Meet our new moderators! πŸ‘‘

Hello, welcome to our new moderators @LadyDuck and @Greyweld. They’ll be in their roles for the next six months at least and join Head Cat in Charge @anomalily on the mod team. Both have been longtime contributors to the OMD community and have lots of ideas about how best to serve the community. They now both have shields next to their name to show they are mods!

Things the mods can do:

  • Archive and lock journals
  • Change usernames
  • Spoiler content
  • Get rid of spam
  • Grant badges
  • When needed, make decisions about content that violates the Forum Rules and Forum Guidelines - if necessary, in consultation with the rest of the mod team
  • Help with concerns about personal safety (such as needing help clearing personal information)

The best way to request mod help is to hit the flag on posts which will alert the entire moderation team. Flags are not necessarily bad or punitive (thought they can be), they can just mean β€œHELP I NEED HELP”.

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 7.45.30 AM

If you need something that is too complex to explain in a flag memo box, you can DM or bat-signal @moderators and the entire moderation team will get a notification. This helps with speed since we’re all on different schedules and in different time zones.

In the effort of transparency and expediency, please do not DM moderators individually to request mod actions.

(The exception to this is if you have a conflict with an individual moderator that requires mod action, you can DM another moderator individually, but please use the forum DMs for that.)

Especially do not contact moderators on outside channels (such as personal instagrams or SMS) to request moderator actions. Please keep requests for moderation on the forum on forum channels.

:tada: Thank you to our outgoing mod @Smacky who has served as Snackminister of Badges since 2020.

(If you are interested in being a mod, the next application window will open in the fall.)


Thank you @Greyweld and @LadyDuck for volunteering to serve this group! And thank you @Smacky for your service!


Thank you @Greyweld and @LadyDuck! May your new moderation crowns be light and sparkly.

And thank you @anomalily and @Smacky for all of your past and ongoing community work :pray:


Congratulations to new mods and thank you to all mods for your service. :two_hearts:


Hail the mods, new and old! Thank you all for doing this for our community. :heart:


Excellent choices! Congratulations and thank you for your service to this community!

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Thanks, all!

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Three cheers for all mods, past present and future! It is a hard job and we appreciate you stepping up