mint is shutting down 😫

not sure if folks are talking about this elsewhere, but i am annoyed by this!


That really sucks! I’ve mostly switched over to YNAB, but I still log into my mint account at least a few times per month. I don’t use the budgeting feature anymore, but I find it much easier to calc my total income each month than trying to do it in ynab.


Good time to remind people we did a big community review of apps last year - might be time to do another.

here’s the consolidated reviews:

and the year before


it’s so annoying! i use mint to track my net worth and to double-check credit card payment imports from YNAB (which are always wrong).


I wonder why. I’ve never had any issues at all with mine.

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i have several cards from the same bank. ynab always mixes them up.

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That really sucks. We have 5 cards through Chase and I have noticed that if I look at the Chase checking account, I can’t tell which of the payments is being applied to which card (since I pay them all of on the same days each month). My work around is to look at the transactions on each of those credit cards first, and confirm them, and then they are linked correctly on the checking account side (if that makes sense).


I’m upset and angry. I hate change.

I refuse to go to personal capital whatever it’s named now. When I used personal capital, I got three different marketing calls for investing advisors within a week of signing up. Apparently, if you have a certain level of net worth, they market super heavily to you. I don’t know if they still do that, but it really put me off the whole service and I refuse now.

I’ve tried YNAB twice and it never stuck. Same with every dollar.



I’m kind of okay for Mint to die? It was becoming increasingly dysfunctional for me.

End of an era, though.


I mean. Same. I still hate it though :joy:


Fair! If it was 2 years ago I’d be sadder about it.


Have you tried Monarch or Simplifi or looked at them? Those both stood out to be as good alternatives to Mint. YNAB is really a tough sell as it’s so opinionated


I have not! I’ll go look into them. Do you know if both have android and apple apps?

@anomalily, I saw you had the Tiller logo on the video – did you look closely at that at all?

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Someone else did. The video is time stamped, 54:20 is where tiller starts

Yup both do. I would say Simplifi might be too simple and monarch will probably be closer to your needs but both are worth looking at


Nooo, I hate this…we’ve been Mint users for so long. Boo!


Monarch has android and web app so I’m pretty sure they have apple, too!

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I’m so angry about this too. A literal decade of data.

These are the two I’ve been considering since I found out. Nice to know they are approved by an expert! I’m more interested in tracking than ‘budgeting,’ not sure if that leans any which way.

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The link to download your Mint data if anyone needs it: