Decluttering discussion thread: share your wins, ask for advice, inspire each other!

Recently I have been buying things which are quite cluttery. But yesterday and today I have again begun the job of tidying up. Just walking like an ant from room to room with items, and putting them away. Eventually if I keep going, (and also get rid of more stuff), the house will be more tidy. My landlord has even got a handy skip outside, where people will collect things, and I’ve joined several local Freecycle groups. Like an ant. Slowly, patiently, onward I will go :ant:


Deculttered two giant containers of protein powder. I used to use it almost every day for lunch, but lately it had been giving me severe GI distress. I kept trying to use it because the brand is $$ but I finally convinced myself that it wasn’t worth it. Honestly I’m sad it took so long - my health is worth more than wasted protein powder, WTF brain.


Selling my car forced a declutter and now I’m having to go through and decide what goes back into the new car instead of just tossing the tote bags and random stuff in.

One definite casualty will be my CDs. New car doesn’t have a CD player. Maybe to post on buy nothing or should I hold onto it for the garage sale weekend next?

I pulled the under bed tote of business clothes from old job and 20 lbs ago. I need to find time to pull everything out of their vacuum bags and post on Buy Nothing. Or maybe just donate directly to the university’s career closet?


I found the I-didn’t-know-I-still-had-it spring/summer duvet and shams. They’re in a pile waiting to be put in the washer. They’ll go to the flea market or antique store or auction. The set was pricey and I still love it, but the grey duvet cover we use as a bedspread off season works fine year round and it’s better made and less hassle to use.

The green one has a zipper and the fabric frays. I’ve put fray check on it (which I’m allergic to) and it washes out every time the thing gets laundered, so about yearly I was using an entire bottle of the stuff I’m allergic to because otherwise it was a battle closing the zipper for 6 months… so annoying!

It was never worth the effort to me to add binding to both sides of the zipper, pay to have the zipper replaced with buttons, or whatever.

So, we don’t use it any more. I’m tempted to just take the thing apart, run a quick running stitch up both sides on the sewing machine (ha!) and use the fabric for… something. But I probably will sell it, as that way I will actually have less stuff!


Sell on Poshmark?

I thought about this and quickly learned that I am too lazy.


I am way too lazy. I flipped some of the target limited designer runs, but that only worked because I was not employed at the time and therefore had all the time in the world to deal with it. These days? Not a popsicle’s chance in hell.


I think I’m finally ready to do this now. But I am also caught on where / how to donate. The career closet places I know about only want things from the past 5 years, and these are older. And the local stores are not places that would take a mid range poly blend suit.


Domestic violence shelter might take it


just checked, only new things for them.

maybe I try fb buy/sell/swap


There’s a program here called “Dress for Success” - but now I have heard that they are more picky about the clothes AND want you to give a financial present to the woman who gets your clothes. No. Thank. You.


yes, dress for success wants things purchased in past 5 years. I get it, but also, apparently I hold onto stuff for a very long time.

These two suits are very annoying because they were purchased just as I was leaving a job where I wore suits semi regularly (I had an emergency suit at my desk), and then ended up in a series of jobs where I didn’t wear suits nearly as often. So they were expensive to me at the time (like $400 each) and then pretty pointless. And now they don’t fit.

If I were back working somewhere I needed a suit, I’d buy something new. OTOH it’s the whole ‘always have a black suit just in case of a funeral’.




If it doesn’t fit, it’s not worth keeping in case of a funeral or the like.

Are there no Goodwill type places that would take suits? I feel like our local would take that


Yes, I could just drop off at value village. My fear is always that it doesn’t go back circular, but is just put into the textile waste track, but taking more time to place it also increases the likelihood of textile waste.

I am trying too hard to optimize, and I am having trouble forgiving my past self for mistakes


A couple of other options:

For Days | Take Back Bag?


Fixed that for you.


There’s also Buy Nothing if that’s in your area?

ETA: If the suit isn’t obviously dated, how will they know how old it is at those career closet places? It sounds like the suit is in good condition, so that’s not an issue, and if the cut can’t date it to some year then I honestly might just do the thing anyways. That’s one of those rules that is really trying to get at something else, and I suspect your suits don’t have those issues.


Pantry clean out took just over an hour. I took everything off it’s shelf/drawer, wiped the shelf/drawer, then put it back neatly. One container won’t fit where I want it, I’ll deal with that later.



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the jacket is fitted and shorter than has been in fashion for 5 years, and has softer shoulders and more curve on the bottom than this year

buy nothing mostly died here afaict when the yahoo groups thing happened. and bunz died because they got into crypto.