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There are so many cool people here I want to be all your friends <3


I wasn’t imaginative enough to come up with more anonymous username, but whatever. I’m a very late 20-something living in a midsize midwestern city. My entire life, I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 4 years consecutively (high school), though I’ve bounced back and forth to various cities. I just got engaged and hope to make this city my home for longer than 4 years. I lived here for 2 years before I moved away for a job (and now back) and coincidentally was also born here, though hadn’t lived here since I was 1.

Anyways, I’m an engineer for medical devices and I have a black cat named Luna, named after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. My fiancee jokes that he swiped right on my Tinder profile as part of a long con to obtain custody of her, because he likes cats too, even though he’s allergic. Fiancee and I are both engineers and make more money than we need and are both pretty frugal, so I classify us as HENRY’s (High Earner Not Rich Yet). He hates personal finance stuff though, so he’s happy to have me takeover as CFO when we combine finances.


Hi, I’m also coming from The Billfold (where I posted as Lorelei…ielerol has always been my disqus username but apparently the “name” setting doesn’t show up here, just username?). I work in tech in Seattle. Right now my life is in sort of a holding pattern financially, I make enough money to live comfortably and save for the future, but not enough that I want to try buying a house in a very hot real estate market, and I like my career so I don’t know if FI is something I want to pursue either. But I like the Billfold community and I like hearing from a variety of perspectives on how other people handle, think about, and feel about money.


Hi all! I’m also coming over from the Billfold, which I read from the very beginning, I am so very very sad it’s ending. I live in a smallish, LCOL city in the midwest and am in the nonprofit sector, now working at a foundation where they actually pay a decent wage! I paid my student loans off at the end of last year and am now working on saving for whatever comes next. (I’m still not convinced that buying a house is the Right Thing for me, but it can’t hurt to start socking some money away.) Looking forward to continuing our Billfold conversations and meeting a new community here!


Hi! I’m from the MMM forums under a different name, though I suspect regular posters will guess who I am. I love judgement free, supportive personal finance, so that’s why I’m here! I have a toddler son, two delightful cats and a supportive husband. I just sort-of-nearly quit my job to work on a PhD, so our income has taken a hit and I will need a lot of reassurance over the next few years that we’re doing OK! Great to see so many nice people here already.


:slight_smile: Glad to see you here.


I am a 49 year old mother of two. I live in the Bay Area, am married and have twin boys who just turned 14. Currently I am a laid off scientist, trying to figure out what’s next. My husband is a veterinarian with his own clinics. Financially, we are in a really good spot. Our house is paid off, the kids’ college funds are in good shape, and we have significant savings. Some of our savings is in retirement accounts, quite a bit is in other accounts – Index funds, and high yield savings accounts. The remainder is spread among various other investments – my husband’s clinics, stock from my last job and a few other investments. Our two worst money habits are keeping too much money in our checking account (currently we have a year + worth of cash in our checking account), and we are terrible about taxes. Last year we filed in October and we had SIGNIFICANTLY overpaid our taxes. This year we are trying to be better.


Hi @Kristen! :smiley: I have the same ‘bad habit’ of too much cash as well. My buffer is larger than it really needs to be, but it helps me feel secure so although I’m shrinking it down slowly, I don’t run as close to the edge as others. I totally understand the comfort zone versus ‘perfect efficiency’ issue.



I’m in the upper Midwest, work in healthcare, am single with one kiddo in college. My dog has been my longest relationship - I got him when he was four and he turns 18 today :slight_smile: and it took me too many years after my marriage ended to really take ownership of my finances. The last couple of years have helped me find my direction and things get better every day!


It’s wonderful that your dog has lived so long. Happy Birthday Doggo.


Hey y’all,

I’m 30, live in NC, and just got my CPA license last year after studying my ass off for 1 1/2 years. I’m trying to chip away at my student loan and credit card debt, but it’s slow going. Patience is not my strong suit.

I love reading fanfic and mystery novels, but the more lighthearted ones. I can play mahjong online for hours and I love watching weird videos on YouTube like Dr Sandra the Pimple Popper and the Toe Bro. I also love the Game Grumps videos as well.


Nice to see you over here @AmandaS1989! And also, I didn’t know you read fanfic and now I really want to know what your fandoms are.

I’ve always been really envious of people who know how to play mahjong well. It seems like such a complicated game, but that could be because I learned it in a game theory class.


Hey @anomalily I think the mahjong I play is a simpler version? I play it here at It’s basically just matching.

Ooooh my fandoms. I read stuff in fandoms where I’ve loved the original source material and I also read stuff in fandoms that I haven’t even watched the show, seen the movie, or read the book for. Like Smallville, Game of Thrones, or Sherlock. There’s also my faves like Harry Potter, Star Trek (The Original Series), Power Rangers, The Tudors, etc Just a lot of different stuff.


Pbkmaine here. I am 62, retired and living in The Villages, Florida. I am just starting to learn mahjong.


I’m MJ. I’m in my 30’s and sleeping in Pbkmaine’s guest bedroom, like an adult. I have previously slept on anomalily’s couch, despite being allergic to cats. People yell at me to spend more money sometimes, but traveling this way gives me more friend time. I pay people back with vegan rainbow chili. I’m not vegan, only my chili is.

I’m on FIRE-battical and couchsurfing around the US. I jumped into politics in the last couple years and worked on a few intense campaigns last cycle. This is my break to de-stress before 2020.

I mostly talk about traveling, dating, and politics. Rarely money. I’m actually terrible with money in some ways and still haven’t filed my taxes for 2017. I will continue to ignore pressing life concerns while floating on a giant lime in pbk’s pool.


Hi! I’m ckni27, found my way over here from MMM. I am a clothing designer by trade and a freelance social media consultant because that helps pay the bills. I’m feeling a bit financially lost after 2018. My life was turned a bit upside down when I got some health news that bumped up my timeline to start a family with Husband. Thankfully we got really, really lucky and our little one arrived at the end of the year. All of that drained our savings, sidelined my business growth plans, and radically changed my perspective on just about everything. So I’m trying to work that out. Happy to have a new and supportive place to explore that! I enjoy talking about making things, helping other people make things, and meeting other freelancers/small business owners & I’m excited to get to know you all here!


Hi All - BillFold transfer here (I have read every MMM article, but never posted there).
30yo from the KC area, and live with my husband and fur baby.
I love YNAB and have the ambitious goal of not working fulltime past the age of 45 - unless I want to of course.
I eat cottage cheese almost daily and can tell you a multitude of ways to use it. I also like to pick heavy shit up and put it back down while being a mediocre powerlifter.


@Snarkasaurus You have the best username, hands down. So glad to see you over here!

I think you need to start a cottage cheese fanclub thread. I am so curious because I thought there was only like…one way to eat it.


Off the top of my head…
-in lasagna
-with pepper
-with jam
-with pepper jam
-with peaches
-with pineapple
-with tomato
-with a shovel, apparently, if you’re my husband.

That’s all I’ve got.


:smiley: I have super fond memories of this way. My mom would make it for the two of us when I was a kid and it would be a scoop of cottage cheese in a bowl, topped with canned peaches and a spritz of black pepper.

(Also hi @Snarkasaurus )