My top surgery/radical reduction

Hi Cuties.

I thought I’d make my own little thread to plan out and accept ideas etc for my own “nonbinary top surgery”. I use quotation marks because it’s technically a top surgery and I’m technically much more on the agender side of things.
But as per my insurance potato potato :potato:


On April 23rd I will reduce my chest size down to below cup size into basically pec sized lumps and get the frick rid of my nipples (nipple sensation is bad sensory overload for me I hate it). Android ahoy!
*Goals: bend myself away from gender, remove items that I have no use for and are in the way, and become more comfortable in my meat suit. *
I dream of: hugging loved ones and feeling them against my actual body, not appendages that don’t belong to me yet are somehow attached to me?
I have my nurse Q&A next week (I don’t feel like I have enough questions) and my insurance has agreed to cover it, so while I will have what I consider a big bill, considering hospital bills - it’s not that bad (a bit under 3k I think).
I’m loosely following this healing protocol and have been doing pre surgery PT the exercises as of last week.

Currently, I am planning out my recovery time, in very JJ fashion. :nail_care:t2::japanese_ogre::memo:

Big picture:
:spiral_calendar:I have two weeks off of work: Paid time off from the day job, but wages lost at the second job - everyone knows I will be out and only returning to extremely light duty For at least a month.
:dancing_women: My best friend who is an RN and co-owns her own practice will be coming the day before my surgery and staying for four or five days.
Additionally, almost all of my current and prior clients for my small business are in the Q+ Community and have been very understanding about my time off and have even offered to come help me. I also posted on Lex and have a few strangers who have volunteered to help a little (mostly with the chickens).
:dog2: The dog who bites, but is otherwise pretty low maintenance, will be staying with her other family for about three or four days to prevent any bites with strangers… and at least get me past the hump of potentially being highly medicated, and not able to verbally communicate her boundaries to my guests.

Here are the items I have purchased/acquired over the last year or so for recovery:
• Pregnancy pillow
• Wedge pillow
• Recliner
• Silicone tape stuff
• A&D, bio oil, stool softeners, sterile soap.
• Zip front compression vest x2
• bidet :sweat_drops:
• long shower scrubber arm thing

Here are the items I still need to purchase/acquire for recovery:

  • ACQUIRED Grabber ( probs two for back up/ heavy duty-ISH so that I can use it to make my bed, pull the curtains, etc.)
  • RECONSIDERING THIS NEED Rolling cart to use in living area to hold meds lotion, stuff like that to roll around with me
  • FOUND A WORK AROUND (*found a different set up for the kitchen that will solve this)*Wire metal rack for the kitchen to hold the microwave & toaster oven at waist level.
  • CHANGED PLAN. IT’S SIMPLY NOT THAT HARD TO PUSH WITH MY FEET WITHOUT WHEELS Rolling plant stand flat thing to put under hamper so that I can kick-roll laundry basket around
  • ACQUIRED Big feeders and waterers for chickens. BIG
  • ACQUIRED Little whiteboard for me to track things
    • CHANGED PLAN (*the issue is that my shower is slippery, I decided a high quality nonslip mat was more worth my money & than I’ll use long term vs a shower stool)*shower stool?
    • ACQUIRED gps tag for cat. I know this one sounds a little wonky, but I’m really terrified of her slipping out the door the first few days, especially if I’m on painkillers, and I have people who aren’t as uptight as me coming in and out of the house. Honestly, this is one of my biggest worries.


I am also currently tracking a few days so I can figure out what a “regular day “looks like for me and can pinpoint all of the things I will need to take off of high shelves, etc.

In combination with what I said above, I’m creating a “right before” list- all the things I need to do right before to prepare my home.


• Fresh clean laundry not a lot of dirty laundry

• Fresh, clean dishes, not a lot of dirty dishes

• Chickens are very stocked up on water and food, and have a clean coop

• Wet and dry food is prepped and set for maple

• Later, dry food solution is set for maeby

• Water is filled for indoor pets

• Vacuum robot tub has been emptied

• Toilet and shower are clean

• Take cash out of ATM in case I need to cash pay folks for help with stuff/send ppl out for snacks etc.

• Clothes are set out for a little over one week (labeled baskets?) I HAVE ACQUIRED THESE BASKETS

• Ceiling lights are set to switches not pull down.

• Take pic of whiteboard as is, then erase and leave blank or put inspiration stuff on it (buying small whiteboard)

• All client keys are locked up in key safe.

• Furnace or AC is set how you want it & air return filter has been washed.

• Set up a living room trash can (with lid)

• Print daily + milestone checklists, (maybe put them in plastic so you can dry write on them) and hang them somewhere low in the house.
^ print two copies just in case (printer is heavy).

• Set up clothes drying rack(d) in spare bedroom so it’s ready to use.

• Freshly made bed.

• overstock all pet needs & set auto feeders.

• sad one: make a “if I don’t wake up” folder to guide folks to important documents, pet instructions, passwords, etc.

+++ I will continue to add to this list.




Thanks bud. I feel nervous about the recovery because I’m an anxious human, but otherwise so very calm and aligned. Like, yes, OBVIOUSLY this is happening. It has to. It should. It’s the natural order of things.


The shower chair is really nice, and it’s great to have one with a back instead of just a bench. I bought a “made for the shower” chair, but ended up showering at my neighbors a lot after my surgeries (their shower was more accessible) and they just used one of those very inexpensive plastic patio chairs as a shower chair, and it was way better! I underestimated how tired I would get standing in the shower even after a minute (especially medicated), and having the back was nice to lean against. I used it for far longer than I thought I would

I’m very excited for you and sending all of the post surgery healing thoughts/vibes your direction!


Oh great tip!
I’ve never had surgery before (so welcoming all the tips!) and after my recent 1st experience with anesthesia (which was bad) for a colonoscopy, I know things are going to be weird after surgery so I’m just trying to prepare as much as possible.
My house is very old and I have a cast iron tub that I know won’t fit a patio chair – I will look for a medical shower chair with a back, thank you thank you thank you!


Current concern:

When I had the leaks from my bathtub/shower fixed the plumber replaced the gaskets and faucet handles. They were extremely tight, and although they have loosened up a bit, they are still extremely tight – I currently can turn the hot water on (the gasket has loosened and now sits comfortably) just by leaning into the tub And exerting a normal amount of effort to turn a faucet on, but I have to get all the way into the bathtub to leverage my weight + use both hands to turn the cold water on, and struggle to do so sometimes.

I see this has a problem, but I don’t think I can do anything about it :grimacing:
At this point, I can’t really afford another plumber visit. Plus I don’t really think there’s anything he can do about it.

My plan for now is to have someone turn the shower on for me, leave the bathroom, I take my shower, and get out get completely dry, get completely dressed, and then have them come back in and turn the shower off. I hate this because it will be a complete waste of water, but I’m not sure what else to do.
I’m hoping if I have someone who can do this for me for the first like two weeks after that, I can handle the faucet by myself


Just got back from yoga at my local community center and MY GOD someday I’ll actually be able to do down dog without literally drowning in breast. Whenever I do yoga it’s like all I can think about, they are in the way for every single thing I’m trying to doooooo. 🫨

I realize I probably won’t be able to return to yoga at my current level for like… 2-3 years into healing (I assume. I’m a relatively slow healer).
^ @Oro may I bat signal you here for your opinion?


pliers with rubber on the ends?

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That seems like a very long projection!! I would be surprised if you had such a long recovery??
I can talk more later on a keyboard :slight_smile:
I went on a bike ride 2 weeks after surgery LOL a very gentle slow bike ride and only around the block . But still.


Pardon? Do you mean instead of the grabber tool?

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Thank you buddy!
I guess I have nothing to base it on. I’m loosely considering that I’ve been letting my third earring holes close for about 7 years now and they shill hurt (not cartilage). lol.

I have some bigger scars that don’t hurt, but they do feel the weather patterns which I don’t find painful, I find very witchy.

Hmmm. I guess I can’t predict until I do it. I just can’t imagine doing handstands again within the first year… :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I was thinking of rubber tipped pliers for the bathtub faucets, for once your helper is gone, if the taps are still tough to shift. But it probably makes more sense to see if that is something that you do need at the time vs. pre-purchasing.


My aunt had rubber tipped pliers in her bathroom for years, until they were able to replace their faucet! This may be a long term solution to the stiff taps, not necessarily just during recovery


Oh yes!!! Good idea. I’ll get some for cheap enough (harbor freight) and try them in the next week or so. Good idea!! Thx


@Star @plainjane

Is this what y’all mean?

Just wanna be sure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen/used these before :thinking:


Do you already have some pliers plus something that’s a rubber or silicon sheet (silpat, jar opener, etc)? That would probably work and would at least let you test out what size pliers you may need.


I’ll look around! :slight_smile:
To be honest, I’m kind of confused about how I will use the pliers.
Like, turning the pliers will be the same amount of effort/torque, it seems like?


the pliers make it easier to grip things, but then they also give you leverage, which should make it feel easier because they change the distance over which force is happening (Simple Machines - Levers | Let's Talk Science) . the rubber tips means you don’t damage the finish.

I can’t tell if those are good ones for this purpose, because they seem to be more for detail work, so I don’t know if the material has the strength for what you want to do, sorry.


That’s ok! I wasn’t quite sure I knew what I was looking for yet.

If I get my sump pump trench dug out before surgery I may just have the plumber look at it when he’s here to estimate my replacement drain line. He had to use these weird kinda clamp style handles since my fixtures were original (and he couldn’t readily find exact/near exact replacements that day so I could shower etc)… that may be part of it.


i wonder if thick elastic bands, like the ones that come on broccoli, wrapped tightly around each side of a set of linesmans pliers would be sufficient.