Money Saving Mindset- Group Journal

I had a thing to go to an hour away but was able to carpool AND the driver has a company car so when I offered to chip in for gas I was waved off. Free travel! Also quite an impressive potluck and I cooked a contribution from stuff I already had rather than being lazy and running to the store for something premade.


Tell us more! Best dishes?


Sending husband and kid off with a bag of snacks and some chicken drumstick instead of them eating out all day


:rofl: Honestly, the best part was the large array of desserts; one of the krewe members is in culinary school for pastry. So there were apple tarts, lemon bars, homemade chocolates some of which had raspberry filling, some pies and cakes… heaven. There were more desserts than nutritious food and I totally overindulged and I’m not sorry.

As far as food with actual nutritional value, there were these southwest veggie wrap pinwheels that were really good, and Korean egg salad which I am totally going to make at home (I never thought to add soy sauce and sesame oil to egg salad but it totally worked!), homemade gooey mac and cheese… and this super strong tiki drink that I only poured myself like 2 inches of in a glass and still got plastered. I think it had 151 in it.


So the real reason you joined this krewe has finally come to light!!!


That all sounds awesome!


Whoever posted a picture of enchilada meatballs last week, thank you! That was a very popular dinner.


I fought hard against East Side Marios so we can save that meal out for better food or when I’m too done to cook.


A battle well won, sounds like.


You are welcome!! They’re so yummy!


I’m so proud of myself. As is common here, there is a not-required-but-everyone-does-it loose dress code for an event this weekend that I’m maybe 50-50 on whether we can do, because out of town guests. Specifically, I needed a red dress. I of course procrastinated and did not hit up any thrift stores to locate one, even though I’m told the thrift stores load up on them in prep for the event so I likely could’ve found something.

So I thought for like 5 minutes “well, why don’t I just go on Amazon and buy a version of a dress I already own in red?” (The dress comes in a gazillion different colors). That would’ve cost me a little less than $40.

Instead, I put out a request on Buy Nothing and someone has a brand new one that doesn’t fit them any more. Is it perfect and my style? No. Does it fit the “requirement”? Yes. Is the FREE price right, considering that I’m not even 100 percent that I can go to this thing? Also yes. Yay me!


Nice score @TrisPrior!!!

I just finished cooking for the day- I made a massive pot of beef and pork chili and a whole bunch of tofu fried rice so we should be set for like 5 seconds, lol.


On the subject of repetitive homemaking tasks: does anyone else feel like they are folding and washing loads of reusable towels almost constantly?!


YES. Makes me wonder if it’s actually better for the environment sometimes…and we try to reuse cloth dinner napkins til they’re uhhhh…gross. Lol.


Cloth napkins here too. It’s absurd how many we have and how often I still have to wash them, lol. I’ve also wondered if it’s even a net + for the environment.


Puts on Enviro Engineer hat it depends (gaaaah)

You only need a bit of electricity (or arm strength) and water to wash a reusable cloth.

Times disposable make sense:

  • If you’re in severe drought, its better to outsource the water by getting paper towels made somewhere there’s a heap of water and transporting it to you.
  • If you cant wash the reusables in a timely way and they end up getting mouldy. Thats a waste of longer term resources. This is us right now. Paper towels only.

I have more to say but out of energy.


That’s actually very helpful!


Its one where i think its really “as long as youre avoiding plastic cloths/ sponges as much as possible, you’re alright”. And “as much as possible” depends on your circumstances. The question of linens VS paper towels is a :woman_shrugging:t3: whatever works for you.

I keep 1 plastic scrubber on hand because i still don’t have a good deal for that.


Good to know! I’ve been trying to decrease plastic usage over the years and we don’t use sponges or anything like that. I swapped my plastic shower scrubbers for something fabric and washable too. The only thing I can’t find a good replacement for is ziplock bags, and food saver plastic I suppose but I don’t use that a ton.


I’m a fan of “if there’s no reasonable swap, keep on as you are, and keep an eye out every now and then.” New products out all the time!