Random Questions

I would look for someone in the area or a mentor in their workspace who’s already been down that road.

I got a lot of information / referrals from my mom’s retirement home staffs about how to get stuff done / who to hire / what services were available. I learned a lot from the other residents in retirement homes and their family members. Once you get plugged into that network a lot of information flows.


Has anyone ever had linen socks? Are they a good idea?


No but I’m very intrigued. Pls report back if you get them.

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People who have given birth, I’m wondering what is something that you would have really loved to get, or that you did get that was really appreciated after birth? One of my good friends just had a baby yesterday and she lives far away but I’d love to send her something. She is one of those people who gives everything to everyone and is like the most kind/giving person ever, so I want to treat her to something.


Tons of snacks I could eat with one hand while nursing. High nutritional value, convenient snacks.


Instacart money was helpful.


My brother’s famiky this time gave me fancy: tortilla chips with catuses, black bean dip, guac, probably chocolate. I don’t remember what else was in the bag because it clearly didn’t matter.

A friend the first time came over with what she claimed was a meal for one from copper branch: an aztec bowl with a few additions, a smoothie, a brownie, and I think sweet potato fries. But that one worked so well because she held the baby and I ate.

G used to come over nightly with a mcdonald’s milkshake and fries.

So food, definitely food. High calorie food. A smoothie and one handed food?

Maybe from a place you loved together?


A gift card to a store that carriers nice postpartum clothes like blanqui.

1-2 large water bottles with a straw for easy drinking in multiple locations

I like sending “Enjoy Life” branded granola bars/cookie because almost everyone does a dairy free or other allergen free 2 weeks at some point early on in breastfeeding (and they taste good even if allergens aren’t a problem)


My sister got me a giant Stanley insulated mug and I LOVE IT.


It sounds like snacks are a hit! She and her family eat a very strict organic only kind of diet, so maybe I’ll just put together a Whole Foods order of her fav snacks and drinks, or send a gift card.

The Stanley is a great idea too! I love mine so much too


Food is totally a hit! I also really cherished a couple very personal gifts. One was a handmade quilt (but, hah, I am not thusly skilled) and the other was a beautiful note from a friend writing about how excited she was for us and also how she thought I would still be myself and a parent (accompanied by a small treat we used to enjoy when we travelled together). It meant the world to me.


I have definitely sent postpartum friends a grocery delivery of goodies and it was very well received!


If I booked a travel package and want to stay an extra week and book a new one way ticket and just not show up to the original flight, is that a problem? I feel like it’s a thing travel hackers do but I’ve never deliberately missed a flight and it feels illegal.

Does the answer change if the travel was booked as a pair?


It’s actually an awesome idea because the flight you’re going to miss will have an extra standby seat available for airline employees trying to travel for free :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol you just want my seat!


If the ticket is for a “destination” (i.e. an island) and not just Milwaukee, my advice goes double.

But also if you want to do it, there really is no compelling reason not to.


It’ll be from Dublin to NYC in March, so not great weather either place but still fun for someone

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I would just read the fine print because I can’t know the policy of every airline or third party booking, but generally the airline wouldn’t care. You already paid them, they don’t care if you’re actually on the plane or not :sweat_smile:

The only opposing point I can think of is “if the seat is empty someone who needs to travel might not be able to” but its not Christmas, so most flights will have space. And it’s not like the airline is going to sell a new lastminute seat for really cheap either.


I’m pretty sure it’s ok to miss the return flight. It’s not ok to miss the departing flight. If you do, they cancel your entire reservation!


Any tips on getting rid of soap build up in shower drains/pipes? I’m sure my hair doesn’t help but the hair catcher thing we have in the drain definitely gets a lot of build up on it when Mr. Meer showers.

Ingredients list on case it's helpful.