My top surgery/radical reduction

I need to stock my freezer up with freezer meals and since I don’t usually buy pre-prepared frozen meals.
I was excited and took my happy little ass to the freezer section at my grocery store the other day only to find that the one meal I know I like Has been reduced by almost 50% size and is now $.40 more


I’m not sure if I need to plan for something different, go to a different store, or just do a bunch of pre-cooking and freeze some things (Not as delicious, I hate cooking and I’m also bad-ish at it).

What I’m thinking:
Frozen vegetable dumplings :dumpling:
Frozen full meals
Maaaaybe frozen burritos? (Not my favorite but at least I can cook these comparable to store taste)
Canned meals/partial meals: maybe like some stuffed grape leaves, seasoned beans, veggie soups?

Basically it seems like what I’m saying is I need to make a trip to the Asian grocery and a trip to the Mediterranean grocery.

Now how to find the time to do so without entering burn out (I can tell I’m on the edge lately)… :thinking:


Ok. So.
Maybe I need some advice?


I’m taking a sewing class at the public library. I signed up monthsssss ago and the class is actually pretty hard to get into (only 8 ppl at a time). I also purchased a machine to take this class. It’s every Tuesday and Saturday until the Saturday before my surgery (Tuesday).

I had my first class on Tuesday and will go to my second class today.

I thought it would be a good distraction leading up to surgery. I am now rethinking this.
It seems so rude to drop out only two or three classes in, but I’m considering not going any longer and signing up for a later date in the summer or fall. Or I could sign up for a class at the fairly expensive private studio near my house, they run classes every few months all year round.
Mostly, I am worried about germs – I really really don’t want to get sick and have to reschedule surgery.
I have a friend with an expensive plane ticket and precious time off on the line.
As my surgery date is approaching, I have noticed I’m getting more and more cautious about where I go, etc and I can’t stop thinking about how someone was coughing in class on Tuesday. Like… I cannot stop thinking about it. Also, since it is a downtown public library, there was vomit all over the cement on the accessible ramp when I walked up.
I know I have diagnosed OCD, Maybe I’m just ruminating, but what do y’all think?

There is a chance that if I drop out the teacher will blacklist me, she’s a hard ass.


can you tell her that you have planned surgery, and hadn’t anticipated how stressful the concern about communicable illness was going to be? I can’t imagine someone blacklisting a person based on that information - just ghosting yes, but this is a real reason.


Thank you, I am probably really overthinking it


I think it would be wise to drop the class. You’ve put a lot into preparing for your surgery (effort, money, time, etc.), and it would be heartbreaking if you had to reschedule the surgery due to illness. I don’t know what paid sewing classes cost but I’d hazard a guess that it’s less than what it would cost to have to reschedule your surgery.



would wearing a mask help calm your concerns? i still wear masks any time i’m inside with more than one or two people i know and it really does help, though it doesn’t provide 100% protection. i.e. i haven’t had covid yet, to my knowledge.

quitting is a reasonable option! just wanted to throw out another option that might let you continue to participate in this thing you wanted to do.


Thank you so much! I actually never stopped wearing a mask in public so I’m definitely still masked up :confused:
I think perhaps I’m being a little paranoid, but I think it’s OK to be careful – I sent her an email and left a voicemail backing out of class – perhaps it’s early enough that she can give that spot to someone else.


i definitely think it’s OK to be extra careful, too! the last thing you want is for sickness to disrupt all your plans!

i’m also glad to hear that someone else is wearing a mask out in the world :laughing: i had thought i was the only one left!!


Oh yeah. There was maybe a week where I did like two things without a mask and it didn’t feel good, so I went back to masking.
On my side of town there’s actually a good portion of folks who still mask, probably like 1/3rd or 1/4th of the ppl at the grocery store, compared to zero in the “cooler” areas of the city.
I think it’s a representation of who is most vulnerable and who lacks or does not lack resources if they were to get sick, but I digress. :slight_smile:


13 days out!!

I’m now wrestling between wanting to spend as much time as possible outside in case I don’t wake up or something terrible (outside is my favorite place) and not wanting to be outside because I don’t want to end up with the allergy sniffles (or worse, heavy congestion) and get turned away from anesthesia.

:unicorn: :butterfly: Sorry I’m so morbid. :gem: :man_fairy:t2:


I love having a security door. I can use it like a whiteboard and also magnetize things on it. Anyways, here’s my little whiteboard for med tracking, etc, my blue folder from the hospital with all my recover and prep instructions, and my physical therapy rehab program. :boom:

Ok ok ok (makes yeee noises).