Little Women Read-A-Long

Having seen Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece adaptation of Little Women, I now crave a (re-)read of the original novel. It turns out I am not alone.

Starting March 1, let’s read about the Marches together! Come here to discuss the book, the adaptations, Louisa May Alcott, and whatever else strikes your fancy in relation to Little Women.

March 1–7: Chapters 1–12
March 8–14: Chapters 13-23 (end of Part One)
March 9–21: Chapters 24–36
March 22–28: Chapter 37–47 (end of Part Two)

A free e-book copy is available through Project Gutenberg.


How would folks like to structure the read-a-long? Hit particular chapter milestones together? Topsy turvy, you-do-you discussion? Something in between?

I am SO here for this! It has been too long since I read Little Women, I can’t wait!

I can download the e-book and email it to anyone who wants.


No idea how to structure, but I’m in!

I’m in! @Smacky I’d love the ebook, saves me from trying to get it from the library

Yes! I wanna do this!

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Pm me your email address

I will get it out of the library

My copy from @Smacky wouldn’t open without errors but I realized it’s free from Project Gutenberg if anyone else needs it!


Hi. This is me officially lurking and maybe reading.

Are we doing a schedule of chapters or is it just a “go through at your own pace throughout March”?

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I like a schedule best for Discussion, but also recognize it might not be everyone’s preference.

If we do schedule, I was thinking maybe 12 chapters (they’re short, y’all, don’t worry) a week, discussed cumulatively? So first week is roughly 1–12, second week is 1–23 ie end of Part 1 ) etc. Cumulative discussion is a little more flexible and gives people that chance to come back to something a week later.


I’m in!

I forget how the book is broken up. Would it be easy to split into 4th and do 1/4 worth of chapters per week?

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Two parts, part 1 is 1-23 and part 2 is 24-47. So, roughly 12 chapters a week.

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Thank you! I have my own copy… it’s just in a box at my parents’ house somewhere. My library doesn’t have an ebook and the physical book has, unsurprisingly, a long waiting list.

I like a schedule. I am a big fan of schedules.


Can we have a general thread suggestion to note the chapters you’re discussing at the top of post so people not there yet can skip it & come back?

I do like the idea of all being on the same general schedule.


Looks like the e-book is free with Kindle Unlimited membership.

Or this version on Kindle looks like it’s free as well, not seeing any restrictions.

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I’m in! I probably have my childhood copy somewhere but I just checked out a copy from my library - remarkably we had one on the shelf!