Pregnancy is weird

The time between testing positive and getting to 12 weeks seemed like an eternity to me as well. And then after I started feeling better (at around 18 weeks) time started moving faster and suddenly I’m over halfway there.

Crossing my fingers for you to have a good scan next week!


Current obsessions:

Lagunitas hoppy sparkling water - 0 alcohol, 0 carbs

Kiziks. I finally gave into the FB ads and I love them.

Stitchfix maternity sweaters (I got the first from Stitchfix and the other 3 from the same brand off Poshmark). They’re holding up better than the ones I got from motherhood maternity. I think 4 is a good rotation to last me through this pregnancy (I’ve been going into work most days).


Midwife: “We’ll see you in 4 weeks. You’ll get the paperwork for your glucose test then.”

Me: “That’s the 1 hour fasted test, right? Um, are there any other alternatives?”

Midwife: “Take your blood sugar 4 times a day for 2 weeks. Or, you can actually eat the morning of the test, you just have to space it out by 2 hours and eat protein only. So, you could have eggs, that’s a great option, 2 hours before the test.”



Yay for alternatives!

For others, some alternatives include eating jelly beans if those are more palatable than the drink, would have to check number of jellybeans required etc.

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I am loving hoppy sparkling water too! Seeing more NA options is so great

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Personally I am ok with the drink, but fasting is causing reflux problems for me so I’m very glad to hear I can eat beforehand!


I had actually never heard of this being a fasting test! It seems like it’s so different everywhere.


I thought the 1 hour was not fasted (just no eating for 1 hour between the drink and the test) and the 3 hour was fasted. That could just be my doctor though?

I didn’t have to fast before either of them (except for during the actual test). Full disclosure, I had GD both times, but I don’t think it’s related to how I did the test. :wink:


I didn’t have to fast for the 1 hour test but the 3 hour I did. The fasting was the absolute worst part of the test. Both pregnancies I got really nauseous if I didn’t eat for a little while.

Now I’m curious if each region/lab uses different tests. Or if they use the same test chemically and just interpret results differently based on the instructions!


I know when you search the literature there’s a lot of complaining about the lack of standardization of protocol and a lot of debate about what the thresholds should be. So apparently it’s a bit of a mess :laughing:


Second scan looks good! I’m honestly shocked. Also was so not prepared for it to MOVE.

Pics and stats below.


Heart rate 165, 3.7cm. 10 weeks 4 days.


Awwww yay!


Like a little guppy!


They are super wiggly at that stage! I had a 10 week scan because of bleeding and then the Boy came with me at 12 weeks - he was surprised to find that when I said baby was “waving” I meant it literally!

Yay for a good scan!


TINY ALIEN :alien:

The best kind. Sending the three of you all the love ever. :kissing_heart:


:heart: so cute!

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Moving my updates here since I’m technically pregnant!

Beta today is well more than double. Double would have been 140. I’m at 212.7 The test did seem like it made a pretty good strength leap from a couple days ago so that tallies :crossed_fingers: next step, ultrasound in early Feb at just shy of 7 weeks.

tests for those who love line progressions

(Second pic is with All of them dried- this brand gets SO much darker dry versus the FRERs)


WOW those are nice lines. I only ever used cheapies and 1 FRER and never got as dark as that.

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