Love Is Blind: Season 4

Just saw that this dropped on Netflix. Only watched the trailer. Who is watching?!?!


I haven’t yet but you know I will :slight_smile:

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I’m really enjoying this season, much more than Season 3


I just started! I watch with one of my friends and she told me about it a week ago but I haven’t had a chance to start yet…just finished the first episode tonight, I’m looking forward to binging the rest this week during work :joy:


If anyone wants to watch recaps of the last season (from a therapist) I got kind of sucked into this channel:


Watching with DD – continues to be a GREAT opportunity to talk about healthy vs. toxic relationships of all sorts. Also binging a fair amount of related YouTube content on the various dramas.

One thing that is confusing to me is how high the percentage of non-Seattle people made it into the pods and into the eventual couples.

Real life origins spoilered for those who don't want to know

So far the following are all from outside Seattle:

Brett – Portland
Kwame – Portland
Marshall – Portland
Zack – Wenatchee
Micah – half time somewhere in Arizona

Why was there apparently NO discussion of the logistics of deciding on a living place in the pods? The way the edits have been going it seems like nobody thought much about the realities of one person having to relocate if the relationships continued.

One blessing of LIB: much faster pace than Married at First Sight. DD and I slept through much of the latest season of the latter because it didn’t really matter if you missed half of the show because it pretty much repeated the same issues over 20+ nearly two hour episodes.


We watched the first episode and I think this season doesn’t have an obvious asshole except for “leopard print guy” (Marmalade said he recognized him from maybe a financial real estate interview?!) who clearly doesn’t make it farther in the show. Haha I love that Marmalade is watching trash TV with me!!

Paul totally reminds me of Colby but I find him more annoying than asshole. I forget her name but there’s a Raven doppelganger. I really like Tiffany and Brett; they both seem really sweet and genuine, but then there’s the cliffhanger ending of the first episode!! :flushed:

Even if they did discuss, it’s probably not interesting enough for the first few episodes. But also I think if they’re looking for true love and find a great connection, presumably they’d figure it out during the living together phase and before “marriage”.

OK, I’m watching it now!

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I completely did not pick up that Brett and Marshall also lived in Portland???

As a Californian who spent 8 years in Seattle, I’m wondering if the producers at Netflix are all Angelenos who didn’t realize Portland and Seattle aren’t that close together?? I legitimately had friends from college who thought Seattle was only about a 6 hour drive from the Bay Area because they forgot Oregon existed.

Zack says in a later episode that he has just moved to Seattle (sometime during filming or just before).

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Spouse described him as “a mix between Cole and Joe from ‘You’”.

Brett location

As a Portlander, the fact that he works at Nike gave it away :wink:


Haha yes…When he said that I assumed he worked remote because I couldn’t believe they would base the season in Portland! It just doesn’t seem like a big enough area, which I guess it’s not if most people are actually in Seattle.

(I am not from the area like so many of you are, but I used to work for one of the other big companies in the Portland burbs and traveled there somewhat often)

Wait…do any of you know any of the people on this show?!

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rude :astonished:

I don’t remember a Colby! Any chance you mean Cole from last season?

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Haha no! I would have been screaming if I did!! :joy:

Yes, Cole! He totally reminds me of him! Minus saying all the dumb shit but somehow just as annoying.

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This season is so much more endearing so far! I feel like the casting is better. With a couple exceptions the people seem a bit more mature. Def still a few red flag people though, my red flag list is: Irina, Micah, Paul, and Zach. There are a couple cute couples I’m rooting for though! :slight_smile: Which makes me happy because I love the love!

Spoilers for episode 3

OMG how cute are Kwame and Chelsea??? Them meeting was completely adorable, I LOVED how he was like, “I can’t wait for Mexico,” and she was like “mmmhmmm” haha, these two are so into each other! I hope they make it. I love them together- they look so natural already.

Jackelina (so pretty omg) and Marshall were really cute too! I just worry a little about Marshall’s temper. I thought the way he reacted to another man being interested in Jackelina was kind of concerning.

Zach is a moron for not choosing Bliss. I loved Bliss! Good luck with Irina bro, lol, you’re both kind of terrible so cheers? She is definitely not going to like him, lol, I can guarantee he is not her type. And she won’t be nice about it. And he’s super duper sensitive to rejection so…yeah this will be good.

Oh and did anyone else almost die of second hand embarrassment when he sang that song to her? That would have made me turn him down, lol, I wouldn’t want a husband with zero self awareness :laughing: like I wouldn’t trust him to handle stuff because his judgment is wayyyy off, lol.

Episode 3

I’m not a fan of Kwame, think he’s immature. The only couple I’m rooting for is Tiffany and Brett.

Irina is awful!! And yes, when Zack sang that song to her it was sooooooo embarrassing :rofl:


I love Jackelina and Marshall and Tiffany and Brett the best…I really like Chelsea and Kwame too but something just feels a tiny bit off about them, I can’t put my finger on it

Zack and Irina are the worsttttt…they honestly remind me of Barnett and the girl whose name I can’t remember, I just felt like they were such an awkward match (although they are still married)

I definitely don’t think Irina thinks he’s attractive…I’m on episode 4 just wait until you hear more of her reaction haha