Pregnancy is weird

How nice of them to document the sugar crash that resulted in me skipping work to sleep all afternoon.


After some consideration I put in my request to start leave at week 37. No one has objected so I think I’m officially on the countdown until leave.


Congrats! How far away is that?

Right around 8 weeks - start leave July 21.

I was getting anxious and feeling like I was likely to ask for an induction ASAP just to start leave. And then I’m like… I could just ask to start leave. It’s out of vacation so I don’t even have to have it be medically necessary right off the bat.

feeling nervous

I may go and get checked out at L&D this evening. Normally very active baby has been very quiet the last couple days, and I could barely get her to wiggle with cold water and a snack today. I’m going to see if playing drums or eating dinner does the trick, because she usually has a party with those, but if she’s still seeming sleepy I think I’m gonna get checked.

I’ve just been so busy the last few days that I’m not totally sure how much I’ve just been less aware, but also being busy has somewhat dissuaded me from going in until now when I’m getting like legit concerned.


As I told someone else here recently, there’s no downside to getting checked out. I hope it’s all ok and that baby just moved somewhere harder to feel.


Yeah it’s also almost 30 weeks so she may just have less space to wind up a good wallop. But even just yesterday there was a lot more, so I’d rather check. I just have a little nerves about going into hospitals unexpected due to history reasons. But at least it’s not the e room?


Yeah a couple hours chillin in L&D triage is really different than the ER. I have whiled away several evenings that way. If you go I suggest bringing a snack and phone charger and be aware you might not be able to get out of the bed without the nurse.


So my hospital was old and shitty but the early checks were all SUPER worth it. And never any nonsense from nurses like why are you here


Another vote to go! I was getting a lot of X and was told to go for Y or Z, or I would have gone this weekend.

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Seems all is good with baby at the moment! As is to be expected, she started squirming around like crazy once they started monitoring. Thanks kid.


Babys are trolls even before they are born. I’m glad everything is ok!