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IMO some people just love to complain, about everything, no matter what, LOL. Negativity is easy! I think any place will have pros and cons :slight_smile: but Austin does seem to have a lot of what you want!

ETA: meant to respond to you @TrisPrior still getting the hang of this forum.


I should start a new thread about this so I do not hijack the introduction thread with “where should Tris live?” blatherings!


Yasss do that!


I’m from WNY too! I will be moving to the home of the garbage plate :). I grew up in a small town about 45 minutes away from there but that city is where I went to school and where all my friends lived. I know it but I don’t know it completely; it’s a nice mix.


Is the garbage plate like the junk pile in Toronto?


… I also grew up near the home of the garbage plate, maybe an hour away. HOW INTERESTING.


I’m LifeHappens. Tiptoe-ing in here to keep up with some of my favorite Internet Strangers.

I currently live in America’s Insane Asylum (aka Florida) where I am self-employed in a nonprofit-adjacent role. I spend way too much money on eating out and my very spendy boat.


I lived in Toronto for 3 years and never heard that expression! So I can’t safely say…




Reference to a place in Brantford.

We went at the end of Camp Mustache Canada 2017. I guess it left an impression!



Reviewer: “It may look like you’ll get a disease just from walking in the door, but the food is amazing.”


I don’t feel like the place was that scuzzy, nor the food that transcendent. But that descriptor amused me greatly. :joy:


Is that how you felt getting Ethiopian in that hookah lounge last summer?


Pretty much. The cigarette burns through holographic placemats was a good touch and I still love the wallpaper on the ceiling tiles in the wrong half of that place. :joy:


I’m Hadilly (she/her), bouncing over from MMM.

Married, 3 youngish kids, work part time for money and full time running house/kids/money. I like doing ceramics, barre classes, riding my bike, going to the beach, cooking, reading (fanfic trash here!), and am currently working on making a non-flat loaf of sourdough bread. I have lots of thoughts about clothing, recipes, class privilege, the environment, child raising, living in a HCOL place, and stuff like that.


I’m Meowmalade, finally over here from the MMM forums where I’ve been missing all my friends! I live in Portland, OR and I’m married to a lovely guy whom I refer to as Marmalade, and we have two adorable cats. For the last 4 years or so I was really focused on a goal of FIRE, but now that I’m dealing with a lot of health issues, my goal is to get healthier, cut back on work, and continue doing the things I love (mostly going to tons of theater).

I think I’ll start a journal here when I go to 80% work on April 1st. It seems like a great place to start over, and getting one day off a week where I don’t have to think about work at all is a pretty big life change :slight_smile:


Hell. Yes.
Now that I’ve done it, I’m so hooked. Excited for you to join the land of the part-timers. It’s freaking wonderful.


@Oro, thanks! I can’t wait :slight_smile:




Hi! I’m Aladdin, a former billfold lurker. I’m a 25 year old European living in a very expensive Asian city with an American boyfriend, we are both corporate drones and I have a part-time job as a language teacher.

I have just started to take my finances seriously around a year ago and I’m making pretty ok progress in terms of budgeting and saving $$$.

My goals are:
1 - like CheeseCat, I have a lot of wedding and wedding-adjacent events coming up this year, all of them overseas. I want to keep my expenses within the budget I set for it.
2 - I want to go to grad school. My work was going to pay for it initially but now it’s sort of up in the air. I’ve been putting off grad school for so long (in my country, you go straight after undergrad) I’ve decided to go for it, even if they don’t pay for it. So, figuring out how to pay for it, and having a schedule for paying it back is on my to-do list.
3 - I want to figure out international retirement stuff. I recently realised I’m paying 30% AMERICAN WITHHOLDING TAXES on dividends bc I’m invested in US-based Vanguard funds EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT AN AMERICAN TAX RESIDENT. Any non-American expats who have this stuff figured out, I would love to hear from you.

PS: I love your dog @PDM