No Spend-tember


My husband and I are doing a no spend month! I’m making the thread early so you have a heads up if you want to join along :blush:.

Our goals:

  • sticking to the grocery list and not buying something just because it’s a new product
  • no shopping for non essentials
  • no going out to eat

This will be hard. We love trying new food whenever we see it, but it’s always processed anyways so this’ll be a good thing so we don’t get into too much processed food which is a slippery slope.


We need to do this! We’ve had some spendy months between paying for H’s big certification test, overspending on groceries, and getting a dog. I need to think about what our parameters will be but I’m in!

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Oh my. I should do this because I am spending like crazy right now (mostly for house projects). I’ll have to assess what might pop up… But will definitely follow along either way!


count me in once I get back from my NYC vacation on the 3rd. i don’t anticipate i can last the whole month, but i’ll challenge myself to stretch a no spend streak as long as i can.


I’m in for a “no browsing” month. I can add everything I want to a running wishlist. This should help me focus on using up existing craft supplies and save my brainspace from trying to work out what is the best brand for a thing I might not actually need.


No Spend-tember kicks off tomorrow (or today for some)!

Husband will be going to a free event while I try to avoid the temptation of labor day sales.


I’m softly in. We’ll see what I can swing… setting up the house for baby, traveling some to see family. But I really want to spend a lot less, the last few months have been a bit bonkers. At the very least, I’ll follow for inspiration!


It’s 1 September here in Australia. So far I’ve lowered my monthly patreon payments (sorry people I support!), made a brainstorm of expenses and how to lower them, and we’re not spending any money today.


Possibly in. I got shipped off to Mexico for a good part of last month (work) which made it tricky to eat anything out of my pantry/freezer, and it’s a toss-up whether I’ll end up back down there at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct, but I’ll proably try to combine last month’s challenge with this month’s for as long as I can.


I’m joining in! I think I am finally done with “we just moved and need some things” spending so I’d like to go on a big $ diet. My exceptions will be outings, but I’m going on grocery spending lockdown, and a miscellaneous purchasing lockdown.


Oh no if you’re in I have no excuse!!

ETA…I cannot figure out how to word that so it doesn’t sound weird hahaha so the long version is that if you, after so very recently moving and setting up a new house and exploring a new city, are able to commit to no spending, then I, having not moved, with plenty of furniture in my own house already that I can use to rearrange rooms, have no reason not to commit for one month!


LMAO @katscratch

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Successfully avoided the labor day sales! Even on Saturday which technically was allowed, but I decided to start a day early.

I’d really like a pair of pants, but I can get by without.


We are going away with a big group of people to the snow. Holidays in the snow are expensive. So expensive :cold_sweat:. I’m used to doing holidays in an inexpensive way but snow doesn’t work that way.

When we get back we are going to attempt to cut our expenses right back.

I’ll be back mid-September!


Already not doing super great at this no spend thing. Went to dinner yesterday with friends and bought pants for H for work. The pants were kind of unavoidable given that 2 of his work pairs irreparably ripped this week so they needed to be replaced so that he has enough to wear. I wish it were acceptable for him to wear gym shorts to work. He always rips his chinos while showing patients exercises.

I need to figure out if I want to do no restaurants for the month or if I should just make a strict budget for it and stick to that. It wasn’t an expensive dinner (which for our city is a feat), but H and I both really wanted some out of the house friend time so it felt worth the $44.


For women they make yoga pants work pants. Maybe there is a male equivalent?


There are some, but the golf pants they make for men with stretch are really expensive and not something he wants to spend money on.


I need elastic to finish a skirt I’m making. I really hope I can find some in my notions box today. If not, I’ll make a note in my project book and shopping list, because I may need more notions and better to buy 'em all at once rather than pay shipping for quick convenience.

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I’ve added two things to my Amazon cart but think I can delay their purchase.

First is a repair needed for cloth diapers but I’ve been managing ok without those diapers, just doing more laundry. I didn’t think to look on Amazon for the part until now, so I’ve been fine for a few months.

Second is a costume for the baby for Halloween. I was going to diy it, but a plain black onsie is $1 less than the actual costume and still requires lots of my time making it. But I can wait until October to purchase.