loud_sound: gamechannel - if you click that, we’ll have two-way sound but you still won’t see the game
  • look for neo von retorch which should have a RED BUBBLE that says “LIVE” - move your mouse to hover over that and look for a “JOIN STREAM” button - click that one!
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Thanks those of you who joined! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the next time. We did learn about a technical gremlin - Discord in the browser on your computer doesn’t seem to work well. If you can, install that for the main game screen.


This was part of my problem. I ended up doing everything on my phone, which was not a good setup.


Thanks for hosting this, @neovonretorch. I’d like to try again sometime when I’ve worked out the technical difficulties (like installing discord on my laptop).


Any interest for a North American evening event? 9PM ET for the night owls (1AM GMT, 6PM Pacific)

Tuesday or Wednesday evening?

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My trivia team plays Tuesday nights, but if people are doing Wed I could play.


I am 50% in for either night.

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MvR has a new (early) schedule and I’m not sleeping in those days. Definitively not a night owl tonight. If we come up with a night with a lot of interest, I’ll make it work!


i’ve been getting into DC games lately, and it’s been such a blast
the real time shared social games sound like a ton of fun

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