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Hiya! I’m with you regarding facebook groups. I was on a forum that moved over and I could never make peace with the non-chronological order and having to just scroll and scroll!

I’m very interested in learning more about your money story! I also am single but not yet rich :slight_smile: and supporting my local scene (neighborhood, music, biking, art, diversity) is a huge part of my budget.


I decided this forum is my hang out all my laundry place so I gotta admit I’m thankful I am the opposite of competitive because Able_Jack intimidates the shite outta me. In the way the sun intimidates the shite outta me.


This is exciting!! I personally didn’t master my finances until I had a realization it was up to only me. I think a month is perfect to get your feet wet – there’s not too much damage that can be done in that time, but it’s long enough to really start to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.


I will vote for you for TNUotM if you manage to pull off The Story within your first 30 days.


No exact criteria. The mods (of which there is one) vote on a new user who has made great contributions in their first month.


I told a story about reproductive material in cleavage and encouraged Elle to identify herself as whiskey tits. I think I win.


Hi, everyone, this is Hayley J! I found Lillian through her work with my friend Lucy Bellwood, & stayed for the cats & finances :sparkling_heart:

I’m in my tenth year as a sole prop soap maker, selling almost exclusively online (first Etsy, now my own website). I dropped out of college back in 1992 & have charmed my way through several types of employment, but mainly food service & customer accounts/IT support until I started making soap, & making loads of money has never been my forte. I’ve been fortunate in being able to live pretty cheaply while still maintaining some level of adult swagger, but have a stale IRA rolled over from my one 401k supplying job & pretty much no savings, so it feels like a hollow triumph most days. My husband is a financial rock star, so I haven’t needed to stress about things, but last year I got fed up with being broke twice a year like clockwork & have resolved to change how I manage things. Lillian’s book was an awesome place to start, & I am so grateful for her knowledge & support :sparkling_heart:


Former Billfold reader/ comment lurker. I thought I might try posting for a change.

I am a recently married lady living in the south with regretfully only one cat.
I have been working an underpaid job since graduating college almost five years ago. The job has good benefits and great work/life balance, so I have not been job searching as diligently as I feel I should. I am able to meet my expenses, but not save as much as I would like.

This year will mostly about balancing a few goals. I have several weddings and wedding adjacent events to attend this year that will be $$. We also are trying to fix up our current home to rent out and buy a second home. Between us, we have a pretty good down payment; but I am worried about keeping a large enough emergency fund $ since two houses mean double the things that can break.


Hi!!! I hope the expenses work so that you can get more cats!


The limit on cats mostly comes from my husband and places to put litter boxes. He is generally a nice man, but doesn’t like cats as much as I do.

Should also be known that he is the cat’s favorite person, because life is just like that sometimes.


Can you make up for it with more cheese?


Yes! I have been enjoying costco cheese lately. Luckily, the husband is supportive of my cheese habit.


I’m glad he’s at least half right. Sorry he’s wrong about cats, though.
Edit: despite liking cheese, it doesn’t like me, so I don’t often partake. BUT I can appreciate its delicious existence.


Wow, you are to cheese what I am to cats!


Hi all, I’m rocklobster. I started with Jcollinsnh, found MMM in February 2013 through the comments section, and never looked back. I didn’t know the Billfold well except for a few articles, but it sounds like it was a great place, and Im hopeful that OMD can fill the void. I’m currently on unpaid maternity leave with my first kid, and thinking about moving, going back to work (in a new position), and getting my husband a new job. So there’s a lot going on, and like a few of you upthread, I keep a large ish cash buffer. I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you as we go along!


Hi, I’m Freckles from the MMM forum. I live in Portland-ish with my two cute kids and my husband and that adorable dog you see next to my name. I am not so great with money, I work full time as a teacher, and I love sweets too much. I’m pretty good at making them as well as eating them, which is both a feature and a bug. I actually have no idea what the Billfold is (or was?) but hey to those people! Nice to meet you!


Made my way here from the MMM forums under the same name. I live Very Far North Canada, make a very medium amount of money for sitting at a desk all day. I do lots of art/craft things or outdoor things when free energy conflates with free time, and read and stare at my plants when the first part of the equation is lacking. I have my spending/saving locked down pretty well and just moved to the bestest new tiny apartment.


Howdy! I’m rdaneel0, a happy defector from the MMM forum. I live in NYC with my husband and cat but we will be relocating soon, hopefully somewhere warm! I’m adaptive (nicer way of saying I have a physical disability) but still work part-time from home! Husband works full time and is generally the best human being ever. We both enjoy lots of weird hobbies and interests. I’m here for the journals, building wealth, and making friends. I also cook, like a lot.


Are you leaving MMM? Using the term “defector” caught my attention.


Probably not entirely but I have been feeling for a while that the MMM forum is going the route of the dinosaurs. It’s so buggy and I feel like in the last 3ish years its gotten a lot more out of touch in a few spheres.