Gold Star Parenting

All very good, reasonable ideas. Thanks. :heart:

I stumbled on suggested wake windows for my child’s age a week or so ago and even as we have had crazy crazy sickness and schedule madness the times are right on. He is doing much better and not overtired anymore.

(We’d used wake windows up to a year with success - he Did things in his own order awake, but they gave predictability. But then I hadn’t seen any and his schedule collapsed, and most suggested kid schedules don’t work for him or our family)


Oooh what do you do now?

Put down for nap or sleep at 6-6.5 hours = win!

Sleep lengths vary wildly… usually ten at night, but last night was 12! And naps are much less fighting. So today was wake at 630, car nap 1-230. Start bedtime at 805, no time for bath, snoring at 830. Yesterday he slept crazy late because he was sick. Until about noon. And he’d had a late night the night before. So I got him to sleep at 640pm without knowing if it was nap or bed. I almost woke him up, but left him and he went through the night.


That’s what our sweet spot nap time has ended up being! Around noon for a 6am wake up.

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Us too!

6:30 wake, 12-1:30 nap, and 8:30 bed, which leaves us at a total of 11.5 hours of sleep :sob::sob:. Apparently normal range for this age is 11 - 14, and mine has always been at the very low end of “normal”.

It baffles me that most daycares that we toured did naps from 1 - 3…


Nooooo I’m so sorry. Latte recently dropped from 13.5hrs per 24 to 13 and even that’s been a struggle for me. SLEEP LITTLE CHILDREN.


Yes my child is still getting excessive amounts of screen time but I tweaked his youtube feed to put Treeschoolers into the recent history and now he’s watching it again for the first time in ages. I’m sure in ten minutes it’ll be back to Mario playthroughs but I’ll take what I can get while Mr. Meer and I are working.

Also Kiddo already did one screen break this morning without (much) complaint and said he and I should go for a walk later, like we did yesterday for another screen break.


Convinced my daughter to wear socks over her hands with vaseline because they were horribly cracking and dry. She was reluctant, but was so happy with the results, now she asks for her socks every night.

Turns out not being in pain is awesome.


OMG we might get Pipsqueak into KidCOVE*!!! Got an email today they they’re still enrolling kids under 2 at the site near us, and they are supposed to contact us next week with more details!!!

*Moderna’s covid19 vaccine trial


Watching Wall-E for the umpteenth time last night, when Wall-E is loses his personality at the end I realized it was a good opportunity to talk about people changing because their brains are hurt. It’s a good foundation a later conversation about several medical issues on both sides of our family.


We taught our son Knock knock jokes last night (I was getting bored of poo jokes)

This is his second self crafted one
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Poo who?
(Spirals into incoherent laughter)


My child drank a smoothie with a whole cup of spinach in it.



I made myself be social and met up with another parent and kid that Kiddo went to school with in the Before Times. The gold star part is I tricked Kiddo into playing outside at a park for over an hour without him complaining about it. Prior to this every suggestion of going to a park got an automatic “no” from Kiddo.


My daughter told a very similar joke (Knock knock, who’s there, POOP!!! Runs away laughing), that I told to my rowing crew. Two of the men in the boat actually laughed. So apparently this joke has an audience.


Son woke up at 4:30 this morning. He and I stacked solo cups (well actually Glad ones because they come in 4 colors) until 6 am. Cups are the greatest toy in the world. Make towers, count, do patterns. And you can run through them like the kool aid man.

But seriously, how do I get this kid to sleep?


Yesterday at dinner B said “more meat please” so I got her some more. Then she said “thank you mama”! Yay!

I shouldn’t feel too good about my parenting though because earlier in the afternoon she wasn’t listening to me. I told her to turn her listening ears on so she twisted her ears and said they were on. I told her she needed to turn off the water and leave the bathroom. All she did was twist her ears again and say her listening ears were off, and she kept playing in the sink :woman_facepalming:


Hey, if your goal is a clever and creative child rather than a compliant one, I don’t see that as not gold star parenting🤷‍♀️


Good point. Almost everyday Ry and I mention that we should walk around with a go pro on at all times because the things she comes up with are amazing. It would be great to get this stuff on video.


I love that! And at least B HAS listening ears.