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I noticed that there is a thread for streaming recommendations, but no thread for discussion or comments on things we are watching. Starting this thread to make it easier to do so, rather than burying this in various journals (where people like me miss them when we hit journal bankruptcy).

Suggested Spoiler Rule - Please use spoiler tags for new and new-ish media discussion or for specific properties that have a big spoiler that you might want to preserve for someone coming a little late to the party. Don’t worry about tagging things that have been out for years or are ginormous internet memes.

Example - Do spoiler tag this week’s episode of the Mandalorian like so:

Spoiler from Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 3

So excited to see Katie Sackoff as Bo-Katan point out to Mando that he’s basically a cult member.

No Spoiler necessary - Baby Yoda!!!


I love mysteries, so I am really enjoying BritBox.
CBS owns VH1 - so once Spouse sets up one of my devices on his CBS account I can watch Drag Race again!

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Great British Bake-Off

Watched this week’s episode. At this point, it is sad to lose any of them.

More details behind spoiler tags -

I hate these everyone failed technicals. If you have a solid top 5 and they ALL didn’t have enough time, then you set up the challenge wrong. They obviously needed more time. Don’t blame them. It’s not entertaining to watch good bakers fail because of challenge parameters.

I was sad to see Marc leave, even though it was the obvious choice with the failed showstopper. Glad Hermine is peaking at the right time. That cake was gorgeous.


I feel like I’ve seen Drag Race on Hulu? I don’t know. I’ve seen less than 1 season of the show, and I know there is a giant eco-system of shows in the Drag Race universe.

Drag Race:

We used to have cable years ago. Gave that up but I could watch episodes online for free. Then they cracked down and you needed a cable provider log in for the episode, but could sometimes find episodes on ZYT, then further crackdown (no YT videos), but you could watch “Untucked” which is contestants talking while waiting for the judges decisions.

If you don’t like reality contests - you probably won’t like the show. Some seasons have more DRAMA than others. I prefer less drama, more support. There is always a little gossip and sniping (stress and such), but in some seasons some real friendships were formed (I think).

I wouldn’t be surprised if some seasons have been in Hulu or other services. Definitely not on Netflix.

I don’t like reality shows that are about conflict and drama. I do like reality shows that highlight specific skills and talents & give people a fair opportunity to shine.

Drag Race struck me as a mostly column A with an occasional column B.

The season I checked out was very early on, and I was surprised at the casual racism of the contestants.

Drag Race does vary in drama by season. They have had to deal with some -isms, RuPaul was known to make some possibly derogatory comments about transgender people (She-Mail, and other more explicit comments). The challenges are meant to test various skills and their creativity. I haven’t seen any of the last few seasons.

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I didn’t realize who she was until the credits! My mind-blown-ness was slightly tempered by htbf not knowing who she was.


I said the same thing - I really like all five and any of them leaving is hard to see!

I was also thinking the same thing about the technical - totally a failure on the challenge, not the bakers.

Hermine’s showstopper was so gorgeous!

It has caught me by surprise seeing family members when bakers leave, and then I remember they lived together and only have a couple of days to practice the bakes.


I don’t know that I would have recognized her if I didn’t already know that she voiced Bo Katan in the animated version (Clone Wars, Rebels).

Not knowing who she is would definitely be far more mind blowing!

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Really liked Queens Gambit! Also posted the spoiler stuff on my journal


I’m pretty surprised it gets a TV-MA rating?

I legit teared up when Beth found the picture of her and Mr Shaibel. Jolene coming back into the story at the end was a really nice bit of writing.

She quits alcohol and benzos (repeatedly) way too easily. I mean, I like the way abuse of them is a constant pattern but except for the little withdrawal sequence as a kid they don’t show any of that, which seems like a missed opportunity.

I was worried Alma would be the crazy sports parent but they didn’t stereotype her that way. Her character was nicely balanced.

Some of the locations were gorgeous. Especially the hotel in Mexico City.


If you want more of column B I recommend:
UK Drag Race season 1
Canada drag race season 2
Us Drag race season 12 where the person who was all the drama they had Cut out of the season after it was filmed and it was just a delightful romp through talent instead

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Looking for tips on how to get started with/get into Adventure Time.

It should be in my wheelhouse. I think I started episode 1 on two different occasions and realized 7 minutes in that I wasn’t paying any attention to it.

Is this a show to just start from the beginning and be patient with as it builds (aka Steven Universe) or does it have a start at this episode/season trick (aka Parks & Rec)?

I’ve been watching We Bare Bears. It is very light and chill and about three bears.

If anyone has seen it, who is your favorite bear and why is it Ice Bear?


I have not heard of this. What platform is it on?

This last season of GBBO feels off to me. Not sure why. I don’t dislike Matt. Maybe it is the challenges, many of which feel unfair (It’s Egyptian Pharaoh week in the tent - your first challenge is scarab beetle tarts!”).


Weekend TV Thoughts!

The Mandalorian

This week on...

It doesn’t matter what else happened because Baby Yoda used the force to steal cookies!!!

Also, I’ve been wondering how long they will drag it out before we get to Ahsoka Tano. But I’ve heard that Dave Filoni is directing episode 5, so I bet that’s the one where we finally spend time with her.

Star Trek Discovery

Thoughts from this week

This would be a good show if we could ever get a break from Michael. They have spent 2+ seasons failing to round out the other characters and having every single thing depend on her or be about her. And you can finally see the potential for a decent show lurking in what they’ve created, but it won’t happen until they pick a lane with her character and let it have a rest.

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Mandalorian - finally a good use for the Force!

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I don’t think Matt is working. This week’s episode, I was specifically thinking how exhausting it is that everything is still a bit with him, and that he hasn’t found a role in the show that is distinct from Noel (who is both doing comedy AND being compassionate). He had ONE moment this week helping out a struggling baker (won’t spoil it), and if he could lean more into that, I think it would be fine.

I agree that this season hasn’t felt as strong. I think the COVID set-up and the weather have made it particularly hard. But as you point out - the challenges they are giving them aren’t helping either.


Yes - Matt isn’t a counterpoint or complement to Noel. I don’t dislike him, but he is just kind of “there” to me. But I never watched the series he was on. I am familiar with Noel from QI. Though I wouldn’t say that Noel shines in this series either, but there are glimmers. I guess I still prefer the OG hosting crew.