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I am sadly not an American expat (although we tried to become Van Isle Canadian expats then found ourselves in Midwest US instead).

I’m very interested in learning more about you and your day to day! Congrats on your engagement and wedding planning. I love getting to know folks with diverse cultural/national backgrounds and planning a wedding/making schooling decision is a lot to do this year. You got this!


Thanks!! I should clarify these are all my friends fancy weddings - I’m not there yet. Though I AM planning a 5 day bachelorette trip to Israel* with 12 guests soooo… I don’t imagine planning a wedding could be more of a headache! Maybe I will write a guide one day!

(*destination and length were not my idea)


That’s what I get for not reading closely :grin:


Introducing myself!

I’m delicious. I got into PF after I graduated grad school with a gigantic amount of student loans. After looking at my options, I found that income-based repayment would be beneficial to me, so until the reckoning of my loans being forgiven (or never forgiven?) in either 10 or 20 years (tax bill) , I put every extra dollar into other investments and savings. I put most of my take-home in retirement and have a side stream of income from an investment property I purchased while my loans were in forbearance that is going into a rainy day fund to expand and remodel our home once we have our third child. The future forever home is our financial goal and our biggest expense is childcare.

I recognize my privilege, but I also recognize that I’m a hard-working mom struggling to get to work every day on time at my public interest job while spending time each day supporting a local non-profit that helps other moms and infants in need.


I am Shadowmoss, here and on pretty much every other platform on the internet as I can’t keep track of multiple names. I am 64, retired (lean) and live in my Class A motor home in AZ. I live in the Phoenix metro area down in the Valley in the winter, and move up to a cooler small town in summer. I will make that move the last week of this month (March).

I came over from the MMM forums. I may start a journal here. I did not over at MMM. I have a blog and that is a lot to keep up already. I knit, and I will post pictures of my current sweater project at some point. I have a cat named Bosley who has settled into the RV live fairly well, although he hates it when his home moves down the road.

I see some familiar names here. Looking forward to getting involved in conversations


Ahoy! My name is Jason and I live in Providence. You can call me jmac if you want. I am a full-time freelance software engineer, a digital arts nonprofit co-founder, a blogger, and a coffee snob. I enjoy being interested in money and its applications without being a jerk about it. (Lately, I’ve been particularly interested in smart-but-super-lazy long-term savings via investments.) My personal website is at

I found this forum a little obliquely; I have followed the host’s personal blog for a while via the IndieWeb community, which is extremely neither here nor there. In her most recent post she mentioned starting this forum in order to replace the dearly departed Billfold, and I was immediately intrigued – even though I’d never visited Billfold. For you see, friends, I was working on my taxes that very same day, and various things about my finances I discovered did weigh heavy upon me. The serendipitous discovery of a friendly new community for discussing this sort of thing seemed worth investigating further.

So, hello.


Hello @jmac! :smiley: Welcome!


Hello, everyone! I’m Crow. I should find a picture of a crow to pop in here.

I’ve never had a budget, but I track money inflows and outflows almost obsessively. I like pretty charts and graphs, but I’m still learning how to make them so.

I’m early-retired. While I enjoy gardening, crocheting, and spending time on/in the water, the reality is I spend most of my time on my couch.


Whoa! Yet another of us WNYers.


Hellooo, I’m Greyweld (she/her), MMM migrant, bi lady, software engineer, formerly interested in getting to FIRE as fast as humanly possible and lately more interested in building up a bunch of money and then coasting on part-time while training for a new career.

Engaged to Greyman, who I’ve been dating since high school and living with since college.

Woefully no furry friends. This will eventually change, but between my job, Greyman’s job, and full evenings of rock climbing, d&d, and board games with friends, I think they would be lonely.


Hi I’m CalBal, another MMM refugee. The cranky forum over there drives me nuts (I could neither read nor post yesterday, AT ALL), and I have been meaning to migrate over here for a while. Also, I miss my friends from over there who have mostly moved over here. :wink:

I’m early 40s (Gen X) single gal (now) with a super senior Doggo and two kittens who are no longer kittens but I still call them kittens (and will probably forever). I found MMM about a year and a half ago. I have always been pretty thrifty with money, although perhaps as not as much as I could have been (if I have found MMM a few years earlier I would be done now!) I am currently on “sabbatical” from my super stressful job, and although they think it is only a leave of absence I am almost certainly not going back. Problem is, I am not FIRE yet, maybe Barista FIRE though. I have a lot of guilt about that because I was making Good Money (really) for what I do and I’ll likely never find that again. The other problem is that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. :stuck_out_tongue: I live in the intermountain west US in a MCOL area (ish), though the specific area I live in is more HCOL than MCOL in terms of real estate. This is both good and bad, as I own a cute almost-100-year-old house in a good area. I am considering moving Back East to be closer to the rest of my immediate family (maybe TN or NC, but in a liberal area or college town, and also I am not from the south though family lives there now so I don’t know…) Problem is that I don’t think Doggo would survive the stress of such a move. So in the meantime I wait, and complain about various things, and wish someone would make some decisions for me because being an adult is hard and I don’t wanna.

I mostly post about food and gardening and my furry children and occasional DIYs in between the complaining, anxiety, and existential angst.



You are one of the people I was hoping would also pop up over here. :3


Hi! I mainly lurked on the MMM forums but decided to follow my fellow Aussies over here. It looks nicer here so I’m going to try to comment and get involved a bit more. I work in science for the government so while my paycheck is not amazing, it allows me quite a good work life balance, letting me pursue my hobbies such as roller derby, cycling, eating and reading, maybe not in that order. I live in Australia with my DH and a newly adopted kitty who has already stolen our hearts. I’m definitely here for all the cat pics. :heart_eyes_cat:


Welcome! There are a non-insignificant # of roller derby peeps over in these parts! Also, according to google analytics, 10% of our page views come from Australia.


Also see: my recent observation that this forum skews queer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I’m Asher. I found the podcast through it’s theme song by @aaronpk since he is involved in the Indieweb community and I went to the summit here in Los Angeles a few years ago now.

I am a recent college grad and just got my first big job (hired last Friday). Which is a sort of windfall, so I’m trying to get my financial systems and priorities together to make things easier in the future! (mid-20s, single, bi, enby)


Umm, that is awesome. I love to know that someone found us through Aaron’s theme song.

There’s at least 2 other indieweb folx here! I won’t tag them in case they want to stay under the radar. But we’re so happy to have you @asher !


Congratulations! And what a wonderful time to dig down into the personal finance stuff. :+1:


This forum might be almost as queer as my tumblr dash, and that, my friend, is saying sumthin.


:rainbow: :heart: :rainbow: