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Canned peaches with cottage cheese, or cream over either canned mandarin slices or fresh raspberries, were the go to deserts when I was a kid :slight_smile: fond memories indeed.


My mom would eat it with green olives and pepper. Weird but tasty.


My mom’s go-to was to mix in a can of tuna.


your husband is good people.


oh boy.

  • mixed with sriracha and tuna (optional to serve in a romaine lettuce boat)
  • mixed in with tomato soup
  • thrown on top of a baked sweet potato
  • topped with a dash of pepper
  • mixed with flavored protein powder
  • mixed with honey
  • mixed with nut butter
  • blended into a protein shake
  • blended with raw eggs to make super creamy scrambled eggs
  • i used to have a cottage cheese pancake recipe
  • mixed with cinnamon toast crunch
  • mixed with sugar free cherry pie filling and fat free sugar free cheesecake pudding mix for the best low calorie dessert ever.
  • mixed with mio (water flavorer)
  • can be used instead of sour cream
  • blended with ranch packets to make protein ranch
  • throw it in with pasta to make it creamier
  • throw it on top of steamed broccoli, or diced tomatos.

i am literally the Seuss of cottage cheese. i will eat it on a boat, with a goat, while a top of a parade float.

does. not. matter.


I mean, I definitely agree! And it sounds like with the weight lifting and the cottage cheese, you have a lot in common!

(Although way less weights for us now :frowning: when we sold our house, we sold our home gym too. Now I mainly do yoga and he mainly does BJJ)


Hmmmm I might have to try it on top of roast broccoli! We currently use feta, which is lovely. I assume cottage cheese would be similarly delightful.


A former lover introduced me to cottage cheese and mashed potatoes. Just layered atop one another with black pepper. YUM.

An elimination diet I did years back got to a stage where I ate cottage cheese with tuna and avocado for every meal for several weeks and it was DELIGHTFUL.


No fair. All my elimination diets, dairy is the first thing to go. It is NOT delightful. I miss cottage cheese. cue lots of whining


Hi! I’m cookaberry from the Billfold, though I wasn’t a super active commenter there. I am mid-twenties, in my last semester of grad school and getting ready for a whole bunch of financial and life transitions! Moving in with my partner, getting back into full-time work in a new city… I mean, I guess that’s it, but if feels like a lot!

I found the Billfold when I was newly salaried after a year or two of working many PT jobs and not budgeting because I was scared to know how little money I had. And then I had a predictable pay check and no idea what to do with it! The Billfold was a great place to figure that out (which ended up being aggressively saving to go to grad school), and I’m grateful for it! I’m a little sad to be losing it in the midst of this new transition period but excited to try out OMD. It’s been a while since the (TV) forums of my early-aughts youth!


I was on a TV forum as late as 2013. * laughs *
But hi, nice to meetcha. Congrats on all these big life transitions! They sound like positive ones. :smiley:


Hiya! I just discovered both this site and the Billfold within the past couple of weeks and while I’m bummed I didn’t find the Billfold sooner, I’m glad to have found this little corner of judgment free money talk pop up in my life.

You are going to have a big year! That’s exciting!


Agreed - love your username!


Hi. I’m mirepoix. Mirepoix is not a name (actually, it probably could be) and is the french culinary term for a mixture of chopped carrots, celery, and onion. I read over at The Billfold for a long time but never actually commented there. I have an undergrad degree in Art (idk I feel weird specifying which one) and graduated a year ago. I live in a big city and have no real job yet (I’m doing PT seasonal only work so in February that basically translates to UN-employed).

I’ve been a very lazy job searcher because I had an almost catastrophic health issue pop up in my final months of college, so I’ve just been in a fog and not really with it. Luckily I’m getting stronger mentally by the day, but I’m in a scramble to starting pulling in some money before I miss student loan payments.

I have an interview with Target coming up in just a few days! It will be for a basic starting retail position but it’s something! I also have some (volunteer) work with a theatre company on the horizon, which will pad my resume with something relevant to my degree and career goals.

I’ve talked to a temp company because I also want Admin. Assistant work, but something about it feels scammy and scummy to me (Not that being a temp itself is bad, just that I don’t necessarily trust the Staffing Company) So we’ll see if that pulls any work in for me.

I fantasize about being a Lyft/Uber driver on the side a lot but don’t know if it would be worth it (damage to vehicle, safety issues as a woman driver).

Maybe I should be a dog walker?

Anyway, any post-grad 1,000 job hustle advice would be appreciated! Happy to be here learning from wise sages.


Hi @mirepoix !
Sorry to hear about your health issue! I hope you are doing well. <3
A lot of your post resonated with me. I have a minor in Art, and started my post-college career working as a barista for Target in a small town in the Midwest. :smiley: Then I became an Admin Assistant, haha, through a temp agency!
Just hang with it, don’t be too fussy for a job right out of the gate being perfect. You can do it!


Any chance you live somewhere with a large state university? Ours has its own internal temp agency. They are big enough that they regularly need people to cover medical leaves, etc. I haven’t applied there yet as I am enjoying having no external demands on my time, but if I do end up in a position where I need to generate income again that would be high on my list.


In fact I live three blocks away from a huge state school! I did not know this was a thing but I am definitely going to look into it. Thank you! (is this common for all colleges? there are plenty in my city so it’s definitely an avenue for me to look down)


Hi! QueenAlice here!

Love seeing some friendly “faces” while scrolling through this thread :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A few thoughts floating through my head as I read through:

  • Peaches by The Presidents will probably be stuck in my head for the rest of my day
  • I love YNAB, it is how I started my financial journey
  • I found YNAB the day I decided it was time to stop ignoring finances because “I’m still a student who cares”
  • That day was sometime during the last few months of writing my dissertation
  • I wrote a dissertation leading to a PhD in essentially Biomedical Engineering and I get to use all the cool parts of my degree every (working) day and I love it.
  • You likely now realize I’m much more interested in FI than the RE

So, HI! So glad to be here.


Yay, hi hi!


I’m not sure how common it is. Probably has to be a pretty big school to justify having their own temp pool – ours has over 45k students and probably 10k staff/faculty including the med school/teaching hospital