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OK, I hate to be so needy and be back in the random questions thread so soon, but here I am and I am who I am.

I have a question about the Libby app and iPads.
I don’t know if I’m articulating the question wrong or what but I can’t seem to figure it out on Google or with people I know IRL.

If I purchase a pre owned iPad that has Wi-Fi and/or cellular capabilities would I be able to then download the Libby app and open it and use it just exactly like I do on my cell phone now? Like will it work exactly like my phone but just much bigger?
I would like to read e-books within the app (I don’t want to have to download or purchase) and I can’t do that on my cell phone (too small).

At one point, I purchased a preowned Paperwhite and I had to like download each book and/or buy them and then go find it and then do all these other steps before I could read it… I’ll be honest, I need to eliminate as many barriers as possible between me and reading the book or else I’ll just never do it.

I’ve never owned a tablet before (aside from that paperwhite which I did not like).


Yes, it will do that just fine


Yes you will be able to read your books with your IPad :slight_smile: it will work exactly like you want it to: like a cellphone, but bigger. Before I bought my ereader, I used to read books with my tablet for years.


As long as your pre-owned iPad is something relatively recent. I have a first generation iPad that can’t run Libby, but it is over a decade old.

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Yes, Kiddo has an iPad 7 (which is pretty old at this point) and we use Libby on it daily for his audiobooks at night.


Yep, that will work! The iPad just has to be able to be able to run iOS 10 or higher. Any iPad that is 4th gen or newer should be able to do that.



Can I jump in with another European travel planning question?

We’re spending one week in France in June and I’m totally ignorant of French geography. The plan is to fly into Paris, take a train to Bordeaux the next morning to visit relatives for a few days, then we want to spend the second half of the week somewhere else before going back to Paris. Any ideas on a good destination to pair with Bordeaux? Ideally one that is between there and Paris or not too much of a detour if we’re taking the train between places. Not super interested in wine but very interested in nature/cute small towns/pretty places.


A member of my household stuck headphones into the headphone jack of my electric keyboard and wiggled it until the tip broke off in the jack.

How do I fish this out? I was thinking of shoving sugru in there, waiting until it dries, then trying to pull the whole thing it. But thought I’d consult the experts here first…


Can someone with slate plus please give away the spoiler? The headline worked and I need to know


Well now I’m invested too.


I guess I still have my one free article this month!


Didn’t screenshot the answer because it’s loooong but tldr why didn’t he mention this before they got married? Or had sex for the first time???

Oh and here’s the last bit of the advice



Thank you for saving your article for us!

This was just sad though. Also… side eye at the only thing that gets him off. They had premarital sex, they’ve had vanilla sex. This is his kink and preference, but not the only thing that gets him off. And it’s around something so unhealthy for her.

He definitely needed to discuss before marriage.


Yeah it was sad. Biiiig sideye for the dude.


I have closed all my social media accounts, except linked in. I’m getting ready to kill my vanity website.

I’d love to kill linked in, but it’s possible that I will have at least one book ms. to peddle and I don’t know how critical it is to have something someone can look up other than I attended this or that conference or show in the 2000s?

I haven’t killed linked in for exactly this reason. I’m a boomer. I’d love to have NO internet footprint under my RN, but think it would be tantamount to saying “I’m dangerous,” to someone who doesn’t know me.



it depends on the type of MS

some publishers want the writer to be able to support marketing with a prebuilt audience, I think it’s more about that than an indication you aren’t a dangerous person.


I was a computer engineer and I never signed up for LinkedIn and I’m very happy with that decision :joy:

That said, I stayed at a single company my entire career and only moved jobs within the company…


The biggest thing with not having “space holder” profiles on the main social media sites is that it opens the door for people impersonating you. My brother is in network security stuff and his advice is, even if you don’t use them, a barebones profile that you have family added to will more likely prevent someone from making a new page in your name to swindle them by impersonating you.


It also means that when someone makes a fake profile of you, your friends and family will clockit and report and it will get taken down way faster.


Interesting! I expected that I’d get a response that was effectively “without an online presence, I’d think you weren’t legit,” so I"m surprised… thanks for the feedback!

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I think social media can be so toxic now that many people are just quitting it entirely!

I think I might quit Facebook if not for my Buy Nothing group.