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Yes! Make friends, add them, people offer easy high paying jobs. We’re nailing it.


How’s everyone going? I have 1 job I’m waiting on (they havent closed the listing so I assume they haven’t reviewed anything yet) and have 1 application in progress.

Definitely prefer the CV + cover letter simplicity of private sector. Cover letters are much faster to write now I’m on my 3rd because it has overlap of a bit of each of the previous 2 and I could do more copy & paste. Tweaked the CV yet again slightly so I wasnt repeating and mentioned a large impressive thing I did that somehow fell off in all my editing.

I have another 3 I am considering applying for, will depend purely on time since sometimes I plan to apply and the company closes them early. They look like less fun.


Great going on the CV and resume tweaks! I do find you get into a groove of applying after a bit.

Speaking of applying…I haven’t found anything I want to apply for in a minute. I should take a look at ye old posting sites


I am so incredibly excited to have found this thread!
I am so lucky and privileged to currently have both full-time employment and part-time employment with incredible benefits at the full time. I even recently received a raise.
However, I am incredibly incredibly discontent with my current full-time job - It’s not the right industry for me, it’s not the right fit for me, and I feel unfulfilled, underutilized, bored, trapped, and overall unhappy there.
We were somewhat recently acquired by a larger company, about 7-8 months ago.
At that time, as a precaution, I started applying to positions and interviewing… thinking I’d find something with relative ease.

Here I am, over 1300 individual applications and over 50 interviews, about five which got to final rounds, and I have only received one offer, which was absolutely atrocious & I couldn’t accept.

I’m excited to follow everyone’s tips and tricks and ideas! :tada::heart_hands::mechanical_arm:


Hello, it me

:astonished: that application number is astounding


I agree. I keep checking it to be sure I’m not exaggerating and yep, it’s true. Adjusted cover letter for each of them too :sleepy: it’s exhausting.

I’m currently on a search break after making it to the top of a very time consuming five-round interview process and being the one not selected.
My little brain and ego needed a break- but re-entering the search here soon.


The past three weeks I’ve done 2 hours of OT for my employer. Starting next week I can’t do any more til March, but I think I want to set aside that time for job hunting instead!


Following … I’ve updated my resume recently but haven’t updated my LinkedIn yet.

I like my job and don’t want to find a different one, but rumors are that layoffs may be announced next week, so I feel like I need to be prepared. We heard from management that there will be layoffs, but magnitude and timeframe we’re learning from Reddit :woman_facepalming:t2: so who knows?

I’ve been casually browsing LinkedIn for job openings, and all the jobs in my field are being advertised as 100% in-person. Not cool.


Omg noooo


That sounds bad, even if you don’t end up in the layoff group :flushed:

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Oh jeeeeez that’s rough

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Posting to follow. I am looking for my first “real” job as a public school teacher. My endorsement is secondary language arts. For now I’m subbing.

I just came off of a whole long stretch of student teaching, which is unpaid (a giant racket) plus having a baby in there too. So I’m hoping that soon I will have an income that I can actually use for, you know, budgeting. Sometimes it feels funny lurking on budgeting forums when I don’t myself have an income. :sweat_smile:

(I do have a spouse who supports us. Which is very real. But we can’t be a one-income household for much longer.)


Hi!! You are a lurker no longer. Congrats on the baby and finishing student teaching!


Good luck! I have a pretty minimal (ah, negative) income and our household money is brought in by my husband but I’m the household finance manager, so really dont sweat it! However your family does it, as long as it works for you. You’ve just finished an important piece of study… And had a baby, which normally takes up someone in the household’s time!


I’m ready to transition from thinking about job hunting to actually job hunting!

Resume question. I have spent almost two years as a temp at a biotech company. I initially connected with someone at the biotech company, they put me in touch with the temp agency they use, and I was hired. It’s not a staffing agency, so they wouldn’t find me another job if I left this one.

How do you show this on a resume? My thought is something like this, please pretend this is formatted better?

ABC Staffing
HR Specialist, 5/22-Present
-Achieved bla bla as a temporary employee at Theranos by bla bla

Or something else?


I should think that the temp agency is… merely logistics/paperwork, but where you actually did the work is important to a resume reader.

That being said, at least currently on LinkedIn, I list my most recent full-time staffing position under my employer. e.g.

ABC Software Agency
Senior Developer, 6/2019 - Present

3/2021 - 5/2023 Impressively Named Client

  • achieved bla bla, and even blah blah blah.

So basically your example. But in your case the temp agency was 100% at the place you worked.

So I have a previous position where I was 1099 paid by a staffing company; then later hired full-time. I just omit the staffing part entirely. (I was 1099 from 9/2017 through 12/2018, then full-time starting that January.)

DEF High Tech Stuff
9/2017 - 6/2019

  • achieved more than you can imagine


Do you need to include the staffing company at all? Can you just list the actual job you had, and go into it in more detail if anyone asks?


I’d do

Theranos (contract role)
HR Specialist 5/22-present

Especially since you got the role yourself, the temp agency just took care of paperwork, not placement.


I put mine like:
XXY - Senior scientist
[contractor program name] at Big Pharma

Which is silly, because I had 1 meeting/month with my XXY manager and never even visited their site, but they were VERY insistent that I didn’t work for Big Pharma so that I wouldn’t fall under co-employment laws. Also my title at XXY was inflated compared to Big Pharma.


I’ve treated contract work like that as well:

Job title, Staffing Company at Tech Mega Corp

And it was also the “I was hired completely through the Tech Mega Corp and the Staffing Company did diddly, but Tech Mega Corp made it VERY clear I did not work for them despite, you know, working for them.”