Flaunt It Friday


I’m trying a thing. Flaunt it Friday: share something you did this week, a big brag, a small brag, whatever you like. Can be money related or can just be something you’re proud of.

Mine this week is small, but victorious: I accidentally had been signed up for the Rite Aide “round up your purchases to go to this specific charity” automatically (likely because they make you click a bunch of "yes"es at the pharmacy and at some point I clicked an opt-in accidentally). I don’t mind giving to charity, but I sure as heck don’t like having to separate out $.47 out of every candy purchase into my charity category. Also, I don’t know anything about this specific charity.

There’s always been a line at my local store, and I haven’t felt comfortable asking to get it taken away. FINALLY there was no line and I asked to get it taken off. Required them to call up a manager for an override so I’m glad I waited.

In celebration, I donated $6.81 (the amount I’d had rounded up total this year) to my favorite local charity.


I took 10,000 steps today! I haven’t hit that many in a shamefully long while.


Wow, that’s a lot of effort required to change such a small thing! I bet it feels good to finally check it off the mental to-do list!

Mine is: I got a HUGE bonus during my review today…like 3x what I was expecting! This is my favorite way to be recognized at work :joy::money_mouth_face:

ETA: I also passed all the VITA tax prep tests this afternoon and am all set to start volunteering tomorrow. I’m nervous but excited!


I made my own vegan cheese sauce! I’ve been buying vegan cheese for a year or so and it’s all chemicals and expensive. But this was actually super easy!


Yesterday night I went to a showcase of short films by young area filmmakers for the cost of a $1 donation (should i/could i have given more? probably)
Tonight I got to attend my sister’s senior art show and I shot video which means that this week I can get good use out of my expensive yearly Adobe Premiere (editing software) subscription that hasn’t been touched in a month.


I want to know which faux cheese sauce recipe it was, please Elle!

I got some knitting done most days this week. I might actually finish my project!


I survived a week of houseguests! Between day trips, 30 hours of work, and a generally introverted nature, I’m going to call it a win. They’re all delightful people and we had lots of fun, and I’m also looking forward to cleaning out the fridge and catching up on my reading.


It’s saturday – can I still flaunt it?

Revisited the list of mental health providers that take my insurance (Medicaid – yes, I am a welfare queen…). There are some new ones so I picked one that looked good (trauma informed, does EMDR) and emailed her about availability. I’ve had bad luck with people getting back to me, but I figure someone new on the list might be more responsive. At least if she takes my plan there is no out of pocket cost to me, so worth trying.

I am going to keep the list up on my computer and will try other people if this one doesn’t respond in a reasonable time.


Crunched February numbers this morning, quite pleased with FI progress. Even had a little extra to save beyond our normal savings each month :tada:


Crunched Feb numbers and despite some splurges, came in in at $1,107 total spending for the month, which is on the low end of my average ($1400-$1500 a month).

I’ll obviously blow it out of the water next month since I am in going to be in Japan for several week, but fairly pleased nonetheless.


I finally got my new state driver’s license today. I moved back in October and you’re supposed to get a new one within 30 days. Obviously it’s been a little longer than that, but I finally looked up the requirements, got my documents and left work early today and got it done!


My partner and I cancelled our amazon prime membership before the annual bill came in!


It’s not Friday, but I did this early on Saturday morning so I’m nudging this into Flaunt It Friday :smiley:

My tax return hit my bank account this past Friday evening, so Saturday morning I made a big, big payment to knock out my first of 11 student loans!! It had the lowest balance when I decided to focus on it, but finishing one still feels like a victory :trophy:

1 down, 10 to go :sweat_smile:


Not Friday, but I was reminded today of the rule of thumb about having 1x your income saved for retirement by the time you turn 30. From when I calculated it over a year ago, I knew it was possible for me to get there, but I’d be cutting it close. When I saw that rule of thumb talked about again today, I went back and checked and realized I had just recently passed that threshold! I turn 30 in July :grin:

Of course, one downturn in the stock market could change that, but celebrating for now!


That’s great!


It’s Friday! We have managed to increase our net worth every month this year so far :slight_smile:


I got a job offer making 20% more! It’s not my dream job, but it’s a better-than-what-I-currently-have job.


Funded both our tIRAs in full for 2018 this week so I can say we did on taxes.


I’m not sorry that you don’t get your $50.


Lol, thanks. But more than $50 a month more pay per paycheck!