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I’ve been posting here for a while but forgot to post in this thread. I’m David, posted for a long time on the MMM forums and still post there occasionally. I changed my screen name approximately 6,000 times but my original one was thegoblinchief.

For people who have read @anomalily book, the cartoon version of me holding rabbits is on one of the pages.

I am a stay at home dad with a hobby urban farm but spend most of my time homeschooling my kids. This year they’re attending an online virtual school which has lessened my workload a little but forced us to all get used to deadlines, which has required some adjusting.

Most of our yard is in garden space. We also raise chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat.


I’ve also been posting here for a few days, and didn’t see this thread! I mostly read, and sometimes posted on MMM forums, but recently learned about this community, so thought I would hop over and join. I love everything I’ve been reading here so far, and feel like this community is more aligned with my life. I live in rural Colorado, in a tiny little town in a valley surrounded by mountains. I work at a bike shop as the buyer, but also do a lot of work on the retail side of things as well. I have my own little dog sitting business on the side, which has grown substantially over the past few years and has been hugely helpful in growing my income.

Last year I dealt with some big health problems (injury related) and after lots of PT, injections, etc ended up having two big surgeries within 2 months of each other. This was super expensive and painful, but I am so grateful for the frugal concepts I have been learning over the past few years and was able to pay off the $10k of medical bills in less than a year. It was a tough year not only financially, but also because I was torn away from the hobbies I love (mountain biking, hiking, skiing) and had a bit of a crisis of identity. I grew a lot over the year though, learned to love myself outside of my abilities as an athlete, and feel stronger as a person, even without my soul filling mountain bike adventures.

Anyway, I should really get my own journal instead of rambling on here…but this year I’m looking forward to finding a bit of my athletic side again (if PT says ok), building my savings back up, and hopefully making a move to the desert in Arizona, to escape from the cold winters. I so dearly love Colorado, but I think I need a bit of a break from the cold, and also searching for a place that is not such a HCOL so I can put some roots down for a while.


I’m mialao. I’ve been mostly lurking over at the MMM Forum and found my way over here.

I am from Germany, so I apologize in advance for using weird expressions or not getting the US measures with feet and ounces, let alone degrees Fahrenheit. Can’t wrap my head around that.

I’d love to get more active in conversations as I like the croud here lots. And to share pics of the two felines that kindly share their habitation space with me.


Lots of non-US people here and I think one other German, you will be joined in confusion at our archaic an illogical measurement system.



Hello everyone. It feels great to be here.


Hi, I’ve also been lurking over at MMM and found my way over here and love the vibe of the conversations I’ve been reading, if that makes sense. I’ve been living in Australia for many years, originally from New Zealand. I retired a couple of years ago - not early retirement by any means - I worked in IT for a long time. I discover the world of FIRE just before retirement! I live with my husband, two adult children and our dog.


Welcome, there are a few Aussies around. We tend to have the run of the place while the Americans sleep.


Welcome @Yarrakiwi ! We have badges in these parts and special nationality/location badges- would you like an Aussie or Kiwi badge to welcome you in?

Glad to have you!

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Thank you for the welcome and yay - badges!

Thats actually a tough question for me :grinning:. Without wanting to be disloyal to Australia. I think I’d like a NZ badge - in solidarity with NZ given the recent terrible events in Christchurch and the (mostly) great response from NZ’ers


Hello, I’m Kenner, courtesy of a random name generator on another platform some number of years ago. Currently sharing a condo with a cat in a mid-size, medium COL city in northern Colorado and getting paid by a megacorp to make sure 1s and 0s cooperate (computer/electrical engineering).

When I’m not working I do STEM outreach and volunteer with people coming out of extreme poverty/homelessness (for which I appreciate this site—I came over from MMM, but it would never be appropriate for me to suggest any site that advertises ‘facepunches’ even if someone is looking for financial advice/community). In my spare time I read, do a couple different forms of 3D art, and enjoy flinging myself down mountains attached to a variety of devices. No partner and no desire to have one except that it sometimes gets annoying to be the odd numbered wheel.

As of now I’m fortunate enough to have a job that I both like and that makes meeting current needs/wants fairly easy, but being at a mini site of a megacorp always carries the threat of restructuring and personnel transfers to larger sites. Since I have no interest in relocating to the Bay area, my goal is to get myself set up to stay where I am regardless of future employment status. By my calculations I could manage now if I trimmed my budget, but I’ve got about two more years before I’m where I’d really like to be.

Obligatory cat picture as cat attempts to headbutt computer out of the way:


Hi @kenner! That there is a good cat. Welcome!

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I very much hope you’ll make the visit to the “Share your pets” thread often with that little pink nosed beauty! Welcome!

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Saw sweet kitty. Welcome


Welcome! Bless you for sharing that cat picture :heart_eyes_cat:


I’ve been mostly lurking over at MMM, first without an account for years and more recently under the same username (she/her). I found out about OMD through the MMM forums and appreciate the less judgmental vibe here. I also read the Billfold for a few years but gave up when they switched to Medium.

My household consists of husband, Adult Cat, and three kittens.

Hobbies include running, knitting, reading, thrifting and hammocking. Except now that we have three kittens my new hobby is mostly pulling kittens down from the curtains. I was thinking about starting a journal to track house stuff since I recently became a first time homeowner but realistically it would mostly be pictures of my cats.


Hi kittens!!!


Hello! I, uh, forgot to introduce myself! I am letired! I’m also an MMM forum person! I live in central texas with a roommate, my cat with sort of expensive heart problems, and almost but not enough plants. I’m pursuing FIRE via a career transition a few years ago from ecology into software engineering, which I am almost continually surprise to find is somehow working out. I like plants, gardening, fostering pregnant cats (tho not right now), too many projects, trying every craft, Too Online internet/tumblr memes, and killing those $5 grocery store orchids. I’m also fannish, but, uh, it feels weird to cross the internet streams quite that much.

Plz enjoy this baby:


If you’re fannish, check out the multifandom fanfic rec thread. :wink:

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Welcome, letired and daffodil2001!


I know that cat! And that bedspread!