Get Through the Books!

I had a bookstore. I had a LOT of books. I closed the store 1/1/2005, I"m still getting rid of stock. I have a bookdealer coming to the storage 10/15 .

I have to get through the remainder of the boxes at home and in the storage BEFORE that.

I probably won’t make it, but I can try! We’re talking about 100-150 boxes, at a guess. Right now, that I’m sure of I have 12 boxes set aside for the dealer. I expect if I get through all the boxes, I’ll have about 50.


These are boxes, not individual books!

Ready for bookdealer 10/15
x x x x x x x x x

There are also books I’m donating to a local paperback exchange.
x x x

Last category? Books I’m keeping myself and/or selling (or trying to) at my antique booth.
(Haven’t counted; should.)

These came from the bedroom. I have a few large stacks in there to go through, then that room will be done.

9 books quoted to my beloved last customer. He’s interested in 6. I quoted them out; we’ll see what he says! He wants them. Yay! He wanted 6 of 9, the others went to the bookdealer. Quoted him 3 more, he’s taking 2, the odd one out is also going to the bookdealer…

Actually, I was wrong above. I have two more categories: books that are going to the swap shop/dump and books which are going to the book auction.

Ready for the book auction. x x

The swap shop. a few stray volumes 9


I’m working in the kitchen now. The bed is awash in books I have to box up/sort/put away…

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We’re going to the storage to swap the boxes I’ve done with boxes I haven’t and to create some order in the process. Right now, the processed boxes are in 2 places in the storage, need to consolidate them…

Then pull another 8 or so to bring home and do it again, and again, and again, until Friday, when the bookdealer comes.

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We took all the processed stuff to the storage. I processed another 5 or so. There’s 3 boxes to go to the paperback shop (donations) and about 4 more for the bookseller. Order has been started in the storage, so that soon, it will all be a sorted set of boxes, instead of just a mess.

I didn’t bring any books home. ✓I still haven’t taken books from the last corner of our bedroom or the attic. After that? I’ll start pulling boxes home, either to process or that are “mine to keep or sell”.

I did however, pull 3 boxes of flea market merch. that are NOT books. I have no idea what’s in the boxes, but ✓I’ll find out and deal with it.

Well, I did bring books home, about 2 for my only customer. He wants them, bless him!

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Finished going through the boxes in the corner of the bedroom. Started the next box for the book dealer, have 2 for the bookstore I’m donating to.

Need to tackle the attic books tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be working in the storage.

So, right now, there’s:

Bookdealer: X X x (part)
Bookstore Donations: X X x (part)

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I have a shipment for my customer to do today as well as going to the storage and working.

Bookdealer hasn’t responded to my email. Neither has the customer I figured would take the end of the books. I may be kidding myself – I may not be selling anything that isn’t in the mailer on the kitchen table!

I sure hope that isn’t true, because I’m looking forward to lhe next piece of my life, whatever it is!


You’re making some serious progress!

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I called the bookstore and left a message with my cell number. So, he has it.

Now I need to go ✓finish getting the latest shipment ready to go to the post office and then ✓pack the car, ✓go to the post office,✓the storage, ✓pay the rent (For the LAST time? After 10 years + seems impossible!) and ✓work in the storage again.

I’m off!

Later: I’m tired!


Found a partial donation box in the kitchen. Hurrah! I can just take it to the bookstore today.

I will go back to the storage and work again today. I need to get back here soonish as it’s a dump day too.

Also, finally heard from the secondary buyer. This is the fellow who buys what I don’t sell at sales, for $5 a box. He and I have done this 2x now, and this should be the last. He’s been camping and so out off the 'net. Hurrah!

The partial box is now FULL. Off it goes! ✓There’s a small pile of too damaged to sell books to go to the dump as well. Otherwise, the books that were on the trailer have been sorted, if not put away. ✓That’s the next step.

Between the 6 boxes which were in the shelter and the 4 that were in the car, there are: 2 boxes of books for me to sell, 1.x boxes of stuff I want to keep, 1.x boxes to donate to the bookstore, 1.x boxes for the bookdealer coming Friday, and .x box of damaged books to go to the dump, today.

It’s so late (nearly 2) I’m going to change what I was planning and stay home an work on the books here rather than driving an hour one way to the storage and back and working for 20 minutes. Not worth the mileage and wear and tear.

On the other hand? That means I could make TWO trips to the dump and there’s a pile o’ stuff that needs to be hauled there… Hmmm!

The bookstore I’m donating to closes at 2 today as well, so that wouldn’t have gotten done anyway. It will give me a lovely break, tomorrow, which I think will be a marathon…


The car is full of books. There are stacks of books covering my desk. There are arrays of books, book boxes, etc. cluttering up the house, everywhere.


Today will be a marathon. I might be able to take some books by the book auction on the way to the storage. But they don’t work regular hours… so it’s hit or miss.

One bag of 12 for the auction house. I’ll take it to the storage if I can’t get it to the auction folks today. Two bags of books for the antique store. Probably get there this weekend.


The dealer came, he bought, for more than I expected, about 1/2 of what I had set aside for him. So yay, that’s gone.

A lot of what he left was magazines. I found a new shop who’ll buy some of those. Yay for that too!

We have company coming, tomorrow, so I won’t be hauling books to/from tomorrow.


Going to the antique store this afternoon. I’ll drop off some books of course. I also worked on the swap the filing cabinets goal today. I rearranged some boxes of papers and books in the office, to help make room.


Worked on the filing cabinet move clean up today too.

Also, on my way home from the farm & market, I stopped at the storage, grabbed a few sf magazines and took them to the used stuff shop where we’d agreed I’d give them magazines for a valise I wanted. It’s all good! I now don’t owe these folks, who I like, anything. I have fewer magazines and one less file box to deal with. YAY!

I forgot. I put the 2 bags of books in the antique booth Monday.


The drawers of the filing cabinet are out of it btw.

I bought an auction lot of cookbooks, for 1 book I wanted, $5,.90 .The box was about 1/3 bigger than I hoped, but there are some things in there, like an older Joy of Cooking which if I put up for sale should get me my $6 back. That’s great.

However, I now have 3 more boxes of books to deal with. Before I brought anything inside, I cleaned it. So I went thru the phampliets and loose papers first. I separated (and contained) the hand-written recipes and small clippings from the larger clippings which would stay in a file folder. That’s done. I’ve started researching the smaller items I’ll probably put in the booth, Tuesday? I need enough time to research the other 2 boxes of booklets and books!

Anyway, there’s a stack in front of me at my desk, some done, most not. There’s a stack on the stairs waiting to come up. The clippings and loose stuff is sorted and tidy. The obvious trash is in the recycle bins. The other books are in a box in my car, waiting to come in.

I took the auctioneer, who’s the lady selling our stuff, a basket to sell for us. Nothing big and something she could put other things in. It seems she’s fine with that.

I have 2 pieces waiting to go to the antique store already by the front door. I have others on my desk.



Late last night I got annoyed at all the clutter and pulled together a lot of kitchen tools (some from the last auction, not the one I’d picked up stuff yesterday), some house culls, and the cookbooks I’d picked up yesterday. Those are all researched, priced, and boxed up. All I have to do is put them in the car and take them to the antique store.

I started this morning with doing more of the freezer inventory and book pricing. I need to put the priced merch. in the car, I’m running out of room. It would be nice to sit down for lunch?

Need to do more. it’s raining and it’s getting cold, which just makes this more difficult.

Stocked the booth with kitchen stuff from 2 auctions ago and books, from here and the last auction lot. Pulled very little. Need to get to the thrift shop this week to make a donation and clean our my car, again.


Instead of the restless sleep that processing during the night gets, i was just up til 3 a.m.

Today was. a long day. i was home working on various projects until noon, when i made lunch. By 12;30 I was in the car and gone. Went to 3 farms, the market, the storage, the bookstore, the used stuff shop that is taking some of my magazines, and Jersey Mike’s for dinner.

Got home about 7:15.

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I donated one box, brought home 3.


Went to the storage today. Sold 1.5 boxes, well swapped them for a tin umbrella stand, donated .5 box. Pulled two boxes. Coming home? ZERO!

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Have a box for the thrift store today of housewares. It occurred to me that if I was willing to donate a box of books to the bookstore, I could just as easily take it to the thrift shop with the housewares, so that’s my plan: 1 partial box housewares, one box of books.