How Do You Cheer Yourself Up?

Hello. How do you cheer yourself up when you feel like a Pile of Garbage™? Do you have a pump up jam? A certain outfit or perfume you wear? Do you need to be social, or alone? Work out and shower or stretch and go to bed to a well-worn Netflix show soundtrack? Is it hot Cheetos? It’s hot Cheetos isn’t it. Tell me!!

Inspired by this video and also my depression :upside_down_face:

Things that have broken thru my personal depression before:

  • OutKast
  • Wearing lipstick
  • Making low key social plans
  • Tarot
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Memes
  • Laughing til I pee, usually when sharing a silly TikTok with my beloved DH and thus reliving it thru him
  • Therapy and medication babyyyy

Some other cheerful (for me) things:

  • Live music
  • Art museums
  • Hike/Nature Walk/normal ass city walk
  • Taking the bus
  • Cleaning
  • Making a Spotify playlist
  • Having sex
  • Calling my mom
  • Going out dancing
  • Disassociating in Target (sorry Ramit)

Making something tasty, where the making takes several steps so I can get into it.
Buying something tasty
Texting nonsense with my friends
Watching my favourite shows
Specific music
Looking at the stars or the water or the lights at night or flowers or bugs or whatever is available to me
Making detailed travel itineraries for trips I will never take
Video games
Talking to my dogs
Driving around with music playing

  • swimming, with a hot tub after
  • resting, listening to an audiobook or music
  • watching a beloved movie whilst horizontal on the couch
  • chatting with a dear friend
  • walking near some water/under trees
  • taking a shower
  • doing some simple chore
  • food – oatmeal when i want to feel comforted, salt and vinegar chips or fried chicken or dr pepper and sometimes a big salad with many things in it and this fancy ranch i like
  • hugs from my husband or nephew or girlfriends
  • watching relaxing/inspiring youtubes
  • playing with my plants, inside or outside

yes all these too!


I was about to hell yes! Your swimming one.

We should hang out some time and be happy.


yes please god!!!


That’s goddess to you, ma’am.


oh and painting! and playing my piano! and rearranging furniture/ revamping my living space. these all making me feel happy if i can get myself to do them.


Lighting a candle on a clean surface
Weeding a garden
Playing fetch with the cat
Sitting on the porch on a hot summer night while the sky slowly darkens


Yesssssss I miss doing this. My current apartment really only lends itself to one furniture arrangement


Hell yeah. A cooking project is wonderful, especially if you get bonus all-day yummy smells

  • really hard exercise, like so hard you can’t think and you get the big endorphins after
  • part of the first one, but a longgggg hike in nature, like 4-5 hours
  • cooking something new that is really time intensive and delicious, while watching a fav show
  • being of service to others
  • playing piano. I’ve been playing since I was 5, so it’s the thing I know how to do better than probably anything. There is something so comfy about just losing yourself in muscle memory with no effort when you need to dissociate a bit from reality. I think this can apply to anyone with anything they are really good at, or comes easily to them.
  • thrift store retail therapy
  • calling some of my long distance friends to catch up on what’s going on with their lives
  • really satisfying organizing/cleaning projects, like rearranging the pantry or spice cabinet, or folding all the laundry. Something about laundry just always cheers me up…like I have all of these towels, and clothes to wear, I am so lucky! A full sock drawer just really does it for me :joy:

For me, the number one thing is getting out of my head and my problems/life and trying to focus outward. On other people, whether that’s helping or just catching up on a friends life. For some people I know it’s better to journal and introspect, but I’ve always found the opposite to be true for myself personally.


Extremely yes.


Not only the feeling of “wow I have so much” but also seeing the empty basket at the end :raised_hands:


Yesssss I love the empty baskets!


My life is flip turned upside down, so many of my happy things aren’t accessible or what used to be easy seems super hard to get.

Easy to get
Other yummy food

Next level of getting
Romance novels
A bath
Alone time
Trash TV
Cooking something complex and forcing people to enjoy it
A walk
Pink champagne
The library

Bigger and better
Friend time
A hike
A bath with noone fucking crying or coming to say hi
Healthy stuff
Adult time
Work/helping others with my special skills
Hotel rooms
A beach
That good kind of shopping day where you find and afford things

  • Going and being outside when it’s nice out. Bonus happiness seems to come from doing physical activity there but when in the dumps sometimes all you can do is get your butt outside.
  • Music. Sometimes I gotta learn into the sad and then later foray into the upbeat.
  • Take a shower.
  • Do the tiniest thing to improve my environment or progress on a hobby.

I love this thread idea!

  • meditation
  • reading (specifically religious content, I always have a book I’m working through)
  • nature walk
  • reorganizing something (and taking before and after pics!)
  • watching uplifting youtube videos
  • negative visualization
  • pilates
  • looking at photos of landscapes online
  • korean spa
  • taking a shower with the lights off
  • going to a cafe or restaurant alone
  • going to the movies
  • doing a full primp at home (hair oil treatment, face mask, shaving, shower, nails, etc.) and then putting on silky pajamas
  • cooking/baking- I find if I’m really in a bad place it’s best to do something I know well, that is muscle memory, like making pasta.
  • looking back over my calendar to see all the things I’ve done in the last couple of months
  • incense/candles
  • sitting on my deck in the sun, even if it’s cold
  • making future social plans or at least reaching out to friends
  • k dramas
  • comfort re-watch shows
  • climbing
  • podcasts (lately Dressed is my favorite, it’s about fashion history)
  • cozy mystery audiobook
  • true crime youtube
  • slice of life type documentaries
  • planning hypothetical dinner party menus
  • making hypothetical meal plans (either normal ones or for trips, like upcoming camping trips, etc.)
  • working on ideas for my youtube channel
  • shooting shorts for youtube
  • making a fancy drink
  • neighborhood walk
  • trying a new makeup or hair style via tutorials
  • taking care of something that needs to be done
  • doing something nice for a friend
  • listening to river sounds on spotify
  • browsing cookbooks
  • second screening a show I’ve seen with random interneting
  • watching people on youtube who have really different lives than I have
  • strength training
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • watching my cat enjoy his life
  • this is kind of a weird one but avoiding certain things- if I’m already in a delicate state I try to observe the impact various nutriments have on my state of mind, and I cut out anything that makes it worse whether that’s online stuff, certain people, news, a movie, etc.

There are also lots of things dh and I do together or that he does for me but these are things I can do for myself. A lot of them are things I can do all the time/anywhere but some are more dependent on ability. It’s important that I have a lot that are not dependent on ability, for obvious reasons!

  • fanfic
  • carbs
  • memes