Help cleaning - vacuum recommendation

I ended up buying a Black & Decker with a pet hair attachment, today, a month after the last comment on here. Glad I finally did it! The Australian options were a little different to the US ones and that made choosing tricky.


Well. I know what I’m getting with my tax return now.


I hate to say, it’s great and you probably won’t regret it.

My ONE downside (other than cost) is probably specific to me, but I thought I would note it: I have arthritic hands with poor grip strength/position, and with an upright vacuum, the weight is supported by the floor. With the dyson, since it is cordless, the weight of the motor is in the handle and therefore your hand. Unfortunately, you have to continually hold down the handle lever (with your grip) to make the dyson run (there’s no “lock” position) and I do find this much more tiring for my hands. It’s not a ton of weight, it’s more lightweight than a lot of blow dryers even but my hands suck ass so… I notice it.

So if you have arthritic hands, it’s a thing to consider. It’s still significantly less frustrating for me than a corded vacuum, and it’s such a good vacuum that it speeds up vacuuming time so much that I don’t find it too much of a burden. But if my hands are having a super bad day, it will not be a vacuum day.


SirB and @aaronpk had brainstormed ways to have an always on switch. We need to make that happen!


I honestly feel like I could just tie a big rubber band around it or something. Like, my grip strength is less than rubber band.

@aaronpk has a 3d printer though, so…things could be designed.

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Some thing like a rubber band was my suggestion. They were coming up with more elaborate schemes. :joy:

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I have a 3D printer now so every problem can be solved with a 3D printed part of course


Even things that aren’t a problem are solved with a 3D printed part


I just use a velcro strip

On the dyson and my lawnmower and a few other tools my hand doesn’t like

(I have a stash of velcro strips for strapping stuff to my bike)


I need this too. My new hand vac is only on when the button is held down. I had to keep switching hands. I don’t think a rubber band would work because IIRC the button is flush with the plastic around it when not pressed.


My nequare knock off stays on during use. I’m just bragging