Decluttering discussion thread: share your wins, ask for advice, inspire each other!

I procrastinized. Why did I have 5 boxes of raisins with 10 raisins left in each one?


I decluttered every inch of my car…glove box, pockets of both seats, and weird door pockets. The pile of crap was astounding…this photo was taken after the disposal of countless napkins and gum wrappers that I was too ashamed to include in the photo. I should really do this more than once every 5 years :upside_down_face: the bad part is that everything was stuffed away, so my car really didn’t seem that bad to me, until I started rummaging through the glove box and seat pockets and found my car registration from 2016 along with eye drops that expired in 2014 and 5 melted chapsticks :grimacing:


Been going thru the 3 boxes of books I pulled out of the attic. Only 8 more and I can X that off the BINGO. Soon, soon.

The potato bag where I keep the books for the dump’s swap table is filling up too.

Found a slug of material that goes to one specific fellow… That pile is now about 2x bigger than it gets when I usually mail them off. Definitely has to be done Friday!


I bought some new clothes and shoes so I cleaned out my closet. I’ve got 2 full trash bags for donation. Some are practically new, I really need to be better about not keeping things I don’t like very well.


He’s boss of the beach! Or tree!

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I cleaned out my cookbooks and will donate them to the library book sale next week. It’s all baking cookbooks that I had some pages tagged in and then never made in 15+ years. Apparently at one time I thought I would become a fancy baker but the reality is that I make like the same 10 desserts most of the time.

I still need to reorganize the kitchen one of these days.


I have many recipe books for all that I cook like, 5 things on repeat and most of which I don’t need a recipe for. I’m thinking one of these days I’ll just scan the ones I like that I do need reference to make and donate everything.


I do have a recipe box that was my grandfathers (I gave it to him as a kid then after he passed my grandma gave it back to me) with cards in it but I should go through them too. I also have a binder with copies of things I’ve printed from the internet I say I’m going to try…


DH gave away our old wok and an open bag of flavored coffee he didn’t like on BN. I tried to sell some clothes at Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads but I am no longer cool so instead we’ll drop them off at the thrift store and someone will get some nice new workwear that doesn’t fit me anymore.


I just watched a youtuber explain that every one of my jackets is completely and irretrievably out of style. Which I knew, but makes it even harder to let them go, because nobody else would actually want them (for another 15 years until the pendulum swings again I guess).


Started the day wondering what I can get rid of this week? My pantry needs a major cleaning and restock, I may find some items for the food pantry there. The seasonal switch over to fall/winter gear has begun, and that will no doubt yield a stray glove or two, a sweater I don’t want to wear, etc.

I can’t do more books. My desk is piled high with pieces quoted out to my customer. When he tells me yes or no re the quoted material, then I can get more books researched/sorted. But at the moment, I’m seeing my monitor is through an L of piled books. Not sane to do more…

So, pantry, and clothing this morning at least. After that? We’ll see!


I did a pass of clearing off my desk, which reduced the papers on it by 75% and filled up the (tiny) trashcan next to me. Now the remaining papers I actually have to do stuff with, ugh.

I was wondering how Mr. Meer kept his desk so clutter free and then I realized he’s only responsible for like 5% of the paper mail that comes into the house. :roll_eyes: That helps a bunch. Our email inboxes are similar - he has next to none, I have a ton because I also do most of the household/kid admin.


I will counter with what is out of style to one person is retro and cool to another. And some of us just don’t like the new InStyle things no matter what the Instagram and Facebook of the world tried to tell us!


Figured out which of the two potato mashers we have is the one I want to keep. (This is what happens when you move between a bunch of share houses for a while… you accumulate very random kitchen shit.)


I realized I have a large food processor, a small food processor, AND a food processor that’s driven by our stick blender - now I can get rid of the small one!

I’m also getting rid of a bag full of cookie cutters that were given to me that we never use, and only keeping the ones that are actually favorites.