Money Saving Mindset- Group Journal

I had to break it into two batches but I don’t have the largest air fryer. Like in the oven, if you put all the pieces on top of each other they start to steam instead of bake. It’s really really excellent though.


These responses make an air fryer very tempting to me. I may consider that or a robot vacuum for Christmas this year…


Get a roomba and put an air fryer on top! Food to-go!

nothing will go wrong


DH Breakfast- Breakfast Sausage Hash Brown Frittata

My Breakfast- Shakshuka + Hot Sauce

DH Lunch- Ham Sandwiches

My Lunch- Ham Fried Rice+ Pepper and Daikon Pickles

Dinner #1- Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry + Batata Vada + peas inside w/ Tamarind Sauce + Rice

Dinner # 2- Spring Rolls (shrimp me; tofu dh + carrot broccoli slaw + mango ) + Dipping Sauce

Dinner #3- Nacho Bowl w/ Beef cooked w/ fresh jalapeno + Fresh Tomato/Red Onion + Pickled Jalapeno + Chips + Sour cream for me/cheese for dh


Okay I followed up with this with some science lol. Hopefully the photos capture it- pretty dramatic difference. I kept them near each other so same conditions and they’re from the same bunch, one in a green bag one without.

Huge visual difference but also texture- the riper one feels much softer.


So, I’m having issues with mine. I have been putting everything in them and I always make sure what I put in is 100% dry, but within a day there is condensation inside the bag and they don’t seem to really be making a difference with how long things last. I was reading amazon reviews that said if there is any moisture at all they won’t work. But I am at a loss for how to avoid moisture. Even the bananas, I put them in there and fold the end under and within a day the inside of the bag is foggy and full of condensation. This is particularly mind-boggling considering where I live - the air is super dry here!


That’s super weird, do you wash stuff before you put it in? For lettuce and greens I sometimes will add a paper towel with mine, maybe that helps? I don’t know, I’ve never had that problem.


Nope, I haven’t been washing anything. One idea I had for things like peaches was that I put in room-temperature peaches and then put them in the fridge, so there is a temp change would could cause condensation to form. But that wouldn’t be the case with the bananas. Maybe the change in temp when the sunlight is coming in on the bananas vs not?

I’m going to continue experimenting. Do you close the ends or just fold over or twist + fold over? I wish there were more instructions with the bags. I know they should be self-explanatory, but I have come up with a ton of questions that I wish were answered on the packaging.


I just fold under yeah. And yeah, we don’t really have any direct shafts of sunlight in our kitchen, and our kitchen is north facing so that’s not really a factor for us.


I baked an 11 pound ham last night.


Whipped up some bbq sauce too, the sauced pork will get eaten this week in sandwiches for dh and fried rice for me.

I froze the rest, some is for sandwiches (I write how many sandwiches worth of meat is in each sealed bag) and the rest is for soups/fried rice.


mmm I love buying a whole ham when it’s on sale and cooking/freezing it. Are you happy with your vacuum sealer? I’ve been considering buying one, but wondering if it’s worth it


I got my food saver from walmart for $89. Totally worth it.


I use my food saver a lot! If you mostly freeze things like homemade soup it’s probably not worth it, but if you bulk cook/freeze meat a lot it’s definitely worth it because it prevents freezer burn. I’ve also used it to freeze fresh veg during its peak and it’s awesome for that. I would check the weight to see if it’s going to be ok for you tho. I can only lift 5-6 pounds, so dh has to get it out for me, but it might not be heavy to you! I was laughing at a thread the other day where people were lamenting only being able to lift like 20-40 pounds, lol. So I have no idea what a lot or a little is for other people!


Thanks! I mostly want to freeze large quantities of meat, and fresh veggies too, so it seems like it would be a good purchase. I’m ok with 15-20 pounds (well, depending on the day haha) so hopefully it will be ok.

Sigh…now I have another appliance to buy haha…and I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the air fryer! This money saving mindset journal is going to be expensive for me :joy:


It’s somehow turned into the “allhat convinces people to buy appliances” thread, lol


Related, my new instant pot and the kitchen reorganisation I did is keeping us so well fed.


This pleases my strega nona heart


We just did a horrendous and huge grocery shop - but also we are eating out WAY less. Still a lot, but a lot less. So even if an $8 loaf of bread only lasts two days, its a lot less than todays $55 diner bill for lunch


This is the maths we are also doing!

I just ordered a pile of pre-made frozen italian meals and am very excited.


I failed the first time I bought stuff this month. I went to sprouts for the first time in 6 months to get snacks that we like there. When she asked if I wanted the receipt I said no, then remembered that I need it but it was already gone​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: I can make out a list of what I bought but not with prices.