Job Hunting Support Group

This is my situation! I submit my time sheet to staffing corp and they deposit my paycheck, but that’s all the interaction I have with them.


I’m thinking I’ll set weekly goals for myself.

This week, I will document what I’ve been working on and accomplished in this role. I’m doing some writing to think through how to explain what I’ve been up to since 2021. I’m also starting a list of people to reach out to, which I’ll do in the coming weeks.

One thought: I wonder what my grad program’s alumni career services looks like! Worth reaching out.


I got another job app in today, and found I’d missed applying for another. Not to worry, I’ve got less business deadlines for the next few months so I can prioritise applications as openings come up.


Why love your work? It won’t, of course, love you back. It can’t. Work isn’t a thing that can love. It isn’t alive, it isn’t and won’t ever be living. And my answer is: don’t. Don’t give a fuck about your work. Give all your fucks to the living.


I applied to a job a few weeks ago and got an email about it today. The first part that popped up in the email preview was “Thank you very much for your application to join X Program. We received over 800 applications” so I could tell it was going to be a rejection. Then I opened the email and the rest of that sentence was them requesting patience as they review applications so turns out I was wrong. I’m glad it’s not an actual rejection (yet) but also a little mad at that phrasing lol


I have an HR interview on Thursday for a job that I channeled my middle aged white man energy I to applying for. I have no idea if I will get past round one but an interview is at least a start!


getting to HR interview is past round one


Agreed! I ain’t got that far yet!

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OK, looks like I’m “likely rejected” from most recent application (and they got 100+ applicants according to SEEK), no news yet on other job so probably didnt get that either.

Will look for a new set of jobs to apply to on Monday and start to work out what it would take for me to go back to a consulting job. Uuugh.


Well, I’ve just been informed via casual check in that my temporary placement with an old department to “help out” has become a situation where I’m indefinitely here and they’re tracking my time and rework rates like I’m a part of the team. This is essentially a demotion, and not even a personal one! So consider the fire under my ass LIT. I need a new job.


Feeling like I’m good at nothing and not sure where to start. Ack.


OK. It’s gonna be fine. I know how to find a new job. I’ve done it before. Putting this here for later.


:frowning: I hate this for you! New job in 2024, it’s going to be great.


They just keep giving me more reasons to go elsewhere and I keep not doing that but it is Beyond Time!!! Hate to be in this boat, glad there is good company


Well, that’s some BS.

May the job hunt go well.

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Wow. That is very bullshit.
Fingers crossed for new job asap!!


A CEO reached out on LinkedIn about an application I sent. He’s asking if I have specific Instagram experience (theme pages and shoutouts) and if I do, to film a video intro.

The job description seemed focused on other kinds of copywriting. I’ve never done that Insta stuff. My gut says something’s off.

Is it worth getting up early to film a video anyway? I’m really in need of an opportunity.


I would definitely research that person and company more before sending any sort of video.


Good call. I’ll check it out early tomorrow before making a decision. Thank you!

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I got an offer and now I’m panicking.

How decide?!?!?