Help cleaning - vacuum recommendation

I tried to find the right thread to post this in and gave up. I need to be able to clean floors quickly of dust (and of carpet cleaner after the kiddo pees on the carpet). I own a vacuum cleaner and a dustpan but I can’t always manage to drag the vacuum cleaner out. I feel like a small handheld vacuum would fix this problem. Does anyone have a recommendation?



We have it without the carpet brush. It’s really good for small jobs where I don’t want to drag out the Miele.

Reviews put it somewhere against either a Dyson 7 or 8

Light and easy to move around.

I use a “stick vacuum.” It’s like a handheld, but on a stick, so you can use it standing up. Very lightweight.

ETA: mine has a cord, unlike the one above. Makes it lighter but less convenient.

I have a Black&Decker Dustbuster style handheld and also a Dyson stick vac. 9/10 times for quick cleanups (and always for powder or cat litter) I use the Dustbuster. I feel like there are less parts to have something go wrong.

Mine’s not this model but it looks similar:

I think I just read reviews of the models I could buy in my local stores and went with the most popular one. My parents still use the Dustbuster we had in the 80s so hopefully mine will last half as long :slight_smile:


Do you have the red dirt devil ones available? Those make me happy. In general I support stick vacs, hand vacs, hand vacs with detachable sticks, etc etc.

Mr. Elle has a giant Dyson and it is so so heavy. Why buy something so heavy?

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Do you want to spend a lot of money? Because I can tell you the best vacuum.

I don’t but now I really want to know because it sounds like some kind of international super secret.

Thanks for the reccs so far! I don’t have a place for a stick vacuum, no tall storage (which is one reason why it’s difficult to use the normal vacuum, I have to put the whole thing together every time) so the mini handhelds are definitely the way to go. I’ll be checking out weight etc of them because being to heavy is definitely an issue.


I have this Black & Decker handheld and it’s very light:

ETA: Hahaha, I just realized! LOL @katscratch you beat me to the punch again, get out of my head!!! :laughing:


Anything by dyson. Super light, is a stick but is also handheld - disassembles in half a second for storage, bagless, empties in seconds, no cords at all - ugh. It is so good. It also vacuums like REALLY well. Hardwood and carpet and upholstery.

We have the same one as @Bracken_Joy- I did not buy it @aaronpk bought it but I will say he never vacuumed before he got it. Now it is a fun cool toy.

It is outrageously expensive. Took me years to sell my $40 used upright because I didn’t want to become reliant on the dyson because it was so fancy.


I also have a Dyson cordless stick vac. It was expensive. I will never give it up.


I love my dyson v7, and I will never ever ever go back. And we might buy a two story house and get a second one. I HAVE NO SHAME. It is The best for hard floors, carpet, pet hair on furniture, anything. I love it.




Re tall storage. E we got a walL mount we love. Will post a pic shortly once baby isn’t nursing.

It’s just in our den, not hidden.


We have a similar mount but it just sits on the floor because we don’t have wall space or a closet and it works wel!

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Mine is on the floor in my spare bedroom because I don’t have an outlet anywhere near where it can hang.

After seeing that picture I’m no longer sure I know what a vacuum is…



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Hmmm I should probably get a wall mount thing for our current vacuum parts in our laundry, what a good idea. The heavy bit can’t go on the wall, but if everything else is there it should still be easier than what we’re doing now.

I love knowing what the fancy pants version is because I can recommend to other people. Our vacuum is a Miele that has had no issues so far and therefore was a fancy pants one at the time.

I think I found an equivalent black & decker online (the one linked isn’t available here). Does it do pet hair well?

Yes! Please link to wall mount.

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