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It’s on Hbo max.

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Are the hosts in the tent the entire time the bakers are (or do they leave and just come in for their bits)? If so I would hazard a guess they’re checking in with the bakers a lot more than the production team is choosing to show.

I also agree re Matt.

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Asked husband if we should review what subscriptions are active and re-activate Hulu, he pointed out that our Hulu “pause” ran out weeks ago. So I’ve been catching up on This Is Us and Grey’s. I’m not yet sure if I’m impressed or annoyed that they worked Coronavirus into the storylines. Or both. Like it’s an impressive feat to change the show like that mid filming! But also…it’s a bit clunky, and given all we have heard about it now on the news, it feels…tired? Unoriginal?

This is us

Beth’s speech to Randall. Me “I’m not crying. Ok, crying a little. Ok, crying but not blubbering, thanks what we meant by not crying.”
Me at the next scene w/ Randall’s OD’d mom: :hushed: literally yelling
Me in ep 3? 4? when Kevin gets the role: literally yelling at Kevin to not be a butthead about food



I feel like both Discovery and Picard are like…Star Trek in a Star Wars universe. I’m not necessarily opposed, it’s just…different.

But it does seem like a part of that is an excessive focus on just one main character.

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I assume they are there for the bulk of the time. They need to be in case something dramatic happens. Mel and Sue used to make themselves useful more often too.

You’re right - we are seeing what the producers are choosing to show. It would be sad if there was better stuff they were leaving out!


I noped out of This is Us when it seemed like the show wants us to think that Jack (and to a less extent Randall) are awesome when they are actually being really sucky.

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Reply on Discovery

Yes - they are leaning into the broken violent world with lots of weird looking aliens and tech as opposed to the Star Trek utopian future (or at least attempt to be, as seen in DS9). It makes it feel un-Trekian.

Even though I think Discovery’s first season was objectively worse, I was more disappointed with Picard. I really wanted it to be a worthwhile show to justify bringing back Patrick Stewart and Picard. Instead, it was just so mediocre.

I’m just here to say that I am definitely feeling everyone’s comments re: GBBO and the hosting. Wizard and I are rewatching the old series and it’s just drastically different.

Matt’s helping a baker last episode was very sweet, though, and I very much hope he does/they show more of that.


I never got that sense…

The kids clearly idolize Jack, but the flashbacks show his struggle and sometimes failure to be a good person, brother, spouse and dad (current season in particular, perhaps). Randall is a perfectionist and this is shown biting him repeatedly (especially when he has to recognize his limitations…)

Not saying you have to like the show. To each their own :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did love the gift basket and “atta boy” card though! Ok it might have made me cry.

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For additional support of the theory about what the GBBO producers are choosing to show, this is a good interview with Matt Lucas: https://www.npr.org/2020/11/17/934780111/im-happy-to-eat-the-cakes-matt-lucas-joins-the-bake-off-tent


That was a fun read! Thanks for sharing! I wish they would show more of the seemingly-inane conversations; those are my favorite bits, when they’re just talking and the bakers are focused and just half-mumbling about their process.


Thanks for this! This definitely makes me suspect that what’s going on is an editing thing.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

It only makes sense if you're current on the Mandalorian


Watched “Happiest Season” - aka Hulu’s lesbian Christmas romcom.

Perfectly enjoyable, serviceable movie except -

Behind the tag

Abby should have dumped Harper and gotten together with Riley, right?

Netflix has two seasons (19 & 20) of “America’s Top Model” . So much drama (to be expected in a competition of 20ish people), and some serious mean girl action.

@druidessie, i loooved The Queen’s Gambit.

My experience watching it

It was so refreshing to see an entire show that didn’t “go there” every chance it got. They had so many opportunities to exploit or sensationalize and they chose to just focus on Beth. (i.e. Russia wasn’t evil, adopted dad or janitor didn’t turn out to be a creep, they avoided abuse or screaming matches between mom and daughter, gender was a huge theme but it didn’t define her) It was a dysfunctional family- yes. But it was treated so tenderly. Addicts are complicated. Also, abuse isn’t fun. And watching people fall apart from addiction is something I’ve seen in my own life and on movies/tv way too often. I’m tired of it and I was so happy to celebrate a complex character.

I would rather watch this female character do whatever she wanted, sleep with whoever she wanted, dress however she wanted (revisionist history? Maybe) but it was a triumph for me.

I realize I’m applying my own experiences to my review. I cried and cheered through the entire thing.

It also did a thing where it constantly circled back to previous events in the series so my brain constantly got blast of “yahh!!! or AAAAWWWW”

However, I agree with you- quitting pills and alcohol would not have been that easy but I willfully suspended.

Sorry I didn’t reply straight to your post. My phone is being weird

More Queen’s Gambit Reply

I agree with everything you said. Alma’s character was so touching. And that hotel! Were you the one who told me it was the same set designer as Babylon Berlin?

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Ran across “Dishing with Julia” on PBS. Various famous chefs watch (early) Julia Child shows and comment on what she is doing, any experiences they had with her, the dishes she is making etc. It is very sweet, everyone clearly respected her and her impact on the cooking show genre.


This sounds lovely!

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