Random questions, postpartum edition

How do I know if scar mobilization is working?

And when do I figure that if my feet haven’t gone back, they are just this size now?


Feet; not until you’ve been weaned for a few months was my experience.

Scar: if it becomes easier and you get less nerve pain we’re signs of progress for me.


Same. This kid is like 17 months and I still have a pair of shoes I’m hanging onto because of how it went last time. I did eventually get back into them last time but some people don’t, so I’m not counting on it.


Whelp, I have to stop using scar sheets for now because my yeast is back at the incision site :frowning: . This time they prescribed nystatin POWDER- doc says she was talking with a friend in wound care recently who mentioned powders being better for skin folds because they help it stay dry.

So I am using the medicated powder until it clears up and then I’d like to try the scar sheets again, but maybe I will limit to 12 hours a day. At other times I thought I might try tea tree oil lotion (I make my own- fragrance free baby lotion with tea tree oil mixed it) and/or my Megababe powder lotion as preventatives. Does anyone have any other suggestions for preventing regrowth? I really hate it. It gives me body sads.