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Hi all,
Question about the Oregon Health Plan and the upcoming Bridge Health plan.

Firstly, does OHP have an asset test? All the reading I have done on-line indicates the max value of one’s assets cannot exceed $2000 for an adult to be enrolled on OHP.

This is confusing because I know several people on OHP who clearly have more than that. One of my gal pals just lost her high paying job and she was accepted onto OHP and she has liquid assets exceeding $1Million… Like Huh?

The reason I ask is Oregon is going to be starting an OHP like plan called the BHP which covers folks with an income between 138 and 200% of FPL, This would work nicely for us but we have… y’know… ASSETS! Apparently the Feds are giving Oregon most of the money to fund the BHP and there is no asset test on the ACA so I would assume the BHP would follow the same rules as the ACA, i.e no asset test.

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I’m sure @anomalily knows more.

But I think maybe your friend is on OHP illegally? They may just tell you what the asset limit is and how to calculate it but they may not demand proof.

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I looked online a bit. It sounds like the law says that there’s an asset limit but I suspect that the “am I eligible” tool doesn’t ask about assets because the charts only talk about income. Maybe someone missed that as a requirement for the website?? :hushed:

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Thanks for the replies, Yes it makes me wonder if the application people are turning a bind eye to that asset test question. I’d hate to qualify for the new BHP based on income, then find I can’t sign up because of assets… THEN find I don’t have enough income to qualify for the ACA either and end up de-facto uninsured!


There is no asset test for Medicaid expansion states unless they are doing it in addition to Medicare.

This is part of aca.

OHP is just based on monthly (not annual) income

OHP existed before ACA so you might get confused especially because

OHP used with Medicare (ie for long term care) is different and has an asset test still


Awesome… That would certainly explain why my millionaire friend is on the OHP!

I think therefore it is safe t assume if there is no asset test for the OHP then there definitely won’t be for the BHP!

Thanks for clarifying Anomalily…:slight_smile:


Yea here is from an explainer website since I am phone typing

Under Medicaid expansion, Medicaid eligibility for adults under the age of 65 is based solely on income (along with immigration status; in most states, a person must have been lawfully present in the U.S. for at least five years to qualify for Medicaid). Assets are not taken into consideration. Assets are also not taken into consideration for CHIP, or when Medicaid/CHIP eligibility is determined for someone who is pregnant. But asset tests are still used for Medicaid eligibility in some circumstances, including for people who are 65 or older.

I got in a big fight with the fact checkers at slate about this and had to fight because it is so confusing lol


Wonderful… I found the same article you referenced!..:slight_smile:

Def bookmarking that one…:slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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