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Hi! ThreeofWands here. Mid-30s queer cis woman living in Scotland. I started thinking seriously about personal finance via the Billfold, but a few years later I’m…still kind of a financial clusterfuck?

Next week, my wife is headed off to a writing residency for a month leaving me in charge of the budget - I’ve managed to let her do most of the financial heavy lifting for the past few years, and that’s not good for anyone so I’m using this as my time to re-set. Gulp.


We’re here to help and support you!


Hello! I am scuba, over here via MMM land. I am starting a new chapter of my life overseas this year as an expat, employed by the USG. And I got married this past summer, and am expecting my first child this coming summer! So lots of changes at once. My husband and I don’t combine finances since we got married later in life, but since he moved over here with me for my job (and has no plans to work - which is great since he’s better at household management) I am now paying for our joint household expenses: groceries, restaurants when we go out together, cleaning supplies, vacations, soon to be baby stuff, etc. So I’m still adjusting to that aspect, but we now have free rent so it more than balances out I think. Soon I should be able to get a feel for our normal monthly budget now that I think most of the normal “moving” expenses have passed. Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll be able to save enough here that if I want, I could have the option to FIRE after the next ~3 years here… we shall see!


Oh and I meant to add, though I don’t eat either anymore my favorite way to eat cottage cheese was on top of fried chicken wings! Something about that combo worked so well… Runner up was scooped with Fritos. :slight_smile:


Yummmm would so try that combo


Hi, I’m Qristy (she/her), a longtime OMD listener. After decades of being completely broke I (a) lost my spouse and (b) snuck my way into a tech career. So my main concerns are about reestablishing frugal habits as a single rich person, using my money responsibly (I feel strongly about supporting artists and the local community), and “oh shit I have to learn what investing is don’t I”

Thank you thank you thank you for having forums instead of a Facebook group.


Oh honey, there was no chance. I personally hate them so much <3

Welcome to the boards I’m glad you’re here! Any investing questions you have, I’d love to hear them, and I’m excited to see how your support of artists and your community works into your budget!


Hello, I’m Jack, and I’m Able. Wait, it’s true! I have a certificate from the U.S. Government stating I am able. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

I like reading about money. I’m a bit shite at frugality, but I’m pretty good at living below my means. I like my wife. Charity is important to me. Beyond that, I’m just trying to figure life out.


Hi friend!!! You looked like a familiar friend so I tried to figure out why and how. And I found this, which I present for your amusement:


Hi, I’m Smacky. I’m on the MMM forum but I use a different name there so none of you will ever guess who I am.

I like dogs.

That’s all there is to say about me.


I have precisely zero guess who you are :sweat_smile:


Welcome jack! I’m glad you like your wife. That seems like an oddly rare trait.


Hi. I am Gilly a dog owning, vegetarian, married millennial who vaguely resents how much i fit the stereotype. I have found my way of from the mmm forums. I read a lot of the journals over there but mostly only respond in my head since they are so fast moving. I eat my cottage cheese on salad with a smidgen of Italian dressing mixed in.


Me either. Who could you possibly be??! :thinking: I may never know. Perhaps your love of dogs is a clue… Or a red herring… Or a sushi burrito…


I’m definitely not a race horse. Though, at a 33% rating, I’d say Jack be not able or quick.


I would guess with 90% certainty who @Able_Jack is. I will not abuse admin powers to confirm but I want to.


We will give you a “not creepin even though I could” badge :laughing:


And now I’ve guessed too. Thanks for the hint XD


Hallo! I’m diapasoun, meandering on over from MMM to say hi over here. :slight_smile: I’m an older Millennial (early 30s), working in a weird sort of tech-adjacent space and living in coastal California in a big rambling old Victorian I share with five other people. I was not a regular reader of The Billfold, but always loved the articles I came across from there, and I’m sad to hear it’s closing.


I’m pretty competitive, and I’ve noticed the The New User of the Month award thingbober. Can you list the exact criteria for earning this badge?

I cannot comment on the exactitude of your 90% confidence interval.