Nail Polish - Getting Good Results on a Budget?


I wanna see picture updates :wink:


I ended up waiting to give my nails a longer rest. I plan on painting them either tonight or tomorrow. There will be pics! :wink: :rainbow:


I’m curious what category of your budget you put nail polish under. Fashion? Spending Money? Groceries?


I have a “femme” category on my budget. :smiley: I put things like fancy hair cuts and makeup and jewelry in it.
Here’s what it looks like for me:


I know you meant rubbing alcohol before polish, but alcohol before polish is a much more fun rule.


That’s great. I haven’t budgeted for years (probably am about to pick it up again, actually!) but I used to have a “pink tax” category for personal care things that I didn’t want to do but “needed” to for my job (i.e. eyebrow grooming, make up, resoling heels, etc).


Femme isn’t a category needed by my job thankfully! :smiley: It’s something I engage in … sometimes but sometimes not. LOL. I named it that way to remind myself that bodies and appearance can be a fun game if played on our own terms.
I may also someday have a butch category. :smiley:


I call my butch category camping. But I’ve been wearing hiking boots daily for weeks in public on city streets