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I’m Laura, I have been listening for Oh My Dollar for probably 2 years now. I’m single, early thirties, living in Portland, Or. I own a wonderful little house that I love, but has a big mortgage. Friend who has been renting a room in my place is about to move out and I am going to try to make it without a renter for awhile. I’ve got to tighten um my frugal game if I’m gonna make it work.


Hey fellow portlander! :slight_smile: and welcome. Yeah, a mortgage around here tends to be big! We moved back recently and have been renting, I’m gun shy!

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Fellow early 30s Portlander with a mortgage! Best of luck with the no-roommate life.


I’m JJ.
I’m here mostly from the MMM forums, and the Podcast.
I’m a recovering over-optimizer who was making myself very very miserable for a very very long time trying to “keep up” (catch up?) with higher income folks and constantly comparing. Comparison really is the thief of joy.

I worked 7 days per week for years and year, took only a few days off per year, and by most standards have still been considered ‘low income’.
All done with that.
I’ve dropped down to two jobs, about 40 hours per week, focusing the most on my small business (which is one of the two jobs) and getting it safely off the ground.
It’s a dog walking business and many people don’t consider it a “real job” (:::eyerolls:::) but it’s inching toward providing 50% of my income, and when it gets closer to 75% I’ll jump ship.

I grew up in poverty and it shapes my views more than I’d like it to (hellooooo excessively large EF in cash), but I’m growing a lot this year as I learn to relax more, search for a more meaningful life, and downshift my already ‘low income’ to support a life that’s not always optimized, but makes me smile more.

Glad to be here, thanks for having me y’all!




Hi, I’m Wild Botanist (Lichen over at the MMM forums, Jen in real life). It’s lovely to see so many familiar faces as well as potential new friends!

I’m in a non-traditional marriage and we are building a non-traditional life. I live with my full time artist spouse, Morrigan, and two teen boys in the often forgotten half of WA. I’m in my 40s and in college when traditionally I should be emptying the nest, but nothing can stop me!

Mo is a freelance artist and I mainly bring in sweet, sweet grant and scholarship funds with a bit of freelance editing income sprinkled on top. We’re just under the poverty line but going strong. We’re working at selling off our current home, pulling up roots, and traveling over the Cascades for me to finish school (Mo can work from anywhere). After school, the goal is to find a home base + a home on wheels, and spend 6 months of the year as a traveling artist & field biologist (we go where I find seasonal employment), and 6 months in semi retirement on the OlyPen. That should take us into our late 50s, 60s or even beyond, where we will have hopefully arranged for a full but minimal-income-necessary lifestyle, just in case we decide/have to retire completely.


Hi! Your life sounds wonderful!

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When you are moving to b’ham let me know – my phd advisor has retired up there and I’m sure he’d love to meet you. He’s an anthropologist but in recent years has developed a strong environmental bent. He also is a major hiker.

I also have another friend from grad school who is on the faculty there, if you want to meet more people.

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Hiya! I’m from the sagebrush side of WA and moved to Minnesota from Bellingham :slight_smile:


Hi there ! I am Caribee :blush:
Long time reader of the MMM forum but too intimidated - by the huge crowd - to post. This new forum seems like a great opportunity to finally start to talk :ok_hand:t5:

I live in Paris, France. Grew up in Guadeloupe (in the caribean).

I am an entrepreneur (left my corporate job almost 5 years ago).

For me its more about living a great live (and not fall in the trap of needing more and more money to be happy) than it is about FIRE.

I loove a good life : i am an hedonist :woman_shrugging:t5:

Good food, good work, good play, nature, art, good sex… you get the gist. I am just in love with life ! :slight_smile:

What else ? Oh I just turned 30 (This is very exciting) and I have been happily in love for 13 years.

So glad to be here ! :blush:


Hi @JanetJackson
That’s lovely !

As somesone who grew up in poverty myself I hear you.

Funnily enough I worked so hard on my insecurities around money and my compulsive need to pile it up that for a while I when fully to the other side (living without a safety net at all !)

I’m currently working on rebalancing it all but I am soo glad I did this work.

Its freeing.


:slight_smile: Yay, hello!


Hi all,

I’m Frank and am known as “Exflyboy” on the MMM forum. I’m retired and live in Corvallis Or. OMD was recommended to me this weekend so I thought I’d swing by.

I emigrated to the US in '96 to work as a systems engineer for HP. I started saving all I could and retired from HP in 2012, then worked for Intel in Hillsboro for 19 months to get a major project up and running. So Jan 2014 I was done with grown up jobs…:slight_smile:

We have an elderly horse on our farmette, a rambunctious cat that adopted me as he was wandering through my yard one day as a kitten and a couple of rentals next door to our house.

I built two airplanes since I moved to the US and sold the last one in 2013 as the $$ were much better off in my retirement accounts.

I do my best to help folks with saving/investing and always show up at their house in my 1999 Dodge Neon that I paid $350 for… To make the point…:wink:

I look forward to meeting more like minded people locally.


Hi, Frank!

I know more than a couple people (old college buddies in Idaho) that retired after working for HP. Good on ya!

Dodge Neons have a very special place in my heart. They had a brilliant advertising campaign when they first debuted, and my years long socially awkward party-conversation-starter about it led to my son’s dad buying (i.e. negotiating a wickedly good deal) for me as a total surprise one day when our beloved '79 Chevy Malibu station wagon started rusting out everywhere in the salt flats of Minnesota roads. :slight_smile:


Yay you made it over! Welcome welcome.


I did!.. Thankyou for the recommendation… I like the (less in your face) vibe here…:slight_smile:


Ahh yes… I am very fond of Dodge Neons… This is my second one which I rebuilt (engine, manual transmission, painted the front half of the car…) I learned to paint my airplane so now I can paint cars to showroom condition too.

I rebuilt the car in order to travel to my job in Hillsboro from Corvallis which was 80 miles one way. Now I don’t have the job but still have the car. My problem is is I now effectively have a car with 30,000 miles on it but almost never drive it because well… we’re retired and drive our newer Chevvy Cruze almost exclusively.

So one day I really should sell the Neon (twin cam sport model, 2 door). But its so CUTE and of course I spent a lot of time rebuilding it. Its also virtually zero cost to keep it.

I’m conflicted what can I say?..:slight_smile:


Hi fr(ankh)! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the details of your work past before. So I learned something new.

It’s hard to get rid of something you’ve put a lot of time and work into. You will know when it’s time to pass the Neon to another.



I’m excited to learn more about your animals.



Well the horse is 30 years old and not ride-able anymore. DW is quite the horse woman and I had bought this horse property before I met her… So it worked out…:slight_smile:

The cat is named “Derek”… Short for Derek Zoolander ad he literally works it baby… He is the cutest cat but you point a camera at him and he does “The look”…:slight_smile: