Pregnancy is weird

Ohhh this sounds delicious I just had lunch do I have room for nachos?


Oof, I just got the automated notification from my glucose test.

Your Value: 210 mg/dL
Standard Range: 70 - 139 mg/dL

This doesn’t sound good. I have my 3rd tri anatomy scan tomorrow anyway, so if they don’t call or message me before then I’ll ask. Unless anyone here knows if it’s more urgent than that? Maybe @AnneBeddingfeld?


Was this a fasting number or a post prandial?

I ate 2 eggs about an hour before. No carbs or sugars.

Post prandial that isn’t great but my understanding is it’s not as worrisome as if that was a fasting glucose. Do you have a monitor at home? Sorry I don’t remember where you’re at with diagnosis/testing/meds anything. At a minimum, I’d look up symptoms for hypoglycemia and DKA just so you’re familiar. (Unlikely but cross our Ts, right?) Worth a call to your nurse advice line today to check in, that’s what they’re there for!


Thank you @Bracken_Joy. I was in the middle of replying when a midwife called me. Yay for proactive providers but boo for the news — they said 200 would be the cutoff so are putting me on the regimen. 4x/day glucose monitoring and dietary changes which an MFM nurse will be contacting me about soon.

I did look up hypoglycemia and DKA symptoms (ty!) and the only one that seems to match is vomiting. So maybe there’s a small chance that these things have been related, and the GD mods help with reflux too? Who knows. With my first pregnancy, my 1h test was a little bit over the limit but my 3h test was fine so I didn’t have any followups.

I want to look up all the worst case scenarios of a GD baby but also don’t have time for it, so will let MFM worry about it for me :smiley:


What a total pain, sorry. Hope everything resolves as painlessly and least annoyingly as possible.


Blarg, sorry for the added stress and hoops to jump thru!


Yay for proactive providers! Boo for news and pregnancy on harder-mode.

The bright side is that the worst case scenarios for GD babies are just like, one for one connected to long term uncontrolled blood sugars. They won’t let you get there (at worst you’ll need to use insulin to hit the targets you need) and when treated it’s shockingly low key as far as risks to baby. It’s like- they might be a little bigger. They’ll need their blood sugar watched a little more once they’re born, generally for the first day. That’s really it. And even then, most GD can be diet controlled and doesn’t need insulin. Not that dietary control makes it easy on you, I don’t want to downplay that. Just like. If I could pick GD or having preE again, I’d pick GD in a heartbeat. Idk if that helps!


I’m pretty sure my boobs are already bigger than the end of my pregnancy with Latte. Even the shot elastic on my nursing tank is smashing them too much now. Trying a bra I wore during Lattes pregnancy and postpartum and it’s too tight.

Why is everything fucking hard. I just want to put on clothes and go and live life. Why do they insist on requiring so much focus and work and attention and ceaseless fine tuning.


I have heard that your body will tell you if you need to stop laying on your back, but last night I had the weirdest yelling from my body to get off my LEFT side. I thought I felt baby move with like, a pressing sensation but then it just felt really tight in my belly and my heart got all weird thumpy and my breath got weird. And I flipped over to my right and was fine. I don’t know if I just had a tiny anxiety attack or something?

Unfortunately I think this falls under “default mode for pregnancy is all the lights on the dashboard turn on”, and just honor your body when it does stuff like that. If it’s not ongoing/repeating I wouldn’t worry at all about it.


Omg this is so accurate.


All this is really comforting to know. Thank you.

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With a tiny bit of reading I think I might have gotten a Braxton Hicks contraction??? I didn’t realize that you could get them this early but apparently it’s not uncommon after 16 weeks :flushed:

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It is both comforting (since weird stuff usually isn’t a problem) and utterly useless that most pregnancy discomforts are just like…. Yeah idk man, shit happens and everything hurts. Eventually you’ll not be pregnant and it’ll probably be better :melting_face:


Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that!!

I like gestationaldiabetes_dietitian on Instagram for recipe ideas. The nutrition class I took through the hospital (Kaiser) was not very helpful and reiterated everything I could google myself. The main thing my doctor emphasized was to do the best I can and not stress about an occasional spike in blood sugars. Their decisions regarding insulin or not (which - nothing wrong with insulin if you need it) are mostly based on patterns and not individual spikes.

Watch out for when you take your fasting blood sugar in the mornings. At one point my fasting values were getting to the high side but it was because I was doing too much toddler wrangling prior to measuring. Once I made sure to take my measurements before picking up my toddler they went back into range.

I try and follow carb guidelines but it’s mostly been a trial and error process. I can’t handle very many carbs at all at breakfast but much more at dinner. Kind ice cream bars are really good and are well tolerated (though they’re like…$2/bar so I get grumpy if I have to share with my toddler :joy:)


All of this! Yes.

another thought. It’s worth noting people can randomly have stronger reactions to one carb versus another. I have a friend who oatmeal spikes her sugar WAY more than an equivalent amount of white rice, regardless of time of day. (Which, given the fiber is the opposite of what’s “supposed” to happen). Another friend could eat basically infinite sweet potatoes (with plenty of fat on them/as part of a meal) but pretty minimally could handle other carbs. :woman_shrugging: watching the pattern and keeping a food log can really help there. Knowing that rules are generalities and your body might be like “nah I’m going to make up my own rules thanks”.


Omg hormones man. I started sobbing at lunch because I forgot to heat up my tortilla before putting fillings in it. An entirely solvable problem. Straight up bawling.

Greyman was trying to comfort me but also laughing hysterically.


Had a good NT scan yesterday :raised_hands:t2: got to see her wiggling and rolling and kicking finally which was really nice. Have an anterior placenta this time so I might not feel her move until later, boo. Met with the MFM which was really reassuring. He says I have another 20% odds of getting preE again but he thinks the odds of me getting severe preE again and having kidneys shut down again is way lower than that. He wants to do TWO size scans, one at 28 weeks and one at 36. (OB was just going to send me for the 36 weeks one). So that’ll be nice to have a sense of if this is another mega baby as we go along :crossed_fingers: