FUN 2019


Welcome to FUN 2019! Sometimes you’re in a rut and you just need to infuse your life with a little lightness and enjoyment to shake things loose. This thread is not for longterm life goals or big plans, but for little stuff you can do right now or in the next week or so to make your life a little nicer or more enjoyable! Some ideas could be painting a wall in your house, rearranging your furniture, taking a class or teaching yourself something new, cleaning out all your closets, throwing a party, things like that!

Let’s share inspiration/random ideas we have as well as stuff we’re actually doing…like Pinterest on a forum :slight_smile:


Oh HELLO I am here for this! I made my garden prettier today by chopping up a geranium to make lots of babies, instead of waiting until I found the perfect plant to fill the spot. Stuff like that?


Yes @LadyDuck that’s perfect! :slight_smile:

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I’ll start with some of my ongoing fun:
-I have fun taking silly pictures of my dog and posting them on instagram. I very purposely refuse to monitize or optimize her account, because I don’t want it to turn into a job or project. Just fun.
-I’m not sure this is “fun”? But it’s relaxing and mellow and fun would be the best word I could find. I enjoy going on podcast walks. I’ll pick a podcast, and a neighborhood I want to explore, and go walk around it and look at houses and watch birds and stuff as I walk around listening to my podcast. Recently I’ve been a big fan of the “Ologies” podcast.


I am 1000000% here for this. FUN is something that’s so easy to sorta let slide! Especially when we focus on optimization as we often do.
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Thank you for starting the thread!


I feel like your recent fun could include your hair. Your hair just looks so FUN.


:wink: It is fun.
Context for the rest of the class: my hair is purple and blue.


I’m going to a bhangra dance party!


I like this idea but I’m just so bad at having fun.


First idea: Make Husband watch The Incredibles 1 (which I have seen and he hasn’t) and 2 (which neither of us have seen) with me this weekend.


Figuring out what is fun is HARD. I’ve found becoming a kid again helps a lot. Go to a fair. Go on a ride or two. :slight_smile: Bike down hills really fast. Go on a swing set.


I’m making plans to see outdoor Shakespeare either Friday or Sunday.


I’m going to see a free outdoor circus performance on Thursday evening. :slight_smile: They use a giant local tree to hang their equipment off of.


I’m also going to see outdoor Shakespeare on Sunday!

Other fun things for this week:

  • Clothing swap with a new friend
  • Travelers meetup
  • Read a cuddling zine while cuddling
  • Throw a baby shower
  • Hang out with visiting forum friend and probably bike together
  • Visit a rose garden

Going on a swing set is one of my favorite things. Whenever my brother and I travel, we make it a point to check out local swing sets :rofl:


In this vein, I also like:
Riding the cart back to the cart return
Sniffing plants


TOUCHING THINGS. Like plants and leaves and bark. For sure.
It sounds stupid as shit but it makes me feel alive and like I’m actually part of the world.


This thread is FUN! I love this. Some of my planned fun this week includes:

Taking apart & swapping the grease on my new to me stand mixer (I get insane satisfaction from things like this…when it works. So keep your fingers crossed) then I’m gonna use it to mix up some good smelling sugar scrub and if I’m feeling adventurous I’m going to attempt another batch of macarons

Dog training. Pup is so smart, almost too smart. He has started doing things like going after an item on the ground that he knows he shouldn’t but then stopping short and looking at us like “treat please? I didn’t touch it, see?” So clearly we can continue to challenge him more and watching him learn is much fun.

On Friday I’m going to get my hair cut and I’m thinking about trying a new style. I’ve got a short asymmetrical bob in mind but I’m also going to keep searching Instagram for inspiration in case something strikes my fancy.

Knitting - I’m about to add the 4th color to my 5 color fade pattern and I’m jazzed about how the colors look together. Relaxing and fun!


What are you thinking for the haircut?

I loooooove fixing stuff when it works. I’m planning to fix/tune up my ancient Schwinn today – ee!

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Something along these lines. I’ve currently got a long, too thick, extremely grown out asymmetrical style


Today I am going to torture Samuelson, until he makes that face.